Tuesday, 15 February 2011

50Cent Writes Song About Jimmy Iovine & Dre that will give Eminem a “Heart Attack”

50 Cent is finally ready to lift the lid on the apparent problems over at Team Interscope in a new song.

Once the darling of Aftermath and Interscope, 50 Cent’s relationships with Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre appeared to come under some strain during his high-profile feud with The Game. A few years and a couple of Dre-free, chart middling albums later and 50’s finally ready to speak about how “The Machine” broke down.

Speaking via Twitter yesterday 50 offered “Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about jimmy [Iovine] and [Dr] dre. Oh my god this is hard” continuing “Em [Eminem] gonna have a heart attack when he hear this sh*t damn lol”. 50 Cent has never publicly acknowledged the mounting tensions at the West-Coast label but he’s hinted at problems in the past. Seemingly referring to the Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre manufactured Beats By Dre partnership 50 expanded “I don’t get it when they did there deal I didn’t get up set. Now I’m mad they didn’t put me or EM in that deal. F*ck this sh*t I QUIT”. This current situation is a far cry from 2005 when Jimmy Iovine was seen regularly wearing G-Unit trainers and clothing and the pair were seemingly inseparable.

Expect the song to be included on 50 Cent’s last album with Interscope, Black Magic which is scheduled for a summer release.

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  1. the problem is either something deeper. Or simply 50 us using Dr Dre to get exposure and hype the album up to get sales.

  2. The truth is finally coming out. History doesn't lie people.


    Dre comments on 50 cent.. there seems to be a little tension...