Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mel Man twitter account is fake

As you all might know, it was questionable weather producer Mel Mans twitter account (@Mel_Man_Melvin) was fake.  The tweet below from Dewaun Parker proves that this is a fake/cloned account, not by Mel Man himself.

I myself had also question him directly on twitter but no response haha.  But did get a reply from Dawaun Parker.

Glad this came out, now you fans can calm down a little : )



  1. Never thought i would see the day! Dr Dre working with Rick Ross check his twitter.

    1. I really hope this session is fo Ross new album God Forgives, I dont and not for Detox. If its for a pre-detox mixtape Im cool w dat, should be interesting to see what they cook up. In other Dre news, tracklist came out for Obie Trices new album and theres a track on there prod by him feat Eminem

    2. Snoop was in the studio w them too

  2. I don't see why Dre would voluntarily help Ross unless he expected to get some writing for Detox out of it. Dre working with Ross says a lot of things, but what sticks out for me is the souring relationship between 50 Cent. Is Ross really that hot right now that Dre is obligated to work with him? Dre usually doesn't give two shits who is hot now so I don't necessarily see the sessions as Dre producing for Ross' album, I'm pretty damn sure Ross is contributing to Dre for something.

    Somewhere on this planet 50 Cent is shaking his head in angry disbelief... and I don't blame him either, Ross is a clown.

  3. damn, just when the news and hype got slow again, we take a step even further backwards.. looks like that tom h wasn't living up to his word either hah

  4. And what with slaughterhouse debut on interscope getting official date in May, can't see it happening this side of 2012, if at all

  5. Really dont understand it. Why would dre and snoop go to miami to work with ross?? Detox or Ross's album?

  6. Next time some nobody on this blog makes big claims about Detox they can't back up (with plenty of excuses and weaseling), people will still believe it again, get mad hyped, and then put them down when it (of course) doesn't happen. It proves for the millionth time that literally nobody knows anything about Detox's release date for sure except Dr. Dre.

    The fact Dre and Snoop are heading down to the studio with Ross makes me depressed because it's the ultimate sell-out to me. Yeah I'm sure hella people dig Ross's music but nobody stays on top, his heat will die down, and hip-hop will move on. It's a lot harder for this dude to press the snooze button on his peak because he's not real, he's a made-up character, and dude's music is much less art and more corporate-made just to sell CD's.

    All that shit just mad confuses me because Slim the Mobster has a legit beef against Ross for stealing his uncle's name and identity, 50 Cent has legit beef with him for Ross piggybacking on his name by dissing him to boost his name, and I just can't figure out what Dre sees in Ross except for having him write rhymes for Detox. Even during that video of Ross mad dissing 50 for literally no reason that made sense, he was halfway mocking Dre about calling him to get his beats instead of 50. I can sort of see Dre and Snoop riding on God Forgives, I Don't just because it's getting the heat, but if this guy makes a Detox feature then Dr. Dre just trolled the shit out of the WC.

  7. Hey yo now the real mel man is on Twitter! @TheMelMan9 :D

  8. going on a vent here because I have nothing else to do this morning and reading stuff like this confuses me also. Such a move calls into question Dre's loyalty to his own people ie 50 and Slim. Working with Ross on one hand and on the other, quality MC's like Hittman, Bishop, Busta, Rakim have been cast aside, Cube has consistently been let down when waiting to recieve Dre beats, Snoop hasnt had a Dre produced song for years and 50 has seemingly become estranged from working with Dre.

    I can see that its good business sense to associate urself with whoever is currently 'in' but Ross? Dre, who championed the 'fuck the police' attitude of NWA, fraternising with a former Corrections Officer seems off, and the appearance that hes all about the dough now rather than the west coast movement or the artform of rap. I dont want this to become a Ross bashing thing, but Id feel weird about a Detox that potentially has those Maybach Music, Wethebest or YMCMB sound bytes and wack rhymes from those artists.

    The other night I was in a club, something I hadnt done for a while, and they played a few songs from Rick Ross' mixtape and then later I heard The Next Episode and Still Dre back to back, and the crowd went absolutely nuts for the latter. Perhaps Im living in the past, but theres absolutely no need for Ross or associated acts' influence over the Detox project when the Dre/Snoop formula has produced such timeless music.