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Fans: Whats your opinion on the status of Detox? Discuss now.

Lets keep this blog alive. A few fans wanted to discuss the following question:

Whats your opinion on the status of Detox? Discuss now.


  1. The problem with the status of DETOX is that we dont know the status and Dre is saying nothing...

    1. i have no doubt that the release is upcoming. I think the true fans know it 2. He wants it to be perfect and i personally think it should since it will probally be his last album. My opinion is that the doctor should release DETOX this year not only for him but also for the true fans who have been looking forward for this final masterpiece for such a long time. Let's start a lobby for the release and let us motivate dr. Dre to do this for his true fans who have supported him over the years. Ring our heads 1 more time!!!

  2. Nah this aint come out cause dre doesnt want to risk something and cause of Beats hes got enough money

  3. Detox is still a "work-in-progress". Dre has already completed it a couple of times, but when he was about to drop it, he changed his mind and thought that it was good but not a classic album. Nobody knows (even Dre himself) when/if it will be released, he is just waiting for it to sound like an "instant classic" (but is it really possible?..) And people thinking that he is not releasing it because he makes more money off his Beats brand are wrong, in my opinion. If he releases it, it's for his legacy. Also, the legend that he is has to find the right way to connect to the younger audience of today and I think that's something quite hard to achieve when you listen to the music young people like nowadays... Anyway, I'm still patiently waiting...

  4. Detox will come out but it's just a waiting game. It needs to sound perfect before Dr. Dre even thinks of releasing it. I think what Dre should do is release multiple albums under the name "Detox", like do a part 1, 2, and 3 with like 12-15 tracks each. That way he can showcase even more beats and really give us what we've been waiting for.

  5. I believe that it is finished. It would only seem right to release it on the 20th anniversary on The Chronic. You have Kendrick, 50, Slim , all releasing records in the 4th quarter of this year plus Ems new album early 2013. That would be great timing for a tour with these artists in the summer. Wishful thinking I guess. Much isn't being said anymore about the album even from Dre's protégés. It was said that Dre was going to focus on Kendrick and Slim; That time is almost passed and by December these 2 artist's album's will be out. Maybe everything is hush because Detox may be right around the corner.

  6. As much as I personally would love to speculate about why detox isn't out... I feel that all that needs to be said has been said if you look at all the collective posts. I prefer that we brainstorm what an "ideal" detox album would look like in the eyes of the fans. What would satisfy you? What would make you stop and think... "Holy Shit, This Is Next Level."

  7. For an album to be released, I believe there is a need for a deadline. For his previous albums, Dre spent about a year working on them and then dropped the album. Right now, there is nothing that forces him to release it so he keeps on listening again and again the songs he made until he doesn't like them anymore. He has too much time to think about it so he becomes unsure of the results. I remember an interview where Bishop Lamont was saying that Dre didn't like any song on The Chronic 2001 anymore, which is crazy when you think about the classic it still is for everyone...
    Concerning Slim the Mobster, I don't think he's gonna release an album through Aftermath, it wouldn't take that long. He's not creating enough buzz so that's why Dre went with Kendrick Lamar instead, he's not gonna drop an album with someone who isn't hot enough, that would lower his legend status.

  8. I followed this blog since the end of 2010 or roughly when Kush was leaked. I can't remember which, but I'm pretty sure it was approximately the same time.

    I had my hopes up but they've diminished rapidly.

    Personally, I don't hate Dr. Dre for doing this to his fans because he released two classic albums and produced heaps of good joints. But my mentality is, I think it's going to come out, but there's no timetable. If it doesn't come out, it doesn't come out; I don't really care. If it does come out, that's really really great and its guaranteed it's going to be another classic.

    Speculating takes way too much effort.

  9. dre said once that motivation was the reason we haven't got detox. he has had all of 50 cents and Eminem's careers to motivate him to release detox if that wasn't enough inspiration then what is? with kush and i need a doctor coming out last year that was when the album was set for release i cant see it coming out any time soon. in my opinion detox should of been out with games first album the documentary

  10. dr dre has made so many dope tracks i don't care if it never come out

  11. dre has always been quiet

  12. All of the tracks that came out starting with Kush and afterwards weren't even produced by Dre, and none of those were too exciting to say the least. When Kendrick's "the Recipe" popped up I was feeling it and got excited but that wasn't produced by Dre either nor was it for Detox.
    My question regarding this album is how much of it will even be produced by Dre?

    You can hear it, none of that crap sounds like him and by the time I heard "I need a Doctor" and "Mr Prescription" I started hoping he would drop those turds and start working on the album all over again. Maybe that's what he's doing but if it does sound anything like the aforementioned tracks I really don't want to hear it.

  13. considering 50 cent said DRE was working on detox in the studio recently, we know for sure that he hasn't given up on the project. I think it would be smart to release Detox after Kendrick Lamars album drops and gets an even bigger buzz. Theres too much pride in DRE eyes for music, and he wouldnt just give up and let this album never come out. no matter how it sounds, he will eventually put it out and accept it for what it is

  14. i just wanna hear what dres got to say about it to be honest

  15. i dunno why people have given up yet, the year aint over!! i still think detox will come out


  16. The calm before the storm?

  17. Dead. Detox will never be released.

  18. I know detox will come out FOR SURE, when no one knows not even dre knows but all u guys just need to wait more there's still very good music coming out by many artist and dre has been producing good tracks too. Just have patients that's all

  19. my thoughts regarding dre/hiphop/detox:

    dre's seemingly gone into hiding, dres right hand man snoop has gone senile n changed his name n style of music entirely, game is working with ymcmb, 50's 'comeback track' was a thrown-away track from alicia keys, slaughterhouse debut sonically was sub-par (lyrically was epic), the fuck has happened! just hopin kendrick gets his shine on a major label debut, kid deserves it. interested to see what em brings to the table next.

    i think the detox machine shouldve started rolling from coachella, when the pac hologram had dre in everyones mouths again, u gotta capitalise on hype. as far as an ideal sound to detox tracks, perhaps an updated version of the orchestral, bass heavy, string laden, synthy kick drum style. dude needs a big ass lead single, one that has a lasting sound and impact, he's always had them/made them surely he can do it again - i mean look at nothin but a g thang, california love, still dre, next episode, in da club - all tracks which have a timeless effect and distinct dre sound. in terms of lyricism - ofcourse have the weed, gangsta themes, but perhaps more reflective - lyrics which translate the message that he's the elderly statesmen of this rap shit. have some big features on there to generate hype as well, as long as the theme/flow of the album isnt disrupted eg having a justin bieber feature lol. then promote the shit out of it by making a massive world tour, up in smoke 2-still smokin or some shit - have the whole team come with ya: em, snoop, 50, kendrick, surpirse guests, stream it on youtube, make it interactive, technologically stunning with holograms/something to make it a spectacle. then bow out n keep sellin headphones, producing tv shows

  20. I remember when I was in 4th Grade, and The Chronic was released. I was 9 years-old and I had never heart nothing like it before, it blew me away. Everybody I know was listening to it for years / and they still do by the way. Then when I was in 5th Grade, Snoop released Doggystyle which was probably just as good. Then in 6th Grade, Notorious B.I.G. released Big Poppa and 2Pac released Me Against The World. Then Eazy-E died who was the Greatest Rapper of All-Time. Dr. Dre is not the Father of West Coast Rap Music / that title belongs to TOO SHORT. But Dre is the greatest Rap Producer. He Produced the "Greatest Rap Song of The Year" Seven Times (1988-1992-1993-1995-1996-1999-2009) Nobody has ever done that. I can't wait for DETOX to come out. R.I.P. MAC DRE and JAM MASTER JAY (RUN-DMC FOREVER)

  21. To:jonny cash
    You are 100% true n u must be from the bay to :)


  22. Damn, I'll first say that I'm near 100% agree with what this Anonymous guy said:

    my thoughts regarding dre/hiphop/detox:

    dre's seemingly gone into hiding, dres right hand man snoop has gone senile n changed his name n...

    + I'd add some of my thoughts.

    In fact I think I never heard an official great Dre's beat that I say to myself: Woooooaaahhh THIS is crazy and it's NEW, it change the game again, since 2005? (I'm not sure here, but since 2010 though I'm sure I didn't heard a REALLY great NEW thing I'd say). I just feel like Detox was already made between 2002 to 2005 with 50's Get Rich or Die Tryin, Game's The Documentary Dre's beats. This is the last next big step I can say I saw from Dre.

    Just check how beats like that had kind of NEW sound/new style are crazy:

    -Wanksta (Mixed not produced but, still)
    -In Da Club
    -If I Can't
    -How We Do

    I'd say, just the "clap" drum style was kinda new at this time as far as I know, sound was particular etc etc. The production behind GRoDT/The Documentary was the last best I heard from dre since these years.

    After these years, I'll admit I didn't heard a lot of Dre production. Maybe 3 Peat.. Love this beat, but I don't feel like it's that much "New" here, I just feel like it's on the same line that 2003/2005 beats. Crack a bottle was also good, but still not that much "changing the game"... It's sound that I already heard same if it's good, I don't feel like it's a next level here.

    One of the only song leaked I feel like had rad potential is Under Presure, but again, I just hope the final prod (If it's still on Detox) will be a little better/best rap flow/lyrics. (Maybe not Jay on that lol).

    And then we got the supposed Detox singles that I just couldn't thought it actually was going to this direction. Kush and I Need a Doctor. Yeah it's not Dre produce, but if Detox's going to be this, I'm definitely not buying. I just hope since that, that Dre will not go in this hip hop/Pop music direction and just start from what he left and was good in 2005 to make something new. Or just something new overall but in a direction we still didn't know actually.

    Anyway beat like "Young World" make me feel it's still have some hope same if it didn't change the game again, yet. But yeah IMO Dre need to change the game again to get a hit again (In the right direction OC). I'd say at least, if he really CAN'T find something new and good after all these years of work, he should way more release an upgrade of 2001 (Young world track/new Xzibit track) than release something crap Pop music like Kush/I need a Doctor.

    Well, though, if we didn't heard something NEW from Dre since some time, it's probably good, saying he keep his beats for Detox and the New stuff for him. Also I feel like is new flow is kinda nice and show it's in a change processus which is great IMO. Detox need to be different from what we know, but not different by mixing Pop with Hip Hop. Just keep hip hop in a new next level.

    I'm sure some people can prove me wrong on some fact that I bring, but I just post here what I know/feel/and remember about all this. It can probably have some mistakes here.

  23. Oh, btw. I don't want to see Ricky on that Album. Same as Akon. Please don't do this to Hip Hop.

  24. A couple of things need to be considered that haven't been yet.

    Think about Coachella. In just one show, Dre and all his crew proved that they can do hiphop live better than anyone else right now (Watch the Throne: playing Niggas in Paris 11 times? Twice would be self indulgent).

    Also, think about Lady Gaga's feature on this new Kendrick track. I'm not happy about it except for the fact that it will give Kendrick exposure. Which will give his album exposure. Which will give Dr. Dre exposure to the kids of today. This can only hype up Detox more.

    It's taking forever but so long as this album can contend with 2001 I think it will have been worth the wait. No pressure with tracks like Still Dre and Next Episode though...

  25. Scott need to be working with the doc and mel man too

  26. ^ smartest comment so far... bring Scott back. He is the true genius

  27. it's dead! dre had a great chance to drop the album in 2010/2011 but now it's too late 'cause there's no news, no info, no release date, no new single, just nothing to keep our hopes up. would have been dope to hear some brand new dre tracks with snoop, em, ice cube, 50, xzibit, game and so on, but... forget it.

  28. Hey y`all Dre Pro´s! Has someone of you checked the guy ProducerMrp on youtube? He claims to be the super-producer and to leak some beats straight outta the detox lab. Do you think his beats sound legit?

  29. Nah, ProducerMRP is just a guy who wants some Attention.

    Throwing alle the "Leaks" of youtube together and putted it on his youtube channel...

    100 % FAKE !!

  30. Not going to be released at all. Detox is over.

  31. The bottom line is this. After under pressure was leaked dre doubted himself. He most likely scrapped the whole cd, saved a couple songs, and is going to start over after a break. dre knows that he has to release detox for his fans. If he didnt, the damage done would be greater then him releasing a half-ass cd.

  32. I hope Detox will be a 4CD album.

  33. Best production of the since all the leaks and shit from 2009 til today is "Good Things" chrysler commercial... and thats that!

  34. Any truth to the rumors that he is trying to mend the divide between 50 cent and The Game before he releases Detox?...Also keep hearing he is having trouble getting an OK to add in vocals from Easy E. camp..Any truth to these?

  35. i was just wondering but whatever happened to the recipe music video?

  36. Scott drugged out storch? Please... detox needs essentials. The d.o.c needs to be involved obviously as a writer. Have jigga write again too..Mel-man production as well. Also keep dj quik in the loop too. Throw in your dpg\aftermath cameos as well. And we know between warren and dre theres some nate dogg hooks collecting dust (party we will throw). Throw in a nwa reunion track/collective...maybe a mary j alicia k or latoya w. In as well... As far as attract ing younger core bishop crooked roscoe problem knocturnal or even some pac div...sounds like a lot but think about chronic and 2001 it contained people above or a similar formula
    Please no ricky no drake and No Weezy

  37. I have accepted Detox will never come out. It's better cuz Dre doesn't have the inspiration anymore to produce classic tracks. It's been like that for about 6 years now. He can still produce good tracks, but that's not good enough.
    Detox should be a classic like The Chronic and 2001. If it's not on the same level he shouldn't drop it. Inspiration might come back one day, but that could be 3 to 10 years. He might feel to old by then to drop a rap album.

    Drefan since 91

  38. My take on detox : throughout dre's career he needs a strong, decisive partner to push and guide him. At the begin of his career it was brother, then it eazy e, followed by suge knight and jimmy iovine. As long as beats money comes, jimmy dont give a shit

  39. "fuck rap! You can have it back", "One more CD and then I'm packing up my bags and as I'm leaving. I'll guarantee they scream Dre don't leave us like that man".

    The guy has repeatedly made comments that would suggest he wants out, and the sub-context of these statements would also suggest he feels he's taken too much criticism and craves proving people wrong, just one more time and then he's out.

    Well in the mean time he's gained global recognition not just as an artist but as a business man, general consensus is, he's a legend. Nobody to tell to F*** off anymore. I'd suggest the man does his best work when he's got his back against the wall and someone to prove wrong.

    Best you all start shouting he fell off again, sell out, headphone boy.

  40. is slim rhe mobster still on aftermath?? his name is not listed on
    anymore. ive noticed on twitter he now has a beef with 50 cent.. Dre cant drop this dude, he has talent. he also has some dope ass visuals from that war music mixtape. dude is'll be a wrong move if dre drops him from aftermath after all the years slim has put in.
    dre might pull another "bishop lamont".. dude was dope, spent years on aftermath, and got dropped -_-

  41. if its not out by the end of 2013 i give up man , i dont understand why people are doubting the good doc hes track record on albums is fuckin crazy both chronic & 2001 were both game changers and introductions to the next big star dre is grooming eg snoop ,em and from the outset it looks like kendrick lamar is going to carry the baton this time also hoping that bishop lamont gets on a track and it would be a good time to get game and 50 on a track to further highten the expectation for the big foot of rap albums

  42. Keep the blog please ! and I think he should come back to the old times with his crew! you know old good times (repetition , doing the same things ) sometimes you don't need always innovation ! this is not technology ! I say Eminem can help Dre to be honest! he can do some track together they are brother no ? royce da 5'9 cd with eminem.

    they should create a new rap band , a new album only Eminem and DRE! and after that he can drop detox with good FT i don't want akon and gay rappers! just Xzibit, eminem, 50 cent , the game , snoop lion ?
    ( wtf , i hate his new name, and wtf are he doing with katy perry and WIZ KHALIFIA! god why snoop! why! he just lost some respect from me ... I hate this rapper - Wiz , )sry for my english ^^

  43. Honestly, I don't hear "Detox" until Dre's passed on and all the recycled beats are released posthumously...

  44. ha ha slim the mobster dropped, i bet he regrets that massive aftermath tatto he has on his back now!! LOL.... dude is beyond wack

  45. Dr. Dre & Ice-T
    Discuss Dre's Production Techniques

  46. You know... It seems like I have been waiting for Detox for the last ten years. With as much as I love the beats and the stories that Dre tells, I am pretty sure I will keep waiting for another ten years if that's what it takes.
    Dr. Dre God bless and good health unto you.

  47. We aren't gonna be hearing this album till dres gone unfortunately. But the labels gonna have a bunch of songs to release

  48. things we will never hear and should stop being talked about:
    Another Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg album
    A DJ premier Nas album
    Another Wu Tang album executively produced by RZA.
    Another good old Eminem Slim Shady album
    Another Tribe Called Quest album
    Another Outkast album
    Another Immaculate Dr. Dre beat

    These old cat's best years are far behind them. I know I am being hypocritical for being here but let this shit go. Look for artists like TDE to give us good shit form here on out. That is where the next epic rap album will come from.

  49. Kendrick still thinks it's a project and he should know.

    Dre wants kendrick all over detox, if you were about to retire as an artist and you were about to go out with a masterpiece, would you want an artist expected to be the big name in rap for the next 20 years to extend your legacy? If Kendrick goes on to be what we hope and have a long career anyone who discovers Kendrick will see detox as part of his back catalog and also discover Dre, 2001 & the Chronic, long after Dre is retired every album released by Kendrick will introduce a new set of fans to DRE.

    Kendrick Lamar Discusses Dr. Dre’s Delayed ‘Detox’ Album And The Importance Of Releasing Project At The ‘Perfect Time’

  50. It's just my opinion but if it was my album, i would first change that name "Detox" because when you think about Detox now, it only reflect deception and bad work, so new title may be a new start and maybe a release date . Manthor

  51. my personal DETOX: recent and realted

    Snoop Dogg - Imagine ft. Dr. Dre & D'Angelo
    Xzibit - Louis XIII ft. King T & Tha Alkaholiks
    Eminem - Encore ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
    Dr. Dre - Da Kron ft. King T
    Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre
    Dr. Dre - Money ft. King T
    Rick Ross - 3 Kings ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z
    t.I. - Popped Off ft. Dr. Dre

    All great tracks