Friday, 25 February 2011

Dre & Eminem Break Down 'I Need a Doctor' Video

Rap icons Dr. Dre and Eminem sat down with "Extra" to talk about their new music video collaboration, "I Need a Doctor."

Dr. Dre, who hasn't recorded an album in 10 years, said he feels this new song is a rebirth. "It's funny, cause last night it almost felt like this song and this video was the rebirth of something. The rebirth of me going to whatever the future holds for me."

There's a car crash sequence in the video, which Eminem explained. "I think it, metaphorically speaking, feels like Dre's been in a coma and, like, me and hip hop are trying to wake him up out of his coma."

Eminem continued, "My whole career, especially in the beginning and even still to this day, is to always get a reaction out of Dre. This track, the reaction I wanted, was to spark him even more than he has been sparked, you know what I'm saying? Even push it further and get him to finish the album."

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  1. dr dre stuffin that big ol dig inside that crackers ass after the video shoot

  2. Did we need an explaination about the video????

  3. Detox Should of Been Released In 2005!
    Why? he gave beats to the game and 50, and em,nas,jay and snoop
    this the list i made if detox beats werent given away! from 03-06
    now this album wouldve been clasic

    1 Westside Story
    2 Higher
    3 Poppin them thangs
    3 How We Do
    4 The Set up
    5 Get You Some
    6 Outta Control Remix
    7 Oh
    8 Here We Go Again
    9 Hard Liquor
    10 Trouble
    12 Boss Life
    13 Imagine
    14 Hustlers

  4. Im with you Dreday1, would've been a classic!! Good Times in Aftermath! im a little worried but hope Dre proves me wrong with this new album. Btw the INAD video is dope as hell

  5. so uzee... what do u think the next single will be like? more like kush or more like inad? or maybe sth completely different? and do u think it will be released before detox is released itself or only after that?

  6. why did you delete that comment lol

  7. ^^i will post it if it's confirmed that it's prod by dr dre

  8. regarding 3rd single:

    i'm treating kush seperate fom detox assuming it's not part of the project.

    Looking at inad as the 1st single which a mature and serious approach, the next single could be more funky maybe.

    I'm not sure if they will release it soon as they want the focus inad. Maybe really close to detox or release if anything.

    Dre said that he might have about 5/6 singles to release.

    But for now lets just keep listening and watching inad ; )

  9. dreday 1 i agree with you

  10. It's amazing how an artist can release 5-6 singles these days at next to $0 cost.

    Here, have a single, but I'll convert it to an MP3 , it's not CD quality but here, you buy it!

    But don't forget to spend $300 on my headphones so you can get the best quality to what I do in a studio.
    Even thou I've compressed the audio mix to MP3 format so it can be 5-5 Megabytes,.I want you to have the best!

    Seems a little contradictory don't you think.

  11. I dont think the HD sound is a set standard yet officially.

    The video in the old post below shows dre talking about the sound quality of detox.

  12. i spoke to Neeze (static's manager) regarding the track and he confirmed it. but i know what ya mean, you need proper evidence.

  13. HD sound is a whole lot of spin for the end user. The human ear can only hear upto 22-25KHz so it is pointless in releasing music in the 48/96KHz range. It's only used for equipment calculations. When you play it to your ears, anything above 25KHz, it's not there. And surround sound as a standard audio platform is never going to happen.

  14. Dreday1's right. 2005 and 2006 Dre still had the inspiration to produce sum sick tracks. Only very good and classic tracks. Nowadays he doesn't even have the inspiration anymore to produce his own tracks. SMH @ Dre askin Alex the Kid to produce something for him.

    Drefan since 91