Wednesday, 29 August 2012

50 Cent Explains That Dre Wanted "New Day" To "Feel Like A Movie" [video]

As 50 Cent puts the finishing touches on his latest album, Street King Immortal, the Queens rapper sheds some light on the creation of its lead single, the Dr. Dre produced "New Day," which also features Alicia Keys. Fitty starts off by noting that he met with the good Doctor on the west coast while the Beats By Dre headphones founder (who recently landed at #5 on Forbes' list of highest paid celebrities) was working on that album. "I went to go see Dre in Los Angeles, he was actually working on Detox," says 50. "Brought me out, he wanted to play some of the music that I was creating for my album. See if there was something there musically that would inspire him to do something different and at the same time, maybe we do some writing, work on some other things while we're there."

Fif then described how he usually plays new tracks for Dre, who will then offer him even better stuff to use.  The G-Unit honcho then went into further detail about the genesis of "New Day." "The song originally, the chorus was on that record on the production end, it was called 'This Life Won't Last Forever.' It was vocally recorded and written by Ester Dean. They sent Ester Dean's version to Alicia and Alicia sent it back with the 'New Day' concept and it had new strings she put on the record. Dre will decide to work with whoever he want to work with, but I remember that he gave me the biggest records of my career. I played it for him and he went nuts. He was like, 'I gotta mix this. This gotta feel like a movie, man.'"

Check out the rest of the interview below to learn how Eminem toyed with the idea of tinkering with the song's drums, and insisted that Dr. Dre kick the song's lead off verse, as well as Alicia Keys dropping her own version of the tune. 50 Cent's Street King Immortal is due in stores November 13th.



  1. i still stick by my thinking - that the concept of Detox should be cinematic/movie style. As Dre has always been successful with this approach.

  2. Uzee, please make a new article where people can give their opinion about the status of Detox! I don´t know if it´s just me, but at this point I´m very confused about Detox :)

  3. Hi Uzze
    dont you have access to Dre's people? You know, get hold of him or something so that he can shed some light on Detox.
    I mean, this is probably the only real blog on Detox. Do something man. I am sure even Dre watches this space to hear latest rumours on detox.