Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DRE Films brings “3 Kings” to visual life

DRE Films brings “3 Kings” to visual life, dropping an anthemic-looking video to match Maybach Music Group’s latest from chieftain Rick Ross, featuring the legendary Dr. Dre and equally legendary Jay-Z.

“3 Kings” is Rick Ross’ latest single, from his current album God Forgives, I Don’t. Despite the fact that the label’s namesake automobile will no longer be produced, MMG (or The Untouchable Maybach Empire) continues to deliver material that helps maintain its position among the top of current hip hop conglomerates.

“3 Kings” speaks to the combined legacy of its participants, and the visuals nicely coincide with the calm by confident boasting by the song’s participants. Dr. Dre spends his verse recapping his impressive music business history, reminding listeners that he “rewrote the game,” and imploring folks to listen to this song through his headphones, a nod to his business acumen outside of the actual realm of music production, his longtime forte.

Rick Ross, without the longevity factor of the others, speaks more from a Mama-I-made-it-out-the-game-now-living-it-up perspective. Truthfully, it’s typical Ross, but effective, even if overshadowed, alongside the song’s other two icons.

Jay-Z closes out the track, pointing out the results of his lofty aspirations. Records sold. Money made. Successfully calling the shots along the way. Longevity. Being able to park in his “own arena”. Family.

The all-black-and-white video interweaves throwback footage from all three men, adding to the narrative effect of “3 Kings,” weaving a storytelling tapestry throughout the video befitting the veteran status of Dre & Jay, with a solid nod to the current success of Rick Ross and his MMG establishment.

Watch Rick Ross ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z – “3 Kings”

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