Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Purpose of this blog - a reminder

Many people dont know what they are talking about. Some show frusration in the comments about how some news and intervews are not about Detox.

As the blog description states and my 100th reminder:

"Up to the MINUTE news & rumours of Dr Dre
and his highly anticipated album"

As the above description states, the purpose is of this blog is about Detox but also any general news and rumours of Dr Dre. It's not my fault that we dont see any concrete Detox news etc.

Also you might not like the news or rumours but others might want see what else Dre is doing.

If you want only pure Detox news, then by all means follow other sources, which will maybe have the same amount of Detox news but less general news and rumours.

Peace Uzee


  1. i knew this day would come and ull post something for the stupid people who always talk shit

    Uzee i follow this blog from a long time and last couple of months ive been visiting many times a day...just want u to know that i appreciate what ur doing and ill keep checking for more untill theres no more news about both Detox AND Dr.Dre

    Keep it up

  2. finnaly uzee! too many retarded hateful people jus coming on here to talk shit. detox is a drug, and all these losers are fiends of it. thats the fact. and when they cant get it they will say anything bad about it.

  3. lol detox is a drug...

    do you people actually think before writing this shit?

    so fuckin funny...

  4. lol the person above me.... you obviouslly didnt understand what i wrote. the album detox is like a drug to all these people complaining.
    obviouslly the real meaning of detox has nothing to do with drugs.
    do u understand before assumption? i hope so!

  5. uzee my main man you don't have to justify anything to anyone . fuck those haters . any dre news is detox news . if he's out somewhere looking at paintings of asses then that's detox news because that means he ain't working on it . keep up the good work uzee and don't let the haters get to you .

  6. @bigR I agree 100% dude.... Any news about Dre gives us a clue as to what's going on with Detox. For example, if we see some news about Dre hookin' up with Kendrick Lamar or Slim The Mobster in the studio, Then we know Detox is gettin' closer and closer,because of the simple fact that Detox is intended to launch their carrers. Therefore, If they're about to drop something, then Detox is gonna drop around the same time, that way people know who these new rappers are. Otherwise, nobody's gonna buy their shit. So, uzee, keep on doin' what you're doin' man. Some people still know what they're talkin' about...

  7. ^your a dumbfuck....detox has been waiting to launch for years.....if hes waiting on those guys your in for another 5 year hiatus....keep waiting wannabes

  8. This blog keeps me up to date anything dre. I check it everyday for updates. I have really enjoyed the site keep it up!

  9. Dude, don't worry. I appreciate all the news you've been posting here. Anything Dre or Aftermath related, I'm down with.

    Forget about the crying babies and keep on doing what you do!