Sunday, 23 October 2011

Detox expected in 2012 - 12-20 tracks?

The following was tweeted by The D.OC

@WESTCOASTDOC "Dre and Snoopy finding time to get things perfected but their schedules are a bitch. Far as how many between 12-20 is my guess."

Earlier he mentioned that they "...on the west trying to get the Dr out the gate right now".

Answering queries from fans, he also stated that a 2012 release is more likely than this year and that 'psycho' wont be in the final tracklist.!/WESTCOASTDOC/status/127449286278512640!/WESTCOASTDOC/status/127092400077287426


  1. Dream Song:
    Album: Detox Duration: 7-8 minutes.
    Produced by Dr. Dre (Co-produced by RZA), (Scratches By DJ Premier)
    Intro: Dr. Dre
    1st Verse: Ice Cube
    2nd Verse: Kendrick Lamar
    Hook: Snoop Dogg
    3rd Verse: Scarface
    4th: Verse: Eazy-E (Unheard)
    Hook: DMX
    5th Verse: Nas
    6th Verse: Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
    Hook: Eminem
    Outro: Dr. Dre

    I just had to post this...

  2. no man... that would be too much on one track, wouldnt be cool any more...

  3. its obviously we will not hear anything from Detox this year. so there is one good track from Prodigy and 40 glock i dont know who produced, is it Alchemist or havoc or anyone else but the beat is dope

  4. detox is gonna have mostly aftermath features like Eminem,50 Cent,Kendrick Lamar,Slim The Mobster and Game like it or not.
    Ofcourse Snoop Dogg is gonna be in it along with the other west coast artist, assuming there either helping produce or ghost write the tracks

    i doubt detox is going to have other artist in the album like drake and wayne no way

  5. Im hoping we hear detox with pure west coast artist, just like the Chronic and 2001, i dont wanna see any young money artist, or east coast rapper.

  6. has the psycho even been leaked online?

  7. Features I would like to see would be:
    Snoop Dogg
    Kendrick Lamar
    King Tee
    DJ Quik
    Lady Of Rage
    Ice Cube
    MC Ren
    Bishop Lamont

    If any of these artists are featured I'll be happy

  8. I agree we'll probably just get the usual Aftermath roster (Em, Snoop, 50, Game, Slim, Kendrick) and maybe some surprises like Cube/Ren but I'd like to see Nas anyway. Other than that, fuck it, I don't want 30 different people on one album and I doubt Dre does either.

    Looks like DOC hinted that Snoop is pretty much co-producing it with himself and Dre which is unusual but probably a good thing, but that's the sort of shit that will delay it even further since Snoop is obviously busy all the time with something. It's funny Snoop comes out and says "Detox is almost done, seriously, I've never claimed otherwise ever" but the usual delays still come like every year I've waited. At this point I'm thinking 4th quarter 2012 it will actually be done.

    Lol the first post is ridiculous, who the fuck throws 9 people and one dead person on a single track? Also The Psycho never leaked but I still wonder if the Chrysler CM beat was that or not.

  9. First post isn't as ridiculous as you think just look at "Lyrical Bangbang" "Stranded On Deathrow" and "Some L.A. Niggaz" All have quite a few features I think "Some L.A. Niggaz" has 7. But having eazy on there would just be wrong.

  10. Till summer???? at least drop a couple of singles that are not leaked....... better be worth the wait..

  11. Why cant you guys see that
    Kendrick Lamar
    SchoolBoy Q
    AB Soul
    Jay Rock
    are the future of the westcoast!!!

  12. Don't feed the trolls, man. He gets his comments deleted for a reason and Uzee is a tolerant guy. He tries to take credit and lies that he put out the last leaked joints, he makes claims that aren't true, makes bullshit promises he never fulfills before disappearing, and periodically comes back when he thinks Uzee isn't looking to pretend he has any idea what he talks about to get attention. He's already a proven liar so why believe anything he says? Leave it alone and move on, he doesn't have any real info and never said anything that wasn't already public if it even happened. If you want to believe him, go ahead, but hopefully not on here because we're all tired of it.

    He didn't say anything except what he brought up about 9 months ago that never happened either except to claim he's heard all these secret songs he talked about ages ago that he won't let go (since he would have to admit he lied). I've come to this blog a while and I assure you that although he sounds like he knows and says things you want to hear, it didn't take quantum physics to see he's just looking for attention and can't back up anything he says.

    Nobody knows when the first official Detox single is going to be put out because the album has to be finished or near-finished for it to happen, and presumably after some concrete announcement from Dre/Interscope. That's how it works. It's not going to pop up just like that. The album is still being indefinitely worked on while they finish it up like said which we do know isn't happening this year (as DOC said earlier) and I doubt Q1 2012. When that official Detox single starts to come, you'll hear about it, and then we can start a true countdown until Detox.

  13. What a fuckin' surprise that it got moved to 2012. Well hopefully we get at least a single or something. 2011 has been a bad year for Dre production.

    I agree with the posters above, I wanna long song with many of the usual suspects.Kobe and Sly doing the hook and on verses for example Kendrick, Kurupt, Snoop and Game. Kanye West's Monster or Christian Dior Denim Flow was a good example of this.

  14. I agree 2011 was a terrible year for Detox and Dre production, no inspiring leaks, no nothing to get anyone excited about. Die Hard was okay but it's too little too late to jump up and down for.

    At the same time, I'd still rather wait for the right album since I've been waiting this fucking long already than if Dre just said "fuck it" and put out anything just for the sake of doing it. We got DOC and Snoop leading the charge and shaping it the way it should've been all along, no yes men or shit producers surrounding Detox tying it up, and honestly people should blame Jimmy if anything. We know he's shot down Detox before and had Dre remake it regardless of how supposedly dope as fuck it was, who knows how many times, but it has happened. Jimmy is executive producing it after all and it's his label that's distributing it expecting returns for their investors. It's politics too. The only thing we can hope for is any piece of Dre production or Detox to tie us over soon because man, this year was just depressingly empty.

  15. i bet you in 2012 the saga will continue , and snoop and all of them bottom feeders would come out and say detox is trady,finshef,almost done,incredible,amazing,perfect

  16. Dr Dre defines lazy nigger.....Absolutely thru with this pile of fuck.....all it is is excuses after excuses.....

    And to all of you people who continue to follow with your stupid " Ill wait forever for Dre and your I dont care how long it takes" Your all a bunch of fucking idiots......This album is never coming out.....get it thru your fucking heads

    Pete (1st time commenting, last time commenting)

  17. Okay, I don't know who the B Wash guy is 6 spots above, but I'm the B Wash who usually comments on this site, and your comment up there was bullshit. It's not from me Uzee.

  18. ^ok

    thanks to the anonymous prson with his length comments and backing me : )

    'S' should create his own blog/twitter account whatever if he has authentic news with concrete proof and sources. im sure alot will follow him, until they realise...

  19. Uhh not sure what angle people are taking with this butthe two guys prior that referenced my name are not the real me....I am guy who met Dre in LA and I am the guy who contributed years of comments to this blog. I would appreciate it if you could get your own grudges but it would be appreciated.



  20. I agree with Pete!!! They need to release something before a majority of his fans lose hope!!!!

  21. "We've been working on it. It's almost finished. So that's coming out soon." - Snoop.

    bla bla blob... it's NEVER coming out!

  22. Uzee, you seriously have someone on this page who is trying to impersonate me, which I think is a total joke. What's worse is that they are doing it in support if this guy "S", who we all know is full if shit.

    I have been commenting on this blog for years. I met Dr. Dre in Los Angeles at the restaurant Katana about a month ago, wrote about it on the blog, now some complete loser is saying it was him, and also saying supports S. If nothing else, this is conclusive proof that S actually is full of shit, it probably is him using my name as an alias to support what he is saying. If that is not the case then I apologize for accusing you S, but given the facts it's seems to be the scenario that is most plausible.

    To prove that I an in fact the real BWash, I am going to send a facebook message to Uzee in his Detox fanpage. It's alot harder to lie about your name and background on there. And to the fake BWash above, I hate to say it, but get a fucking life. Seriously.

  23. To the real B Wash hang in there From all of us loyal ones on this blog we feel ya we know the real you peace out

  24. Yeah don't trip Bwash, Uzee can handle the idiots and filter them out.

    Die Hard not on Detox? No shock but probably for the best. At least we know since DOC and Snoop have come into the picture they're doing a real album through and through the way it needs to be, not piecing old and new shit together like some people claim. Would be nice if Dre put out a full version of Die Hard, but it probably wasn't anymore different than a song for a CM which is all it was, so I doubt it.

    Ok look its been a while, but hey we all know Dre is really workin on Detox and it really does seem like it's coming out soon. Snoop Dogg is a fan of Detox just like we are, he knows we wanna hear some loud crazy head bobbin beats..and he's letting Dre know that! its great to know Snoop is really puttin in his input on Detox and is making sure it sounds the way its suppose to!
    Dre is surrounded by talented artists so i expect nothing but the best, he has artists like Snoop Dogg, Game, 50, Slim the Mobster, Kendrick Lamar, The D.O.C, Eminem, Stat Quo, Sly, Kobe, and producers Dawaun Parker, DJ Khalil, Just Blaze, Nottz, DJ Quik, and 1500. Detox is filled with all these artists and producers i just mentioned and im sure all the beats, hooks, verses are just INCREDIBLE! Detox is coming soon! Snoop is pushing Dre to make it happen! this one will be another Classic Dre album. Make sure u buy it when it comes out! i really cant wait to see how many sales it makes in the first week!

  26. Remember when WTT (watch the throne) came out, it came out of nowhere basically.
    they gave us the tracklist 1 week before its release and we had no indication on when it was coming, i expect detox to be the same way since
    and also i think he is going to avoid leaks by releasing it in itunes just like WTT
    the first album ever not to leak lol

  27. WTT didn't leak because Kanye and Jay only recorded and produced the material in private hotel rooms or something like that, and other feature artists had to physically show up than record their parts. No emails, no material left the room, and nobody came out with it. You can't compare WTT to Detox though, the latter is pretty much an orchestra of the best beats, best writers, and best everything micromanaged by Dre to make the "perfect" album. WTT was a collaboration by two guys who are at the top of their game who write their own shit (Dre does not) and just want to make a good collaborative album than a perfect one. WTT wasn't that hot anyway but MBDTF was a great progressive hip-hop album precisely because Kanye had so much talent behind the scenes sculpting it.

    To Eric, Detox has been "coming soon" for years. Bishop said it's coming late '05. Snoop said it was "done" in '08. Slim said it was "done" in '09. I'm not losing my shit and raging on the internet each time it gets delayed because I'm used to it and I believe when it comes it won't live up to the impossible hype but it will be worth the wait IMO.

    I don't count on Detox release dates because it'll come when it comes, but it would be nice if Dre threw us even a mixtape of leftovers or a good single just because we've been starving for it. It's good you're still optimistic but don't put your faith in anything; Dre is plain lazy but he's human too. All the pressure on your shoulders as such a slow perfectionist he is means he will take forever until he feels it's right. He shelved Detox completely in '02 I think so people shouldn't act entitled, they should be glad it's even coming. And it will come. Everyone thinking it's in final mixing because Kendrick said they were mixing shit when they asked about it misunderstood. "They're mixing it" doesn't mean "they're doing the final mixing"; it just means they're mixing some of the potential shit they got but it's far gone from being anywhere near complete. People need to chill the fuck out and accept Detox is coming when it comes, I've been waiting 7+ years and I'm not tripping.

  28. I agree with this guy above me! Every time I come on here there's someone talking shit and going mental about how lazy dre is, how long they've been waiting and how none of the shit that's come out is up to their standards

    NEWSFLASH RETARDS! dre don't owe you shit! Get over it! Shit if I was dre I would tell all you whining bitches to get fucked detox is shelved then sit back in my mansion with my millions and just laugh at you all!
    And do you think dre really cares if some muppet on the Internet this his beat isn't hard enough or his choice of features are fucked I think not coz last time I checked it was dres album not yours.

    Haters ain't shit but hoes and tricks!


  29. Nah I still complain and criticize Dre or what he puts out sometimes, which is okay, but my point was just to put it in perspective. So many people getting worked up on the net because they feel it's owed to them by a certain date and freak out when it doesn't come - that's just ridiculous.

    Dre doesn't need to put out Detox like I said so before some of you have a shitfit because it's not coming by Q4 2011 when nobody (much less Dre) said it would makes me laugh. I'll have opinions about him, I've called him lazy, I've shit on some of the songs or leaks that have come in the past couple years out loud, and that's okay too. But I'm not stomping my feet and crying about it like some people here.

    Dre is making a killing off Beats and I promise that if Detox never existed, a lot of these people putting money down for them probably wouldn't have. For all the hype, press exposure, and whatever keeps his name up, he owes a lot of that to the hype and promise Detox brings. I'm not demanding he put out Detox right now just for me but I still feel like he can give the fans something for all the wait since a lot of them like myself have been starving. Or he can just be real once in a while and give us a heads up where he is. He doesn't need to say why - we know why. Dre isn't infallible either and for all the hype he banks off Detox in so many ways, it isn't unreasonable to bitch about it when he disappears off the face of the planet after declaring "I'm comin' I'm comin'" and hinting at imminent release dates. I'm just saying: remember Dre doesn't owe us Detox in the first place before you scream about it not coming in two months when nobody ever said it would. Having opinions isn't a bad thing though.

  30. Erotic D new interview on DubCNN mentions dre and previous interviews go over his history with dre

  31. dre has got to give at least 15- 20 tracks after all the delays 12 aint enough to please the waiting public,great to see the doc and snoop heavily involved for what their saying is the final strech ...i think detox is in a far better place than it was a year ago at least his surrounded by people who will keep it real with him now and not a bunch a yes men..detox 2012?? I HOPE SO "

  32. Uzee, i told my homeboy he can eat my sisters wonton soup if detox doesn't come out 2012
    ya dig, thats how much i know its coming 2012

  33. ^lmao i heard that song wonton soup
    "Hop up out my car, den i drop my roof
    look like wonton soup, dats just how i do
    den i park my cars, den i fuck yo bitch
    eat da wonton soup, swag like wonton soup "

  34. Detox with a Lil B feature would troll the shit out of everyone so hard that I'd enjoy it.

  35. OMG based god you can fuck bitch #basedgod


    New unreleased Nate Dogg song. Damn im gonna miss Nate Dogg hooks. They were the best!! His voice + Dre beats = Magic!!

  37. unfinished "Detox" track with the late Nate Dogg

  38. sounds like it was made around 05 when documentary was made. clap reminds me of 'how we do' by game.

  39. this is such bullshit!

    yes doc and snoop and others have joined on but still we get the same old bullshit....

    there is no detox fellas...

    i give up...

  40. Boohoo. They're working on it but it isn't as if they've been making the same album for a decade. I believe Dre has been recording for Detox since '02 at least, and it's not a secret he gave beats to 50, he gave away beats to Game, gave them to Busta Rhymes, gave some to Bishop, and likely gave some to Em. Take that and remember Dre has scrapped the album to start over and you realize what's going on. Dre is not going to release old shit, even if it's scorching, and Dre is not going to put out Detox unless he feels it's just about perfect in every way. Hate it or love it but it's not like anyone expected Dre to commit to going all out on a third album approaching 50-years-old, be grateful too. It is coming and it will come when it's perfect.

    Rather than throwing your hands up in the air in a tantrum and saying "Detox doesn't exist!!11" like every little kid on the internet, you should just be grateful that it's not even just coming out, but that DOC and Snoop are in charge to make sure it's worth the wait. I'd rather keep waiting for a great album than stomp my feet to get a shittier album sooner and I think real fans would agree with me.

    You can say like all the other whiners you "give up" but we all know when it does come or that first fire single drops, you'll be all over it claiming you've held on all this time. What's whining going to do, especially when you know that it is coming? And who the fuck said it was coming out by the end of 2011? Nobody. You're throwing a fit because you expected Detox to drop by the end of '11 when nobody said it was and that's just stupid.

  41. to the guy above me:

    i've gone from being an excited single bachelor to a grown ass married man expecting kids waiting on this album...

    i got more important things in my life now than to keep sucking dre's dick on when detox is dropping...

    but to each his own, go ahead and keep suckin dick and keep hoping that it'll drop...

  42. You got so many important things to do like bitching on a blog because Dr. Dre isn't giving you a perfect album when YOU want it?

    It's not about sucking anyone's dick, it's about making fun of a grown ass married man having a tantrum over NOTHING. It's a rap album we should be grateful to get in the first place, not something from the toy store your mom won't buy you.

    Nigga please.

  43. check out hiphopdx, posted a track supposedly unreleased from detox with nate singing the intro and hook - called sweet pack of lies



    New slim the mobster interview, talks about detox and dre

  46. it doesnt state anywhere that the nate dogg track was for detox, or produced by dre for that matter.

    just called it a nate dogg leak, that it : )

  47. These websites just say anything remotely Dre-related is a "Detox leak" to get hits (it sounds nothing like a Dre song) but it's not like Nate only recorded hooks for Detox, he did his own thing all the time and Uzee is right.

    But I hope we get more Nate tracks put out, maybe a Nate hook on Detox, maybe even a tribute album if there are enough of these unfinished joints with Nate hooks on them. Would be dope...

  48. Eminem, Snoop, Xzibit, MC Ren, Jay-Z, Game, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Kanye, Weezy