Monday, 5 December 2011

50 Cent speaks on advice he gave for Detox

50 Cent has been working on his oft-delayed fifth album, tentatively set to release in 2012, but he also took some time to share some advice for Dr. Dre. During an interview with XXL magazine, Fif recalled speaking with Dre about how he should approach recording songs for his near mythical third LP Detox.

"Dre helped me a lot on this record. I went to Los Angeles, was working out there for a little bit. I was working on the Detox records, right. I keep saying to Dre, I’m like, 'Yo, you don’t have to invent nothing. All they want is a strong version of what you gave last time,'" he said. "They need a new version of that. It’s like Sade. She goes away for six years, and then she comes back with a new disc. You go, I love this shit! It reminds you of the fuckin’ shit that she gave you before she left. There’s certain artists that have that luxury. You could go away and still be interesting enough to come for people to want to hear that effort. Dre is like that. As I’m busy telling him that, I go, 'Wait, maybe I’m bugging for some of the shit that I’ve been doing.' You know what I mean?"

Looking at his own career, the G-Unit recognizes how to express himself creatively without turning his back on his fans. "For me, the music is an artistic choice," he continued. "I’ll say, from the very beginning, that I can care less about a critic or how someone judges me for the actual music. You see, people understand within hip-hop culture that I’m passionate about actually trying to do something different. I want to make a change in a different way. This is about me personally feeling like I wanna mean more after I’m dead, when I’m gone."

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  1. Dear 50, stop bugging Dre about your CD and let the man finish DETOX please.....

  2. 50 cent fell off he don't know wat he talkin about !!
    My nuggah dre know wat he doing, to 50 that I'm on it shit was wack AF. Maybe u should make ya next album like get rich or die trying' but more "stronger" than ya pervious ya dig!!!!!

  3. i agree that 50 cent has been lacking it since
    get rich or die tryin'
    but i think 50 should realize that before i self destruct wasnt good material.

  4. Comrades,
    fiftys point is ridiculous. Artists who are as creative as dre should always look to push the musical boundaries and try and express music in new,exciting and challenging ways. If it wasnt for artistic trailblazers trying something new music would never evolve. And in these pretty staid,boring musical times then we need musical imagination and inventation more than ever.

  5. I think that even if dre doesn't drop detox yet, the he should at least drop a beats by dre Mixtape or album, etc.
    He'll get promotion for his headphones and make his fans happy. I guarantee watch how fast dre would drop it just to get more headphone sales lol.

    Big C

  6. In a way 50 is right. Dre's thinking too much. When you create something, you shouldn't think that much. I don't think he was thinking much when he made the classic Chronic album. He just got in the studio, smoked sum weed, get in a zone, and produce some crazy shit. Nowadays he prolly thinkin stuff like "Are the hardcore hip hop heads gonna like it", "Are the people who like pop music gonna like it"? "Are the critics gonna like it"? "Is it gonna sell?" He shouldn't think bout all that. That's what 50 means.

    Drefan since 91

  7. Dr dre needs to make detox like 2001, why would u change something if it's not broken! Dr dre can gain a whole new fan base if he made an album like 2001

  8. 2001 worked well because he put it out in '99. You can't relive the same shit remaking the same album put out 12-13 years ago. If that was all Dre wanted to do, we'd have had the album by now, but he's obviously tortured himself (and everyone else) remaking, reworking, and redoing the same album until it's next-level and innovative. He probably couldn't even do 2001 again anyway since Mel-Man and Elizondo have long left. I wouldn't care to hear the same shit anyway, the enigma and excitement of Detox is that we know Dre is going to bring us something new, hot, next-level, and perfected.

    Dre likely couldn't care less what 50 had to say; it just sounded like he was telling the doctor he can relax and be content putting out the same shit without the stress on his back of making Detox this or that. IMO and observations, Dre doesn't do that and he obviously is intent on making sure Detox is above the stratosphere in detail, appeal, and perfection. Dre isn't stupid either, he knows he's a big premium name (look at Beats) that evokes respect and mainstream vet recognition, and he could put out an album today if he felt like it, much less every year for the past decade. He isn't short on material or collaborations.

    So what's 50 advice good for? 50 hasn't put out a great album since his first debut LP and he is content with putting out the same shit over and over to less and less fanfare. I'm not any 50 hater but it comes off supremely stupid for him to lecture Dr. Dre on how to approach his album. There's probably some truth to the fact Dre DOES need to relax, put it in perspective, realize his material is likely already blazing, and that "perfection" is less about time/work and more about the right concepts and shit coming together and executed the right way. The other side comes out like Dre shouldn't get worked up trying to reinvent the game - even if that's Dre's MO.

    When 50 makes a halfway decent album and puts it out this time, I'll give him some musical cred, but IMO he lost that a while ago. 50 worships the dollar much more than he does the idea of making great music and great albums.

  9. the G-funk sound pioneered by Dre in the 90's was a reworking of 80's synth funk, and today's equivalent 'dance' music is electro, so perhaps Dre could concoct a version of dubstep but with a hip-hop feel, like dub/d-funk or some shit! while some dont like the sound of it, more hiphop artists are turning to dubstep producers and that sound is currently in, would be interesting to see what Dre could do with it like he did with G-funk

  10. just a fan-made albeit repetitive example of what could be with reference to the above suggestion,

  11. or the beat at 5.12, though my fave is the beat at the end of that sesh, shit needs to be on there!

  12. Dubstep as most people know sounds like utter shit, it's just a race for people to make the most grimy, deep, "hard" bass wobbles. The only reason dubstep became that way here and grew was because Rusko was the first guy to come to the USA with his shit style dubstep. I don't feel it. Real dubstep is the original shit from South London and IMO the best guys to do it were like Burial, James Blake, Kode9, Benga, Skream, and others and it was real good music even if hip-hop heads don't feel it.

    For Dre to do anything in dubstep just because it's having its peak now would come off as failed pandering. It isn't what Dre does and definitely not what he does best which is what he should stick to. If Dre rode the bandwagon and made electro-rap and shit just because it's popular now then it would insure Detox would never be a true classic because they have to be timeless to persist.