Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Game says Dre sacrificed for Detox

I couldnt view the page page/video as maybe UK fans cant see it. However a another Dre fan from the US captured the video.  Thanks Iasonas for the effort.


  1. "He could've been selfish and put out 'Detox' years ago," Game says of his mentor Dr. Dre's much-anticipated "Detox" album.

  2. Everyone is saying Dre is putting so much pressure on himself cuz he doesn't want his last album to ruin his legacy, but think about if he doesn't put out Detox. That'll be the end of his career that people talk about...him NOT dropping DeToX.

    Side note: he should call it D.R.Etox


  3. JuDwEi$eR, I agree with you 100%, if he doesn't drop it, THAT will be what he is remembered by, as opposed to if he DOES drop it. He can't be scared of what people are going to think. The tru fans (such as myself) are going to like it no matter how it comes out. As of now, I think if he doesn't drop it this year, I'm giving up all hope, I'm already sick and tired of the rumors, and the false dates, I've had so much false hope over the years, and I'm sure that's how many fans feel too.

  4. "tupac cares if don't nobody else do."