Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Jay Rock in the studio with Dre

Tweet from producer Jay Rock:

ME n Dr Dre in the studio last nite. I'm trying 2 get on detox n get Dre on follow me home. A dream come true!



  1. is that the name of the track 'follow me home'?????

  2. No, Follow me home is the name of Jay Rocks debut album coming this year!

  3. Oh my god. I can't believe that you thought that was the name of the track. Don't you anything about underground hip hop??? westcoast hip hop? That's Jay Rock part of the black hippy group w/ kendrick lamar and ab-soul. Top Dogg entertainment. Follow me home is his album.

  4. Dr. Dre, Seriously You Need To Get Back On That 64 My Nigga & Save This Rap Game. Tha Hip-Hop Headz (real Hip-Hop headz Know That These New Rappers Are Not Very Smart). And Not Saying Anything. You Can't Leave The Game. You & Cube Need A Solo Project, We Need The Westcoast Back. You need All The Westcoast To Bacc You. Snoop, Nipsey, Game. You Could Bring It all Bacc.Tha Rap Game Is a Joke. Think About That Up In Smoke 2. We Need That. So Do You My Nigga. And Fuck Suge, When We Catch Suge Out Here In Las Vegas My Nigga, We're Gonna Fucc Big Sugar Bear In His Azz (N.W.A. Fo Life). Dj

  5. Detox should be done by now. We don't need any more delays.

  6. Starting to look like summer 2011 release

    I hope detox is at least 15 songs especially when the album consists of kush and i need a doctor.

    But jay rock is cool, hope he is on the album

  7. Uzee does this this mean DETOX is not finished oh well I was hopin for a February release but I guess we'll have to wait a little longer. I know Detox will be worth the wait everybody needs to just chill out Dre will come through I think that he is just waiting for the right time to strike. timing is everything plus give the guy a break he lost a son that has to be devestating At least we have seen the light of day with Detox (KUSH) I need a doctor I can promise everyone on this sight Detox will not disappoint It will have Dre tracks Cut Alex the kid a break props for him to even get into the studio with Dre that would be any new producers dream come true props to UZEE for this website

  8. If on schedule detox would ideally be released march/april. but it could be summer release.

  9. Is dre actually doing any producing for this LP????

  10. dawaun parker, khalil, storch, alex da kid, m. batson etc. = NO

  11. Uzee said...
    If on schedule detox would ideally be released march/april. but it could be summer release.

    "if that is indeed the case, you can count me out for waiting on this album....It has been 5 years of solid promises and constant delays....I'm exhausted with all of this nonsense. Dre's music is legit but it aint that legit...Im tired of the games...if you aren't THEN NOT SURE HOW MUCH YOU HAVE GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE....Just being honest....tired of constant promises and delays...

    later fellas..


  12. for real, I was pretty sure february after "I need a doctor" was put out that we would at least get some sort of official word on a release date, but this shit is a joke. everyone can put two and two together and figure out that dre had probably made 2 or 3 detox albums over the years, scrapped them, and started over from scratch. that's why you had all these guys in the know like snoop claiming this album was done or near done years ago. the other reason is he's been heavily depending on other talent to write and produce this album over the years, and when you're that dependent and tripping on the fact it's your last album so it has to be "perfect" because it has your name on it, there probably won't ever be a real "right time" to put it out. he's obviously more comfortable not releasing it and just "working" on it as long as he can still cocktease everyone into thinking it's right around the corner and keep the hype out there. detox by all accounts and logic should be done. if it's not, don't count on even a summer release, or any sort of release. the single release and video for "kush" was a fluke, and "I need a doctor" sounds like a "recovery" leftover - neither of those joints was even produced by dre anyway! why do I give a shit about a dre album without any dre on it?

    if he doesn't come out and officially announce the date for detox at the grammy awards, what's the point anymore? when is the right time? this guy is like 46-years-old and whenever we get a hint of a release in a couple months, the month comes and goes without a word, except when we hear that it's set for a release a few months later. I've been hanging on this album a lot more this year thinking after "kush" we were getting there, but I'm going to promptly return to not giving a shit like I used to after the grammy awards come and go without any detox confirmation.

    don't get me wrong, I'll be all over it if it ever gets put out, but dre apparently still needs to decide if he wants to or not.


    oh yeah, Dre live on sunday

  14. ^thanks but already posted : ) on 2nd febraury

  15. sometimes i think about dre bymyself and i enjoy it
    i would love to touch this man


  16. Anonymous said...
    sometimes i think about dre bymyself and i enjoy it
    i would love to touch this man


    Nice post....That actually was pretty funny....

  17. Detox is gonna be "The Detox Compilation - Presented by Dr. Dre" haha.

    dre doin' nothing at all for that album.

  18. dr dre is going to be worse than dj khaled.
    because we waited for this album for lets say 10 years

  19. At this point, Detox is a photo album with beats from producers not name Dr. Dre. Maybe this is the Dre's new game-changer, photo and music album all on one CD?

  20. Uzee, I really enjoy your site. I just wish that it was only for the people who support Dre and who have been patiently waiting for years and have had high hopes for Detox and not for the people who continue to bash him. If people have no love for Dre then why even be on this blog. Why rip him for having one song with a pop artist(Skylar Gray) that isn't all that bad. There is nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. A couple of other great well known rappers have done the same thing. Eminem(Rhianna,Pink) even the Game(Timberlake) and oh yes the legendary west coasy gangster rapper Snoop Dogg(Katy Perry) I'm sorry people but Dre is also business smart ala BEATS BY DRE He is not going to release anything that does not sell.I don't think that Detox will and should be another Chronic,Doggystyle,etc. that music is old news Gangster Rap Is Dead. It would never sell. It was beginning to become monotonous. 50's Get Rich and Die Tryin and The Game's Documentary were the last 2 good pieces of work in that style of Hip Hop. I think that Dre is going to come up with something that we have never heard. Thats what Im hopin for and that's why Im not gonna stop believin in this album. Dre is not the same person that he was 20 years ago. We all aren't. I've been a fan of Hip Hop ever since I was 9 years old.Im 36 now.I grew up to the great sounds of Grandmaster Flash, Newcleus, Whodini, Public Enemy, N.W.A just to name a few. I think that time is critical and Dre is being very cautious with Detox because of the state that hip hop is in. I think that we need it in order to save Hip Hop. There for I will give him all time that he needs. J MAC/ UZEE TRUE DRE FANS Do you guys have any input to this?

  21. If you can't criticize dre than you aren't a true fan. Dre makes mistakes, just read the D.O.C. & Sam Sneed interviews!!!. Dre is a pioneer he has always been able to reinvent himself and create a significant contribution to hip hop. Right now he is utilizing other people's sounds DJ Khalil, Alex Da Kidd, Knottz, etc. This signifies that its not a genuine dr. dre sound and that is why his fans are truly dissapointed right now. That's why you see the song "I need a doctor" continue to drop and drop in the billboard charts. Its not original, we've heard it before its alex da kidd's sound. Its not dr. dre!!! I need a doctor is catered for the pop fans, not dre fans. But even the pop fans have heard this sound before. Plus the direction of the album doesn't make sense. Its called "detox" yet the first single was Kush??? Dr. dre is the best producer of all times yet his first two singles aren't produced by him. He has la roux on his album confirmed? I would rather dre make his own beats and sounds and fail than dish out money to buy an album that has other people's sounds but is succesful in the pop charts. Real Dre fans can put their concerns out there like i have and criticize dre for what we have heard. When "still dre" came out it wasn't catered to the pop fans, yet EVERYONE liked it. Niggas trying to be the king, but the ACE is back. That's the dre we need back. Original dre sound...fukkk alex da kidd.

  22. It isn't bashing Dre or not being a fan just to be disappointed by the direction of this album. Like I ranted in my long post above, it isn't even the perpetual delay of this album that bugs me anymore, it's the fact that we've been hearing Dre is working and perfecting this album to death on and off over the years, yet the first two singles aren't even made by him. It's an opinion but my opinion is "I Need a Doctor" sucks, and even pop-wise, that record isn't even good in general. It sounds like a Recovery leftover and Dre is barely on it. Kush grew on me, it's not bad, but it's not mind-blowing - I liked the leaked shit like "Could've Been You" better. Again, Kush isn't even a Dre joint. Is this Dre's "Detox" or "Dr. Dre presents Detox?" Not even tripping on the fact Dre has other talent write his verses, old news, but I'm hyped to hear an entire album perfected by the doctor himself, not Alex da Kid with Dre's name on it.

    I'm a fan because I have expectations made high by the fact Dre sets the standard as a producer, and I'm down to wait and wait for anything he wants to put out if I know it's his baby. The fact it's really DJ Khalil or Knottz or whomever making these tracks is disappointing, and I don't see how "real" Dre fans wouldn't feel disappointed. Dre has that signature sound, I can't really describe it, but you know it when you hear it. You can hear how he tweaks a snare sound just right, and every strand of his beats was synchronized and perfected. Dre's beats are no accident that's for sure. But if they're not his beats in the first place, the fuck is Detox all about then? The fact he's mixing these joints? What is anybody waiting for if Dre is just going to mix other people's beats to other people's words?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Detox will blow up and be all about "West Coast stand up!" and be worth the wait if it gets put out, and I trust he has a lot up his sleeve and will fuck with our heads so much that it'll rewrite the game all over again. It doesn't mean I can't bitch about the fact he isn't even making some of these beats or the songs he has put out aren't doing anything for me. I don't give two shits whether it's "gangsta" or not, what I want is to hear a whole album's worth of signature Dre production taking it a new level. He just needs to decide when he's ready to put it out and do it already.

  23. BTW some of u are focussing on the album name waay too much.

    Some artists keep their album names similar/stick to the theme. Thats just for the album name. Doesn't mean every track needs to have a link with the album title.

    Example: Kanye's albums were College Dropout, Late Registratin and Graduation. Now these titles also have similair theme. Some artists just stick to the theme (just for the title) for the sake of consistency.

    Chronic, Chronic 2001, then Detox.

    One of the reasons i created this blog, was due to increase awareness of whats Dre's doing. And that included making ppl aware of his in-house producers, who made The Documentary into a great album. Since this album i have trusted in Dre decisions, including his team.

    Dont get me wrong i want pure dre stuff on Detox.

    Here is a question:

    Why do you think Dre has/had brought in Elizondo, DJ Khalil, Focus , Dawaun Parker, Hi-Tek and others?

  24. Dre has always had co-producers. Everyone does. But what WE are saying is that the difference here is that cheesy ass dudes like alex da kidd aren't just helping out dre but instead are producing whole songs. We don't want that garbage. We want dre beats. Alex da kidd can go help out pop artists.

  25. He has bought! these people in because if he tried on his own, they would not sell records. Clear examples of Andre Romelle Young records that flopped releases are:

    Funky Flute LP - Jimmy Z
    Jewell LP - Jewell
    Michel'le LP - Michel'le
    Fast Lane (Single) - Bilal
    Nas is Coming - Nas
    Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
    Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath - Dr. Dre
    Truthfully Speaking - Truth Hurts
    The Firm - The Firm
    + many more....

    The team he buys makes sure he sits on that high chair.

  26. ^ No offence but u do really hate him huh.

    After chronic 2001, around 2004 he slowly brought in new producers that he molded himself.

    At the end what he wants is his sound to carry on through these inhouse producers.

    Nothing wrong with passing the torch.

  27. His sound? Sh*t!

    Battlecat brought his new sound.
    DJ Yella brought his new sound.
    DJ Pooh brought his new sound.
    Mel-Man brought his new sound.
    G-Glove brought his new sound.
    Scott Storch brought his new sound.
    Dawuan Parker brought his new sound.
    J. R. Rotem brought his new sound.
    Just Blaze brought his new sound.

    Now these all these new cats are bringing his new sound.

    I don't hate him. Thats a very strong word to use.
    Some people just like sitting behind a frosted glass pane.

  28. so would u say for example 'California vacation' prod by Rotem had a dre sound?

  29. Missing the point Uzee. U seem to that often with people writing on your blog.

    The Point = Dre does not write/make/produce these tracks from the ground up. He takes submissions from people who have already written songs he wants to release. These people have made that sound.

    These people are the song writers. They write/make/produce the songs that become popular.

    Why do you think all his greatest "co-producers" - as they are stated on CD booklets, have jumped ship from Aftermath?

    PS - Sorry Focus. I forgot you in last post as a 'brought his new sound.'

  30. no i know wot u mean and good description in ur previous comment.

    These inhouse producers do get the credit in the booklets like u said. Thats how we know who did what and give example. : )


  31. Alex da Kid has nothing to do with Aftermath, being a protege of Dre or even sharing Dre's style at all. If Dre wants to get in the studio with Storch or Mel-Man or whomever that's dope, co-producers are all good as long as Dre is the one who perfects it the way he wants if he's putting his name on it, but the bitching stems from the fact (as said above) Dre is getting dudes like Alex to do whole songs so he can sell records to Eminem fans. That track is devoid of any sort of Dre sound and Dre is barely on it anyway, so it's kind of a joke.

    I don't think anyone is really putting down "Kush" even if Khalil did that one, he's a known Aftermath producer with Dre so it's all good, but "I Need a Doctor" is just garbage. Why do you need to be a "real" fan to defend that bullshit? The song sucks and it does nothing for people waiting years for Detox so we can hear Dre put down the best of his best. That's the whole point. That's the whole hype. If Dre is so lazy or insecure he has to go that sort of route, then people are going to be disappointed and complain. The whole point is that Detox is going to be the last Dre album, it's going to be perfect the way Dre wants, yet he's putting songs on there he has nothing to do with, doesn't sound like anything he'd do, and it's really just there to get radio play and nothing more.

    I'm not trying to trip out and bash Dre at all, but can't we just agree we'd prefer if Dre put out his own songs for this album and that having "I Need a Doctor" be the lead single dampens Detox at least a little bit?

  32. I think Dr. Dre is going to pour concrete on yo ass when Detox drops.

  33. It's a different game today. The industry is being bleed by piracy/theft from a liquid audience. Corporations have to stay alive and droppin' radio friendly tracks is just a part of that. Thats the way it is. - Cheers,