Wednesday, 15 August 2012

N.W.A Movie Begins Filming

It appears that the N.W.A. film has finally started production. Dr. Dre tweeted a photo of him and director F. Gary Gray on the set. Knowing Dre, we’ll get more photo ops soon.

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  1. Have a question for Uzee or Plugin. Is Slim Tha Mobster still on Aftermath. His studio album is set to drop on the 21st and there hasn't been any promotion whatsoever and it seems like Slim is at it with Dre and 50 which doesn't surprise me? It was said in the past that Dre's focus is Slim and Kendrick so will there be any Dre tracks on his new Album? Was wondering. This guy seems like a shit stirrer and doesn't seem to have much love for Rick Ross either who is also tight with Dre. I wish these guy's would just all get along but that would be too much to ask cause remember this is Aftermath and this the same type of shit that went down at Deathrow. My suggestion ; punt this guy stick to 50 and Kendrick and Dre, create a similar style to Kendrick's cause he is the next Hope. Sorry for rambling anyway I'm excited about The NWA project the director did a hell of a job with Set It Off. A soundtrack with brand new produced songs and score by Dre would be amazing

  2. This will be a good movie. I can see Dre using this movie to create buzz for Detox. He may even have a song from Detox as the movies theme.