Thursday, 8 September 2011

Slim the Mobster Drops First Single; Enlists Dre, Snoop, Sha Money For 'War Music'

Dr. Dre's latest artist Slim The Mobster announced the official release of the first single from his upcoming street album today (September 7th).

Slim released the video for his new song “Gun Play,” which is taken from his upcoming Aftermath street album War Music.

The album was produced by Sha Money XL and Vikaden, while DJ Skee and DJ WhooKid will host War Music, which is due in stores this fall.

Slim the Mobster signed with Dr. Dre, shortly after he dropped a demo off at the legendary producer's Los Angeles area studio, with his number scrawled on the back of a lottery ticket.

Dr. Dre was impressed and called him back to the studio to begin working on material.

To date, Slim the Mobster has worked on over 200 songs for Dr. Dre's highly anticipated release Detox.

“I talked for a few minutes with Dre and he said if I was patient and had some time, he wanted to work with me. It’s been on since then," Slim the Mobster explained.

As for his own street album, War Music will feature verses from his mentor, Dr. Dre, as well as Snoop Dogg and Sly.

“I been hustlin’ since I was 13-years-old, knee-deep in the streets and whatever came with it, came with it," Slim explained, to let fans know what to expect on War Music.

"I never want to portray somethin' that I'm not," Slim continued. "That's why, when you listen to my music, you'll hear me talkin' about Crippin' and gangbangin' 'cause that's part of my past.”

Nottz, Bink, Seige, Monstracity, N.U.M, Jake One, Sid Roams, Sha Money Xl, and Keykat Productions also contributed production to War Music.


  1. Not produced by Dre? whats up with that? Dre must be mixing and mastering some songs at least...

  2. Im sorry because I really respect this label and blog, but this song GunPlay is a complete dissapointment. I thought Slim had some potential after hearing get paid a couple of years back...he had a smooth flow and a laid back demeanor. However this track along with F You are absolutely terrible. This shit is over played and does little for me.

    I can honestly say that i hope that these two singles are the direction he isnt going in... I hope they are a joke because the seriously could be two of the worst songs ive heard out of the aftermath camp in the last ten years. I feel like i have a good ear for music and have been a contributor on this site for a long time but i am very concerned with the label...

    Dre's leaked Detox singles have been subpar at best and every song ive been hearing out of the camp including slim the mobsters and kendrick lamars (though he had a couple decent trax) are garbage. What happened to all the magic over there? Ill tell you what happened....Dre dosent produce or make beats for his label anymore...just look at the Games Red Album for evidence...his album was built up for the longest time and when it popped it was sub par at couldnt touch the documentary, or doctors advocate.

    This is unacceptable....I, like most of you fell in love with Dres music because HE MADE THE MUSIC....HE ISNT MAKING THE MUSIC ANYMORE...why the fuck not? Has he lost faith in his music or his ability? I have no idea but he better be fixing it with this new version of detox because no matter what talent he has in his stable, THEY ARE JUST ANOTHER RAPPER WITHOUT A DRE BEAT.

    I just hope that this endless wait isnt all for naught, and im certain most of you feel the same. Thats why we hang on....but the scary thing is the window is closing. And his time is running out.

    I just hope he delivers. Because if he dosent it will be a shitstorm of epic proportions.


    A concerned fan

  3. Production is pretty solid but I'm not feeling this record at all. The lyricism just comes off really juvenile and flat because it's literally just about guns and how he's gonna shoot you watch out 'cause he's so gangsta. Yeah, alright.

    The video and editing was pretty dope, especially for a shaky debut single though, I just hope the actual War Music mixtape gives us something better than this song because I'm pretty sure no money or hype is wasted on this guy but he's just not living up to it and it's obvious as fuck in this video. He has the right flow and image for what he wants to do, but if he can really learn and execute some depth, variety, or even just generally better his lyricism then I can feel like his joints go hard. Hope it's just a one-off thing but I never really felt him either, the whole cripping and gangbanging theme seems to be all he wants to be about when, even if he's the real deal, bores me to death and leaves us with him inside a tiny box to rap about the gangstaness of guns. I know he has authentic street cred, so instead of trying to pretend he's inventing hardcore gangsta rap when it's been done so hard it's almost a cultural parody of itself, he should talk about real life shit instead of selling this cartoonish image and going on about how his debut record is going to be the Get Rich or Die Tryin' of the 2020's when Dre gets around to producing it.

  4. its pretty whack, the gangasta gangsta stuff is played out, i mean how many times do we have to hear the same fuckin record???
    i dont know whats worse INAD type Dre or this crap...fuck it im done with hip hop its dead

  5. Didn't like this song but I still believe the album will be good. Kendrick Lamar, 50 cent & Mobb Deep are also featured on this album. Can't wait to hear that "Back against the wall" track with Dre. I really hope this is the start of the new Aftermath. Dawaun Parker's ep "Decision" shoud come out soon too.!/Slimthemobster/status/111895603511967745

  6. baron davis????

  7. This Nigga sounds like 50 Cent with a sore throat... For realll.....

  8. i dont think dr dre is producing anything at the moment .he is like this big ceo who doesnt do any work ,just sits on his ass all day watching his workers do the job with very minimal input into his product!

  9. I really liked the sounds at the end played with the Slim tha Mobster logo....3:26 to the end. That's fire.