Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rick Ross Calls talks Detox (Video)

Rick Ross believes in the notion the Dr. Dre will eventually drop Detox. Much like his one-time enemy, 50 Cent, Ross weighed in on whether or not the Good Doctor will ever unleash his alleged album, which he's been teasing for about a decade now. Ross hit up the Bay Area to speak with Sana G, of 106 KMEL on various topics, including Dre.

Given his track record, and fresh off his appearance on Ross' “3 Kings,” he doesn't really have to give the public new music, so says The Boss. “I feel like he in the best position any artist really could be in,” Ross said. “His greater music is the highest, it always will be.”

Falling short of confirming (or denying) the existence of the project, Ross added that Dre is allowed to take as much time as he wants. “The homie can come whenever he feels he's ready. It's been a long time but I feel like when it comes it's gon' do what it do.”

On the plus side, provided that Hip-Hop will be blessed with Detox, Ross will be featured on the release.

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