Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dr Dre & U2 singer Bono to honor producer Jimmy Iovine

The Producers & Engineers Wing® of The Recording Academy® will celebrate its fifth annual GRAMMY® Week event honoring legendary music producer and entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine for his commitment to excellence and ongoing support for the art and craft of recorded music.

The event will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, at The Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and Bono and Dr. Dre will serve as honorary event co-chairs. GRAMMY Week culminates with the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards® on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012, airing live on the CBS Television Network, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. (

"The work of the Producers & Engineers Wing is essential to ensure that the importance of sound quality and the integrity of recorded music continue to be acknowledged and preserved in our evolving landscape," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. "This year we pay tribute to an industry leader, Jimmy Iovine, who has made an indelible impact as a recording engineer, producer, founder of Interscope Records, and now entrepreneur focused on audio quality. As we continue to highlight those who work 'behind the glass,' we are very pleased this year to celebrate someone of Jimmy's stature who is so dedicated to this important cause."

Jimmy Iovine began his career in the '70s as a recording engineer for artists including John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. He then made the transition to producer, working on classic albums with artists including Dire Straits, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Patti Smith and U2. In 1990, Iovine co-founded Interscope Records with partner Ted Field. He is now chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, a unit of Universal Music Group, and recently celebrated 20 years commitment as a label head to diverse and gifted artists including the Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Nelly Furtado, Lady Gaga, No Doubt, and U2. Furthering his interest in and commitment to sound quality, in 2008 Iovine co-founded the high-performance headphone and sound transmission company Beats Electronics with GRAMMY-winning artist Dr. Dre, and he continues to passionately advocate for reversal of the degradation of sound quality in music that has resulted from the recording industry's transition to digital distribution.

Established in 1957, The Recording Academy is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. Internationally known for the GRAMMY Awards — the preeminent peer-recognized award for musical excellence and the most credible brand in music — The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education and human services programs. The Academy continues to focus on its mission of recognizing musical excellence, advocating for the well-being of music makers and ensuring music remains an indelible part of our culture. For more information about The Academy, please visit For breaking news and exclusive content, follow @TheGRAMMYs on Twitter, like "The GRAMMYs" on Facebook, and join The GRAMMYs' social communities on YouTube, Tumblr, Foursquare, GetGlue, and Instagram.

Currently more than 6,000 professionals comprise The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, which was established for producers, engineers, remixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related creative and technical professionals in the recording field. This organized voice for the recording community addresses issues that affect the craft of recorded music, including the development and implementation of new technologies, technical guidelines and recommendations, and archiving and preservation initiatives. For more information, please visit

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  2. enough with the caps.. your words are annoying.

  3. Interscope=pop music
    I hope detox is influenced by iovine
    Stingy Jew

  4. Business lesson: Dre and Iovine are executive producers on Detox meaning they each have the final say on everything. Iovine is co-executive producing it because he's been paying for Detox to be produced and like movies or anything, the one who's financially backing it gets the final say on every aspect of it and the biggest chunk of money from the profits.

    Unfortunately, like any corporation, Iovine's job as CEO is to make money for the investors which means Detox, at this point with all the time and money gone into it, has to be guaranteed to not only sell platinum status, but sell headphones, get mad radio play, and sell the artists under the label umbrella featured on it. Whatever makes money for the label since they're paying for it. 99% of the time, CD sales aren't the artist's income, that money is revenue for the labels, its executives, and its investors. Dre is the Aftermath head and exec producer so he obviously gets a good chunk of it, but artists generally make their money touring and selling merchandise.

    Detox has to be influenced by Iovine because investors see the album as a golden egg that spikes their quarterly earnings whenever it drops. Dre can't release an album that doesn't have the mainstream shit on it and that's a fact. It doesn't necessarily mean mainstream = shit, Still D.R.E. was huge and everyone can agree that's a classic song, but when we get INAD thrown our way you just know that's an Iovine move right there. We'll see, Detox can't flop for the fans, and Dre and Jimmy know the fans have to come first.

  5. If dr dre doesn't release a single in the first quarter of the year then fuck him and everything he stands for. It will be clear for everyone to see that he has no respect for his fans and he is a man who's word can't be trusted.

  6. "but when we get INAD thrown our way you just know that's an Iovine move right there"

    Don't know for sure. Might be Dre not having the inspiration to (co)produce something himself, so he asked another producer who's popular right now to produce something for him.

    Drefan since 91

  7. Well it was a producer who already made a big radio hit for Eminem, an artist Iovine really discovered who makes Interscope a lot of money. I'm not saying I know anything more than you or others, anything is possible and I could be full of shit 100% of the time, but it's a fact that entire business is dictated by the bottom line which has me thinking these singles + making expensive ass videos for them + getting a Grammy performance slot have to at least go through Iovine at some point.

    The concept of INAD seems like a big-seller, reuniting Em and Dre on a track produced by the guy who just had a big hit with LTWYL. Of course Dre had to go for it and probably wanted to do it that way in the first place but it wasn't a random choice to get Alex to do a song AND put Em on it. All I'm saying is INAD, being a radio hit by everyone's expectations, had to be encouraged and hooked up by Iovine. Since he's exec producing the entire thing and paying for it, naturally you have to believe Iovine is dictating every official release to make sure it's edible for mainstream consumption. Dre ain't on his own deciding everything, that's for damn sure.

  8. If I was Dre I'd scap Detox on 1/1/12 and announce "Chronic 2020" to release in Oct on 1/2/12.

    Thant's what the fans want anyway....

  9. Only time would tell if dre even puts out a first single by feb. who knows he can come out in a new years eve party and perform his 1st single which is doubtful. I really dont think detox can be done anytime soon, for all we know we can wait another year. ( last year "detox coming in jan no feb no march no April 20 no etc")

    What I'm trying to say this would be good for dre to release something on early 2012

  10. Im thru waiting. I really have tried to be supportive over the past two years but this has gone beyond ridiculous. Im sure if it ever comes out it should be good. However im growing out of this music as the days go by. Also after every developing story im starting to think that this album wont see the light of day.

    Anyway its been real and goodluck to those continuing with hope. Highly doubtful but good luck.


  11. Another one bites the dust...I'm still in Dre! If you drop Detox, I'll buy a pair of your beats headphones.....used.......from craigslist


  12. I feel you Kevin. If Dre doesnt drop some kind of news on anything Detox related by the end of January ill be joining you. There has been no light at the end of the tunnel for forever. Everytime people in his camp drop a bunch of news its then quiet for a couple months its the same pattern thats been going on for years. Quite frankly theres a line between supportive and crazy. And its becoming crazy that afterall this time hes come out and said nothing. Sounds like a marketing ploy to me.

    One more month Dre and u lose another fan. Not that you care anyway.

  13. I'm not putting anyone down for dropping out of the Detox hype but I don't get these made-up deadlines either. You know if and when Dre drops some news or a leak comes you'll run back. Dre knows it. Honestly I couldn't give two shits about Detox that much anymore but I'll hit up the blog; I'm still "waiting" for shit to happen but I probably always will in some way for all the years I already have. It doesn't mean I'm scouring the net, listening to 2001 on repeat, and pouring my heart into every hour being the one we get the concrete Detox news we've waited for years. I rarely ever listen to Dre's music now but come on: everyone is hyped on or fascinated by the IDEA of Detox and that don't change.

    Saying "one month from now or I'm not a fan" confuses me. Dre's music is some of the universally best shit ever, I don't see how Detox hype affects his past work even if he never puts it out. Dre was never the kind of guy to hit up Twitter or engage fans with news updates, progress, or anything like that. Dude works in secret and keeps his shit to himself and it's only out if 1) Someone leaks it, or 2) He's done. No in-between, no demos, no hitting up fans. Ain't nothing new this time around.

    If Detox is another 2011 with literally nothing to go by then I can't see myself waiting through 2013. If I get word of concrete Detox news or a single, I'll jump right back on, and that probably makes me a fan. My only point is if you're not a fan just because of this Detox thing, then I don't know how you were ever really a fan before it. But hey I'm not putting down your hustle, I feel you on this Detox thing being fucking frustrating.

  14. I'm not surprise that dre is stll expanding his headphone campaign. He literally is changing the game once again, it's exciting to see dre be successful by selling shitty headphones IMO. He already has diddy,lady gaga,justin bieber,david guetta and lebron james. I'm not surprise that dre is getting all the most recognizable figures in entertainment by pushing his brand further

  15. IMO Beats headphones aren't shitty, they're just extremely overpriced for what you get. It's not different from buying Apple shit - you're paying a huge premium for the brand name, not the hardware, and Beats by Dre is a premium name. I paid almost $350 years ago for my main headphones I use for my PC and no pair of Beats comes close.

    Seems like Dre is more than preoccupied with his business ventures, which is his hustle, and who wouldn't do the same thing? He's not just making obscene money, he's building up his name by looking to dominate the audio hardware front and getting mad celebrities to push it. It means whatever he does next will get a shitload of mainstream attention and whatever he sells will be in people's heads that it's premium shit. It's all about marketing. From a logical business standpoint, it puts Dre in a much more desirable position to put out Detox AFTER his headphones business peaks for a while which is good and bad. I remember Dre being on that Metallica bullshit back in the day when they demanded the internet not be used to harm their CD sales so if Dre can be convinced he can actually move CD's in platinum numbers (which people don't do these days), it probably gives him greater motivation to actually release something after he's built up his name and gotten paid enough to make his grandkids Wall Street rich.

    To the other comment, Skrillex sucks ass and let's hope that's another S-tier bullshit "news" post. Skrillex is on the forefront to thoroughly ruin and mangle dubstep from what it used to be to transforming it into the audible holocaust he calls music. Dude may be nominated for Grammys but for me that's only vindication his music is shit. Who is a fan of that?

  16. I just got some beats by dre mixr their so good

  17. Agree with plugin skrillex is the music equivalent of a holocaust. This website is like a drug for me and others. I know people who dont particularly like hip hop who check this blog. The whole situation of detox just draws people in, and half the people who say they are going to leave the blog wont. They like me and others will conntinually check the blog. This year has been stange for Dre. This time last year detox was about to drop with dre openly stating that it will be out in 2011. The months past and a few months back Dre stated that he was taking a break from the studio. This was soon dismissed by Jimmy Iovine saying that Dre is getting back in the studio. This is just drawing more attention to dre and detox. In 2012 dre will be hounded by people asking about detox more than ever. 2012 will be a busy year for aftermath with slim the mobster, 50 cent and potentially dre and kendrick lemar releasing albums. Only time will tell.

  18. It's a shame to sell headphones with studio and other shitty commercial names in it like Studio, Pro, or whatever. These headphones haven't got any Pro or Studio quality/features. They are good/average for listening to modern, electronic music or hip hop because they enhance the low frequencies, but for making music it's just a joke ! I have a Sennheiser HD25 for 200$ and it's a good one for making music because the frequencies are flat. To listening music it's quite good even if the low frequencies are not as powerful as the Beats (but still strong and right), but i prefer like that, it don't pump all the other frequencies, you can hear everything.
    Dre, please don't lie to us with Detox !
    Ah shit, already done several times ... AHA !


    Dre featured in the new teaser for T.i's mixtape dropping on 1.1

  20. That's a dirty AF beat
    That shit raw
    Dr Dre is beast with TI

  21. the leaked t.i. & dre tracks were awesome, hope we will hear more dope music from them!!!!

  22. wow nice teaser for the mixtape, sounds dope, i loved the topless record!!