Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dr Dre Inks Development Deal With FX Network For New Crime Drama

Rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Dr. Dre is officially in business with FX, and is developing a brand-new drama with the network, according to THR.

The site reports that “[FX] has inked a script development deal with writer Sidney Quashi and music mogul Dr. Dre for a drama pilot. The one-hour project, set in present-day Los Angeles, explores both the music business and crime business.

Quashie will serve as the creator of the show, as well as one its executive producers, alongside Dr. Dre.
The deal will involve Dr. Dre’s Crucial Films/Crucial TV company, which was originally launched in 2007 with New Line Cinema, and now currently rests under Warner Bros.

Currently, FX is airing new seasons of the critically acclaimed show, “Wilfred and Louie”while the network’s highly anticipated fifth season of its biker show, “Sons of Anarchy”, will premiere on September 11.

More details about Dr. Dre’s involvement and the show itself are expected in the near future.

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  1. i dont know why people think detox aint droppin, the year isnt over yet. good thing we got Kendricks album comin soon


  2. It's good Dre is somewhat active musically, popping up in features, but he's done little to nothing as a producer making new beats. The stuff he's produced in his name weren't beats he actually made, so it has me wondering if he has any confidence in making anything for Detox or what.

    It's too late for Detox to drop this year because there's no news, no singles, no buzz, no word, no hype, and no mention of it. Dre is occupied doing whatever else he's doing but like you said, at least Kendrick's LP is dropping and Black Hippy is getting Aftermath backing. I'm also looking to see if the other record I've waited forever for, Bishop Lamont's Reformation LP, is finally dropping.

    Detox is probably shelved until Dre finds what he's looking for, but at this point, if he hasn't found it or he hasn't been able to jump over the bar he's set, it's looking grim. I think most people have let Detox go because there's literally no reason to even think about it anymore.

  3. Ya doesn't like a 2012 release for Detox which is claimed to be finished and just waiting for release. Believe me I would love more than anything for this album to come but I think that I am officially through with following it. When it comes if it does I will be the first to jump back on board . I'm going to devote my time and focus and follow the work's of other artists with upcoming 4th quarter releases. I think there is a lot of good upcoming hip hop on the horizon. Eminem Kendrick Slaughterhouse 50 Bishop Lamont Slim the Mobster Kid Cudi Public Enemy Xzibit While these are not By any means certified bangers, it makes for a very interesting 4Th quarter for Hip Hop