Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Crooked I expresses desire to collaborate more with Dre

The leader of the C.O.B. movement has a lot on his plate. With a new EP, In None We Trust, out this week and an upcoming Slaughterhouse album out early next year, Crooked I’s ride may not be as shaky now, but it’s certainly moving with some velocity, bringing new challenges to face and to conquer.

DX: Now, another thing you had mentioned was that if you had it your way, Dr. Dre would produce tracks on this album. You also said that you had Dr. Dre beats lying around with Slaughterhouse’s name on it. Today, I’m wondering how that has progressed.

Crooked I: We did record something. You know? We did record something. [Pauses] Eh, I’m never going to be satisfied until I hear like five or six Slaughterhouse/Dr. Dre collabs. That’s just me, though. That’s me being a fan of Dr. Dre since I was a fuckin’ kid. That’s also me understanding that a Slaughterhouse and Dre collab could be potentially 2012-N.W.A. type shit. In my mind, if I was in control of this shit, I don’t want nothing laid back. I don’t want nothing that’s going to be mistaken for a club banger. I want some shit that sounds like straight mothafuckin’ chaos, rebellious lyrics, some I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, and some 2012 Dr. Dre/N.W.A. type shit going on in that fuckin’ beat. If you give me that, I guarantee you we’ll shut the fuckin’ game down with them songs. Guaranteed because that’s what’s missing right now: high quality production and I-don’t-give-a-fuck mentality on the mic. Since the recession in Hip Hop, those budgets are smaller now. The budgets are so small right now. It’s funny because I’ve been in the game for so long. Some people are recording whole albums with what we used to call an advance, just for our pockets. So, when they do get that high profile producer, they gotta do something that’s gonna hit iTunes and Billboard heavy, and the radio. So, they gotta get more bang for their buck. That’s why you might hear a high profile producer and an artist making the same kind of songs all the fuckin’ time because the record companies try to get as much bang for their buck for a producer that’s charging them an arm and a leg. But, when you say, “Fuck all of that. Fuck what the radio talkin’ about. Fuck what iTunes’ or Billboard’s talkin’ about. Let’s go in this mothafucka and make some shit, some we-don’t-give-a-fuck shit.” That’s what kind of shit I want to do with Dr. Dre.

DX: And that hasn’t all the way happened yet?

Crooked I: Nah, it ain’t happen yet. If it did, I’d be like, “We got a surprise for you.” [Laughs] Nah, that ain’t happen but that’s not saying that it won’t happen. I’m definitely a persistent dude and I’m glad you asked me this question because every time this pops up, we get a step closer to that shit happening. It gets on everybody’s radar and they say, “Yeah, Crook really wants to do this.” [Laughs] It’s gon’ happen. It will happen. When it do, it’s gonna change Hip Hop for that moment in time.

DX: What do you think is holding it back?

Crooked I: You know what? I think it’s just scheduling. Dr. Dre is probably the greatest of all time in production in Hip Hop so obviously his schedule is bananas. He’s killing the game with [Beats By Dre], traveling around. Then, with Slaughterhouse, we all doing our thing separately, individually. I think it’s a scheduling thing but we gon’ conquer that. We will conquer that because I’m not going to stop until it happens. Period.

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  1. I like Crooked but it's wishful thinking. Dre has way too much on his plate. It isn't even about scheduling as much as it's about Dre's output being extremely limited, takes him forever to do even one song, and there's a long ass (more lucrative) line ahead of Slaughterhouse. If Em decides to do a new album, everything stops for at least a half-year. I'm sure Dre threw some beats to 50 for his new LP coming out.

    I'm not a big fan of Slaughterhouse but I have nothing against them. They're alright. Realistically it feels like Dre sees the horizon and his goal is to lift up Kendrick Lamar and Slim the Mobster (unless he's led to the doorway to Aftermath purgatory), Dre isn't that guy who is producing for everyone anymore, and I doubt he really ever was anyway. He has enough trouble finishing his own album with everyone and their dog writing and producing for it.


  3. Dr Dre is not gay, that's sly from "kush" and "drug test"

  4. I like how someone as famous and busy as Dr. Dre can't walk anywhere in LA with anyone without a website claiming he's gay. When they say "shock pictures" you imagine it's them holding hands, kissing each other, or something not completely mundane and normal as walking down the street. Dumbest shit I've seen in a minute.

  5. Dre prolly will have material for every artist in the rap game with all his songs that will be cut off from Detox. I doubt he will let them use it though.


  6. Crooked is dilusional, however, when dre drops a whole number of other artists will.

  7. for real spare beats will flood the game. Imagine how many beats dre can use once detox drops in 2022

  8. A Santa Claus fan17 December 2011 at 21:27

    Hey Crook, I need a 1000 kilos of gold and a 599 GTO. You need Dre for your 2012 NWA album.

    Everybody has the right to dream,
    afterall it's christmas time...