Friday, 27 July 2012

50 Cent feat Alicia Keys & Dr Dre – New Day snippet

New Day

It’s not only a “New Day” for Alicia Keys, but 50 Cent as well. The hip-hop mogul borrows from the Grammy-winning songbird on the first single from his upcoming album Street King Immortal, due in November.

A 30-second snippet of the song debuted in 50’s new iPhone app and thanks to HipHop-N-More, we now have the audio rip.

For those who were curious, the song sounds the same as Alicia Keys’ Swizz Beatz-produced record of the same name, except with verses from 50 and Dre. The full version will premiere tomorrow.

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Tito Lopez describes possible Detox contributions wit Dre

In a recent interview with, Gulfport Mississippi emcee Tito Lopez details how a freestyle led to a chance to contribute to Dr. Dre's "Detox."

The last official word on Detox from Dr. Dre, came in November of 2011. While the N.W.A. co-founder didn’t completely rule out the possibility of another studio album, he did say he was going to “take a little bit of a break.” The news came just before his rumored Detox single, “I Need A Doctor” was certified double platinum. And in the months leading up to Dre’s announcement, everyone from The D.O.C. to DJ Quik, Battlecat and others claimed to be involved with the project in some way. Add Mississippi upstart Tito Lopez to that growing list.

“I went over there, and I was just supposed to play him a couple joints,” Lopez told’s Jack Thriller. “I said, ‘Fuck that. It’s real. It’s raw. Let me just spit for you.’ A lot of niggas can make they self sound good in the studio…he liked what he heard, and he said, ‘Fuck it. Let’s go write some shit.’ So we stayed up until seven in the morning writing shit.”

The now infamous freestyle session with Dr. Dre became a bit of a YouTube sensation and boosted the Gulport Mississippi emcee’s profile leading up to his most recent mixtapes—Conversation With Tito and The Hunger Game. Lopez, added that he assumes the songs were for Detox, but they could have ended up on any number of projects or locked away somewhere. Lopez said ultimately, Dre is the only person who knows where his lyrical contributions will end up. Previous collaborators with Dr. Dre such as DJ Quik and Bishop Lamont have confirmed a similar collaborative process that includes multiple writers and assistant producers.

True to the words of that November 2011 interview, there have been no Detox updates. The last eight months have seen Dre’s Beats Electronics brand expand, while Kendrick Lamar gets closer to his Aftermath/Top Dawg Entertainment debut. The full ThisIs50 interview with Tito Lopez, including how he survived Hurricane Katrina, can be seen below.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rick Ross Calls talks Detox (Video)

Rick Ross believes in the notion the Dr. Dre will eventually drop Detox. Much like his one-time enemy, 50 Cent, Ross weighed in on whether or not the Good Doctor will ever unleash his alleged album, which he's been teasing for about a decade now. Ross hit up the Bay Area to speak with Sana G, of 106 KMEL on various topics, including Dre.

Given his track record, and fresh off his appearance on Ross' “3 Kings,” he doesn't really have to give the public new music, so says The Boss. “I feel like he in the best position any artist really could be in,” Ross said. “His greater music is the highest, it always will be.”

Falling short of confirming (or denying) the existence of the project, Ross added that Dre is allowed to take as much time as he wants. “The homie can come whenever he feels he's ready. It's been a long time but I feel like when it comes it's gon' do what it do.”

On the plus side, provided that Hip-Hop will be blessed with Detox, Ross will be featured on the release.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

50 Cent confirms single 'New Day' with Dr Dre & Alicia Keys

50 Cent has teased a new single featuring Alicia Keys and Dr Dre, which will appear on his upcoming studio album.

The rapper released 5 (Murder By Numbers) as a free download last week. It is followed by his last Interscope record Street King Immortal later this year.

"Yes, there's a difference in styles," 50 Cent told Digital Spy about the two albums.

"I've released three albums' worth of material in the last two months. It was The Big 10, which was celebrating the ten-year anniversary of my first mixtape.

"The Lost Tape followed that, and then I released Murder By Numbers. For me, the next wave of music won't be out until November."

He added: "Street King Immortal is the actual studio album that is actually being marketed and promoted by Interscope.

"The first single will be out Tuesday (July 17) - that's myself, Alicia Keys and Dr Dre."

The cover art for the single, titled 'New Day', was unveiled yesterday on 50 Cent's Twitter feed with the words "coming soon".

50 Cent, New Day single sleeve

"I'm excited about this project," 50 Cent told DS.

"It took a lot longer than it would have had to take as far as I'm concerned creatively... it was a headache, but it worked itself out."

50 Cent was speaking at The O2 in London, and his headphones are on sale now at O2.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

50 Cent 'I don't know if we'll hear Dr Dre's Detox in full'

50 Cent has suggested that we many never hear Dr Dre's long-awaited Detox album in full.

Dre began work on his third solo album in 2001 and while the singles 'Kush' and 'I Need A Doctor' were released in 2010 and 2011, the album still has no confirmed release date.

50 Cent, who is to guest on the album, told Digital Spy: "You know what, I don't know exactly if you'll hear the full body of work - the full body of Detox.

"I heard some pieces that are really exciting in the studio. I think that Dre has too much time on his hands! They allow him to fall in love and then fall out of love with the music before he actually releases it."

He added: "He'll make it, and then I'll come in the studio and be like, 'This is crazy, why haven't you put this out?' and he'll be sitting there and be like, 'I should have put that out'.

"Yeah! And you knew it - when you first made it you knew it was supposed to go out, but it's sat there so long that you're going, 'Oh, I don't know, I don't feel the same way about it'.

"But nothing is going to sustain your feelings about it forever. It's an interesting scenario, but with the success of Beats headsets, I don't think they're hard-pressed for Dre's album to sell."

Comparing his own SMS headphones to Dre's Beats and other products on the market, 50 Cent said: "I just took the time to make sure that the things I wanted out of the actual headset was within this actual product.

"To me, it was important that I would be able to develop headsets that were durable. I also wanted to make sure that the sound quality was set for music... I'm excited about it. I'm proud of this product."
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Dr Dre will appear on 50 Cents "Street Immortal" album

50 Cent explains just how instrumental Dr. Dre has been to his career.

Fresh off the release of his 5 (Murder By Numbers) LP and in celebration of his birthday, 50 Cent called into DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 show to discuss a number of topics, including the impact of Dr. Dre on his career.

"The craziest part people be forgetting, like, Dre gave me 'In Da Club,'" said 50, who revealed that his next project, Street King Immortal, will feature at least two songs by Dre. "Don't get it twisted at all. He's the reason why I've had the success I've had to this point. He gave me the record. We know we make magic together. So it doesn't really matter all that other stuff."

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Dr Dre to feature on Rick Ross track with Jay-Z

Rick Ross solidifies his boss status with his fifth album God Forgives, I Don’t. Due July 31, the star-studded set features Dr. Dre and Jay-Z (“3 Kings”).

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Eminem Speaks To DJ Whoo Kid About Working With Dre On New Album

Eminem recently spoke to DJ Whoo Kid during a Shade 45 interview about a number of topics, including his work or lack thereof so far with Dr. Dre on his upcoming eighth studio album, his appearance in Ice-T’s Art of Rap documentary, an upcoming tour of Asia, and more.

About his currently untitled, new album, Eminem told Whoo Kid, “I’m not that far along in the process as far as like figuring out. I mean, yeah, of course [Dr. Dre] will be involved. I don’t have anything with him yet.”

“What I usually do is I’ll get going you know and kind of start going in a certain direction or whatever, and just record what I’m feeling or whatever,” he continued. “I get a few songs, and then I get kind of a direction, and then I’ll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces.”

When pressed for more information regarding his working relationship with Dre, Eminem said, “You know, Dre will listen and I’ll see what he thinks I’m missing or you know I might come to him and say ‘I think I’m missing this kind of record’ or ‘what if I went in this direction’ or whatever.”

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