Monday, 2 July 2012

Eminem Speaks To DJ Whoo Kid About Working With Dre On New Album

Eminem recently spoke to DJ Whoo Kid during a Shade 45 interview about a number of topics, including his work or lack thereof so far with Dr. Dre on his upcoming eighth studio album, his appearance in Ice-T’s Art of Rap documentary, an upcoming tour of Asia, and more.

About his currently untitled, new album, Eminem told Whoo Kid, “I’m not that far along in the process as far as like figuring out. I mean, yeah, of course [Dr. Dre] will be involved. I don’t have anything with him yet.”

“What I usually do is I’ll get going you know and kind of start going in a certain direction or whatever, and just record what I’m feeling or whatever,” he continued. “I get a few songs, and then I get kind of a direction, and then I’ll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces.”

When pressed for more information regarding his working relationship with Dre, Eminem said, “You know, Dre will listen and I’ll see what he thinks I’m missing or you know I might come to him and say ‘I think I’m missing this kind of record’ or ‘what if I went in this direction’ or whatever.”

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  1. chronic leaf 2012 logo gone from aftermath site. the possibility of detox coming out this year is gone already. I think kendrick lamar's album will kick start aftermath again, then maybe, just maybe we will get detox sometime in 2013. my only inclination that this might happen is that the same thing happened when a new artist named eminem dropped the slim shady lp back in 1999, it set the stage for dr dre to drop chronic 2001. it made aftermath relevant and kick started their run to the top of the industry. hopefully this will happen. we will see...
    at this point though it can be considered a miracle if detox ever sees the light of day. uzee you should expand this site to include more content. Maybe expand to include content regarding all the aftermath artists. or maybe we could talk about new hip hop releases in general.

  2. its been scrapped...stop fooling yourself

  3. yeah biatch -
    Detox is dead - open a thread called Detox is Dead
    I opened it, but chicked out cos i though Dre would sue me or something - kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Dre is suck a looser. Anyways - lets hope that K.Dot blows up like Em did; but I doubt
    How is Recipe doing that side - we hear nothing this side (South Africa your origin).

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