Monday, 5 December 2011

Producer Rick Rock talks experiences with Dr Dre

With an first solo project, titled Rocket, on the way, BallerStatus sat down with Rick Rock to talk about a few of his hits over the years and working with the genre's legends, his experience working with Dr. Dre, and coming in the game with production mentor Mike Mosley, as well as his opinion on Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, and much more. Tell me about putting together the track "Symphony in X Major" for Xzibit's Man vs. Machine album. How did you get Dr. Dre to hop on there?

Rick Rock: I was looking for records and ran across a record called "Swithched on Bach". I sampled a couple pieces, and added some claps, kicks, and all the bells and whistles to it, and sent it to Xzibit. X said he was f***ing with it, but I never thought Dr. Dre would get on it. That was just getting my cake and eating it too (laughs). So when X called me at my Aunt Doris' house in the Gump (Montgomery, Alabama) and put me on the phone with the good Doc, I knew sh** was finna unfold nice. They added the whole negro opera sh** to it, but the dopest thing to me was getting to mix the song with Dre and get some good game from the Doc. All Eyez on Me, Restless, Man vs. Machine, Blue Carpet Treatment, are a few of the projects you've worked on that Dr. Dre was also involved in. Have you crossed paths with the good Doctor? And if so, has there been any talk of you guys collaborating on something?

Rick Rock: Yeah, we've crossed paths a few times over the years and he gave me mixing tips while we were mixing "Symphony In X Major" for Xzibit, but no, he has never talked to me and said he wanted me to collab on anything. I think it would be dope though.

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  1. Well that's the fist person not to say detox is coming soon or that they have worked on it and should have a song on detox but yeah it was a bit pointless



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