Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dre interview - Beats and Asian tour

He's been in the game making rap tunes ever since honeys was wearing Sassoon. And that was back in 1995, when Dr. Dre produced and dueted on "California Love" with Tupac Shakur.

Which is why we listen when one of the greatest producers and impresarios in the history of pop music comes to Hong Kong to talk headphones.

Dr. Dre was in Hong Kong last week for the first time with legendary producer Jimmy Iovine who is credited with bringing us Eminem and Lady Gaga and whom you may recognize as one of the judges from American Idol season 10.

The pair were promoting the new wireless Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the cordless Bluetooth headset may become one of the most coveted travelers' accessories.

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CNNGo: Why should travelers choose Beats over other brands of headphones, like Bose?

Jimmy Iovine: These headphones were tested by producers around the world and they are made from "feel."

When people travel, they want emotion. You're going to feel a lot of emotions from the music you're listening to through these headphones.

The best way to get emotion is to have the headphones have the right "feel" and tuned by people who know what emotions sound like, who knows what the studio sounds like. Because that's where the ultimate feel is -- in the hatching of a record.

CNNGo: Which songs produced by the two of you are best for showcasing what Beats can do?

Dr. Dre: "In Da Club" by 50 Cent and "Here Comes My Girl" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Iovine: We know the way these songs feel. Dre knows "In Da Club" very well. He knows how that record feels and how it sounds at any point.

"Here Comes My Girl" is a record I produced a very long time ago and I know how that records sounds like in its guts.

CNNGo: Other than your headphones, what is an indispensable item when you're travelling.

Dr. Dre: A great hotel.

CNNGo: What's on your travel playlist, Dr. Dre?

Dr. Dre: I have an assortment of things. I have songs that range from Jay-Z to Sade. Just depends on the mood.

CNNGo: What expectations do you have for your first Asia tour?

Dr. Dre: I'm not sure, I'm just going with the flow. I'm just going to check it out.

CNNGo: You were recently in Singapore, how was it?

Dr. Dre: It was great. It was a beautiful experience. I love the people and the vibe.

Iovine: The spirit is all about tomorrow, it's very progressive, very cool. I really enjoyed it.

CNNGo: What do you think of the music industry in Asia?

Iovine: As a record company I think that it's great. The domestic market here is so powerful and from that anything can grow.

We met some kids last night that were into hip-hop and boy, do they believe. It's the truth for them. And anyone that believes -- it can happen for them.

CNNGo: Any Asian producers you would like to work with?

Dr. Dre: We don't meet a lot of producers but we saw a lot of groups. We saw 2NE1 [at the mNet Asian Music Awards in Singapore] and they were good.

CNNGo: You think people here are going to party like they do in America?

Dr. Dre: I dunno, I hope so. I'm just going to go with it. I can't wait to party.


  1. That just felt like the laziest interview ever given. I know Uzee is down to post whatever new shit comes up about Dre but I could've gone through my life without reading another repetitive, by-the-numbers, lazy ass "here is why Beats are... good" interview. The only reason they're giving these "interviews" is to promote and plug Beats, absolutely nothing more, so I wouldn't even call it an interview and more like a commercial in print. You would think they're have more shame and at least say something mildly interesting or let the person actually ask a question of their own in exchange but what are you gonna do.

    On a lighter note I was at a Staples in Berkeley the other day and did see the Beats headphones demo pair ripped out of its little stand while the rest of the headphone demos were left there... so that tells me Dre is definitely getting somewhere with this when dumbasses are jacking the store pair just to wear and since they likely can't plug them in anywhere goddamn.

  2. Stay in Asia Nigga.....The hood dont want you back.....your shit is long overdue and youv'e worn out your welcome. Cali will find someone to replace your azz cause obviously you gives two fuks about the fans....



  4. ^“We put the beats together, submit it to him [Dr. Dre] to let him know what we are working with and he comes and adds his flavor to it."

    god damn when was the last time we heard a decent beat where dre put the majority of the work into making it? I hope most of the detox beats are dre produced. seems like he cant even come up with his own shit anymore.


  6. Uzee why you delete my post bout Dre not havin the inspiration to produce something dope?
    You delete comments, you will not have visitors soon.

    Drefan since 91.