Monday, 9 July 2012

Dr Dre will appear on 50 Cents "Street Immortal" album

50 Cent explains just how instrumental Dr. Dre has been to his career.

Fresh off the release of his 5 (Murder By Numbers) LP and in celebration of his birthday, 50 Cent called into DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 show to discuss a number of topics, including the impact of Dr. Dre on his career.

"The craziest part people be forgetting, like, Dre gave me 'In Da Club,'" said 50, who revealed that his next project, Street King Immortal, will feature at least two songs by Dre. "Don't get it twisted at all. He's the reason why I've had the success I've had to this point. He gave me the record. We know we make magic together. So it doesn't really matter all that other stuff."

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  1. Dre is trying to make himself relevant again by slowly appearing on other artists albums, he's appearing on Rick Ross God Forgives I Dont, T.I's Trouble Man, then Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid Mad City, 50 Cent's Street Immortal..then that's when it would be a perfect window to release a single off detox, and put out a single off Eminem's next album weeks after that. so sometime around next spring or summer, after that then we'll get a Slim The Mobster album.

  2. New Doc track on twitter!