Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dre: We might put ur kids in new N.W.A. movie

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Don't worry about Dr. Dre's kids ... or Ice Cube's ... or Eazy E's ... 'cause they might have a future in film -- playing their fathers in an upcoming N.W.A. flick.

The rap icon and his wife were outside Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend when we asked about the rumor that they were all planning to put their kids in the movie.

Dre responded, "We're talking about it ... we'll see what happens."

FYI -- Cube has been talking about making the movie for years ... and now that he's putting another "Friday" movie on the fast track ... it seems it could be a while before the N.W.A. offspring get their shot at the silver screen.


  1. That'll be dope. Dre's son "Curtis Young" has a few videos on youtube he looks just like Dre and has a debut album coming soon. I recommend Dre's fans to watch his sons videos and check him out. He got my respect because even though his pops is a legend he chose to do his own debut album independently.

    Bishop Lamont also just dropped his first single "Sodom & Gomorrah" off his debut album The Reformation that shit is crazy! "I wont sell my soul for the dough to get on tv"

  2. I rather see a other Friday movie with Chris tucker. Than a NWA movie that can delay detox ( an excuse for dre to delay detox)
    I really dont think this movie will live up to its expectations

  3. I think it would make for a nice documentary but for a motion picture I just don't see much plot development compared with 8 mile and Notorious. NWA is old news I would like to see Dre score The Planets and stick that on the big screen(XD theater surround sound etc) hell they do it for concerts why not Dre? Now that would be something to go and trip to. Just a wishful pipe dream. Please just release Detox and you can do whatever the hell you want

  4. A death row movie would be a better movie idea but a nwa movie would be a good watch it will never get done because no one will want to look bad in it. will eazy e family let him look bad or will ice,dre or ren agree on a story where there ideas are all included no chance just like the nwa album with snoop it never happend

  5. ^ That's what I was thinking too. There was a lot of backstabbing and cheating going on and the entire idea of a Hollywood film about NWA seems long overdue and a good story, but sorting through everything, getting everyone's permission, and actually making it comes off as way too problematic. Look at the Bob Marley bio film and how his entire family is fighting over the rights, money, and control for years now.

    The only reason Notorious got made was because Diddy and Big's mom were producing the thing, and of course Diddy made sure he was portrayed like a heavenly good guy in it to help his friend and they were innocent, sympathetic victims of a paranoid schizophrenic Tupac and shit. It was shameless. When it comes to bio pics like that, you can either tell the whole truth or make an entertaining movie, but often the people selling you the rights to make a movie about their life or their family member make sure they're depicted a certain way.

    Eazy's estate probably wouldn't be big on a movie showing him and Heller cheating Cube and the others on money, showing DOC talking Dre out of leaving Ruthless over it, and depicting Suge strong arming label executives out of their contract. There's too much politics, beef, and bullshit involved to tell the legend one way and make it work with everyone participating. You would never get these guys to even agree on what to eat for dinner, and the logistics of making a big Hollywood movie depicting everything and everyone one way seems impossible. I'd like to see it done if it could be done right but I'm not holding hope - maybe I'm wrong and that would be cool. But that's why the movie idea has been floating around for years never getting an inch past development hell.

    Make a big documentary instead, cut checks to everyone for using their music, involvement, and let everyone tell their side. I'm more interested in hearing the real story than another fake Hollywood movie selling a story instead anyway.

  6. Stop refering to Detox. That album is never coming out.
    If Dre cannot release Detox which took him about 10 years - why on earth do you think he will ever release The Planets.
    You guys need to give up on this fool because he is playing on your emotions
    DMX has been arrested, came back and now he will be releasing an album in march; why cant Dre do the same thing - he had all the time on earth
    He only has few artist in his label and he cant even help them to release albums. Thats why some of them even left the label. I dont see "slim the mobster" or "kendrik lamar" releasing hot albums anytime soon.
    That idiot Dre probably has more than a thousand beats and he is doing nothing with them.
    In this 10 years; Lil Wayne came up - sold 4 albums; released plenty of mixtapes- brought in the sexy Nicky and a lot of other other artists and they all releaseed more than 2 albums.
    Now why would the veteran fail to release one album in 10; what was he busy with?

  7. Wow dude less of the hate! Your just venting your frustration which is natural but don't compare dre to lil Wayne they are leagues apart. Detox is happening. in 2011 we heard hardly anything from dre. This was probably because he was in the lab perfecting and deciding which tracks to put on detox. Like you said dre has thousands of beats and he has to choose the most suitable ones for the album. With popped off being put on a mixtape it shows that see is getting an idea about what tracks to put on the album. Don't forget in 2008 this was on the dr pepper advert and I assume it was in contention to be on detox. Chill nico!

  8. Please stick to NWA movie in this thread or else it will be deleted

  9. @Deano
    Dre is a business man. Now do you think that he knows what people want regarding detox? I mean, if he popped in once in a while to check out the blog and hear what people want - he would know that his fans expect gangster sh!t.

    He wants new fans and old fans (most of which cud be dead - anything can happen in 10 yrs)
    You cannot have best of both; either you satisfy the new generation or the old one - or you are stuck in the middle and he is stuck in the middle. That is why Kush was a good song; but soon faded. He needs to keep up the hype. He should have released Die Hard after that - and that was going to motivate him further to work on hits.

    He lacks motivation and he is afraid he might release a k@@k(sh!t) album and not leave up to expectations; but if can focus on the album, release coupla songs; I am sure he will feel the heat and drop a bomb.

    Since he got sooo many beats - he should release a double disk; then he can focus on the planets or some alien space stuff he has been dreaming about.

    You can say what you want - but he has no excuse to take so long on an album. He started this detox nonsense - he should have kept quite about it and we would not be expecting anything from him.

  10. The very first comment mentions detox.
    Whats the point of having a detox blog and not talk about detox.
    I thought this blog was about "Up to the MINUTE news & rumours of Dr Dre"

  11. Respect your views man,its nice to see some intelligent debate rather than some made up predication shit. However, i believe that this year is the year if dre is ever going to release it.

    I do agree with you that dre lacks motivation. I think thats why he is working with Ti. It confuses me why he released INAD and kush, and went into musical hiding for the rest of 2011. We know he has the killer material from countless of other artits saying so, its just a matter of him getting the balls to put it out.

    However, detox has to be released. The amount of money thrown into it makes it impossible for dre not to release it. When under pressure got leaked a phenominal amount of money got wasted. Aftermath had to pay Scott Storch, Jay z, and an array of technitions just for the joint to get leaked. He's even got headphones called detox!

    I do agree with you on what fans he wants to attract. However, gangster shit just isnt popular nowadays. People are into lil Wayne and tunes with an array of whack metophors and R&B hooks. However, with dre and jimmys recent interview it seem as though they are concentrating on the Ganster shit!

    This is the year for aftermath. Last year they released fck all! A decent Game album and a mixtape was the only thing released. Its just a matter of waiting and hoping. Detox 2012!

  12. Nico, we've gone through what you're rambling about a million times over long ago. We feel you on the frustration but it's nothing we all haven't bashed in our heads too many times already.

    Dre didn't ride the hype on Kush because it wasn't a planned single release, it was leaked, intended for Detox, and Dre simply put it out rather than scrap it. At that time, Detox was supposed to be released in February 2011, the closest we've ever gotten to an official date, but obviously that got scrapped and never happened.

    The other thing is this is simply how Dre works and always has been. Detox isn't a normal project in that Dr. Dre has been working on it for a decade straight, one-by-one, because that's not it. Detox has been "finished" at least a couple times throughout the years, but for one reason or another it didn't happen and he felt it wasn't ready. We're only ever going to get Detox when Dre feels it's as close to perfection as it's going to get, period. It's ready when it's ready and the singles he's put out, whether it's Die Hard or INAD, don't mean anything and that's good.

    This man has to do a lot of things at once and there's nothing easy or simple about it. He has to make a next-level, "perfect" album, under the bone breaking gravity of all this impossible hype, please the fans, and also please Iovine enough to convince him it will be a platinum release boosting other featured artists on it under the Interscope umbrella. That, along with being completely satisfying, with no flaws, and nothing less than a classic to Dre himself. In other words, Dr. Dre has to get across a hundred yards while walking between the raindrops with a perfect album in his hand by the time he gets to the end. Give him a break. This is a man approaching 50 tasked with creating a flawless classic, when anything less than those expectations will get him shit on, and live up to his gangsta rap credentials when he's not a gangsta rapper. He's not even a rapper at all but we give him a pass.

    You can't really feel entitled to get Detox by the time you demand it and the deadlines you make up either. We don't want to say it when we're frustrated after putting so much of our faith and time into waiting for it, but Dr. Dre doesn't owe us shit, much less using up most of his sought-after time working on this, when we can guess he's probably not under the same creative fire he used to have. He doesn't have Mel-Man or Elizondo that were equally responsible for the signature Dre sound, but he does have DJ Khalil at least. It's stacked against him and it's not even fair for him either because he doesn't want to put something out that magazines, blogs, fans, and whatever will reject as not good enough even if it's the best shit we would get in the past five years. Dre isn't spending everyday working on something he has no intention of putting out.

    Bishop Lamont put out the first official single for The Reformation which word says is finishing up and coming this year. You know how long I've been waiting on it, even after he had to get out of Aftermath? If Bishop can put out The Reformation after getting stabbed in the back and forced into indie obscurity after being named the heir to the Aftermath throne, then Dre can finish Detox.

  13. D.O.C Twweted That Detox Is In DreS Hands Now ?! What`s That Supouse To Mean..

  14. It means that d.o.c isn't involved anymore. In 2011 dre called on snoop and d.o.c to help him finish detox. That's why we got the doggisode of snoop and d.o.c in the studio. Now they have done all they can do and it's up to dre to finish detox.

  15. Don't really care bout the NWA movie. Only care bout Dre trying to find out what the reason for his lack of inspiration the last few years. I personally think the steroids might be the reason for his lack of inspiration. Or he stopped smokin weed. 1 of the two, or both.

    Drefan since 91

  16. Next up

    Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine: "We might let our kids do Detox"

  17. About the D.O.C tweet, why do you think he would have said that? Put 2 and 2 together folks its not that difficult. The frustrating part on this blog is peoples interpretations leading to false conclusions. Its all begining to happen and before you know it your awaited album will be here. And for those those that think it wont, come back to me in February.

    Youve been here this long now sitback.and.enjoy the ride.

    Tom H

  18. fuck it im done with this shit, imma gonna listen to some Dilla....

  19. @Anonymous
    In the meanwhile download 50's mixtape. The beats are good, very good - while you are still waiting on Detox.
    Dre Recent songs I like
    -Popped off (featured by TI)
    -That slim the monster song
    -Die HArd - never heard the whole of it
    -Kush (not bad)

    WEll at least he is currently active, we are getting to hear his voice even though we are not getting detox.

  20. Haha, kid in the video: "Thank you so much Mr. Dre."

  21. Nepotism at its worst.