Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Game: Kendrick is all "all over Detox"

Game was disucssing how got back with Dre.

He also spoke on his relationship with Kendrick Lamar, who appears on his chart-topping The R.E.D. Album. Game explained that their friendship goes way back, and that K. Dot is heavily featured on Detox.

“Before Kendrick Lamar was Kendrick Lamar, he was K. Dot and he ran with me. I took him and Jay Rock on a tour with me and Snoop, way long time ago, and so I always told K. Dot to stay focused and he would get his day, and he did. It’s almost his time. He all over Detox.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. slim da mobster version of detox < bishop lamont version< Kendrick Lamar version . I hope we get to hear this one cause kdot has mad flow . I have a feeling that kush was the single for the slim version of detox . and when he scraped it em wrote INAD. I also have a feeling that the promotion the DOC was talking about will be anouther November single . hope dre can pull the trigger on detox after that .

  2. Kendrik is on some i dont do drugs, smoke sh**, how can he be on detox. I have listened to his mixtape and dont think he is detox material.

  3. Kendrick is versatile though and he is a lot of raw talent. Section.80 was one of the most real albums I've heard in a while and he turned around and did "The City" for R.E.D. killing Game on his own opening record with that last out-of-control verse. Kendrick on Detox will work very well because Kendrick does everything he does very well. Listen to that Kendrick record "Look Out For Detox" and tell me with a straight this kid isn't up for Detox and Dre's direction.

    I think the first comment is sort of right, I think the Detox coming up with Kush was definitely the "Slim version." Around that time, Slim declared in an interview Detox is finished, he said he wrote 70% of it, but we never heard about it again which I figured was a good thing. If Kendrick is "all over" Detox then it's because Dre sees something more in him than he does in Slim. There's more to hip-hop than rehashing gangsta shit which is all Slim stands for, whereas Kendrick is a Compton native (like Dre) speaking real shit that matters and at the same time inspires. Slim's theme and music degrades and regresses his people, he makes absurd videos congratulating himself for bringing a gun to school when he was in junior high and lambasting others for not being as "real" as he is. That's the thing about him I always didn't like, he's a clown, and Kendrick murders Slim on flow, lyricism, everything and doesn't have to rapping only about Crippin and shooting guns, Kendrick stands on rapping about the truth and informing people, Slim stands on keeping his people locked into violence and poverty. That is why a "Kendrick version" of Detox will work and thank god Dre came around. Kendrick is the future. Slim isn't. Dre gets it.

    To be real though, I want that Bishop Lamont Detox more than anything, the beats and lyricism I've heard and have been told about and the fact I'm huge on Bishop makes me sad we'll probably never get those records out. Detox's leaks around '08 kill all the shit we've gotten since then... that isn't a coincidence.

  4. Kendrick Lamar is the shit. Hope his part on Detox is like Hittman's part on 2001. Can't wait!!

  5. kendrick is nothing special, im not convinced by section8. As far as dre, he just needs time the man is a legend would you rather have a poor album after 2 years or one of the greatest almums of all time? i wish everyone would relax. i trust the man.

  6. At this point we're way past two years so I don't think anyone is worried about Detox being rushed (christ I've waited 8 years already), the point of discussion is what direction and who he goes with in crafting the album. We know he's thrown Bishop, Slim, and presumably Kendrick on Detox with different songs, themes, and feel the way Dre threw Hittman on a bunch of 2001 joints. The above three guys are different rappers with different tastes so it matters.

    Kendrick is the future and right now he, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, and the rest of those guys are bringing back the West Coast and Dre probably thinks the same as he's been affiliating himself with them. Kendrick hasn't made any sort of Dre-affiliated debut yet and Section.80 and other works like Overly Dedicated are really hot for what are indie rappers on an indie label. This guy is already killing it on the underground so imagine how far he can go with Dre's direction and mentoring. Like you said, you have to trust Dre, he wouldn't be fucking with Kendrick on every level and perhaps putting him all over Detox if he didn't know for a fact he can bring that rawness and shit on Detox's production to another level. I have my faith in Kendrick and Dre having faith in Kendrick is pretty much a slam dunk co-sign because look at his track record. This is the man who threw Snoop all over Chronic and mentored Eminem.

  7. everything about detox has nothing to do with dr dre thats what i know for a fact following detox news the last 10 years

  8. Okay folks, I have an UNBELIEVABLE story to share with the members of this blog. I live in Los Angeles, and just 5 minutes ago I returned home after meeting Dr. Dre while he was dining at the restaurant Katana on the sunset strip.

    I first saw him as I was entering the restaurant, he was sitting outside on the balcony with about 8 other people (a mix of guys and girls), and generally looking like he was happy and having a great night. I was so floored at the prospect of meeting my lifelong musical idol that I wanted to run up and dap him up, but I decided to play it cool (plus I didn't want to disrespect him by interrupting his dinner). But finally, two sorority looking white girls interrupted him and asked for a picture. He graciously took the picture, and was now standing up in front of his table. I took that opportunity to walk up to him, tell him he is my favorite artist of all-time, and wish him luck in his future endeavors. He gave me a pound and said "thanks man, I really appreciate it..."

    After this encounter, I walked in the restaurant and ate dinner. About two hours passed, and when I walked out to the restaurant lobby to catch the elevator to the parking garage, Dre was already there saying goodbye to a friend right in front of the elevator door. I gave him a head nod (which he did not acknowledge back)and I went ahead with my friend and got inside the elevator when the door opened up (Dre was still finishing up with his friend).

    Finally, as the elevator door was shutting close, Dre motioned towards the closing door, and my friend stuck his arm out to keep the door open. Dre hopped in the elevator. Now it was just three people in the elevator: me, my friend, and Dr. Dre.

    I obviously wanted to engage Dre in conversation, as we were all captive in the elevator and what fan wouldn't??? But I did NOT want to bring up Detox, because I know this dude is sick of people asking him about that, and it would probably turn him off. So I decided to congratulate him on the $300 million dollar deal he just made with Beats by Dre and HTC.

    When I mentioned the deal, Dre got HYPED. I mean, like real hyped. He was obviously very excited about this. He got real animated and was like "yeah man, we just been out here partying the last few weeks, just kicking it and celebrating..." He was bouncing up and down, real animated, and almost giddy. Then I asked him, "well how did Jimmy [Iovine] make out?" Dre responded, "Oh, Jimmy did WELL. He was here tonight..." Then, most tellingly of all, Dre ran both his hands across his head and exclaimed "Now it on to the next one!!"

    Then the elevator arrived at the garage. When we got off the elevator Dre looked like he still wanted to chat, but he had a small entourage that was already downstairs waiting for him, and they started hitting him up as soon as he got off the elevator. He looked over to us and wished us a good night. Then he got into a white Bentley (which was already waiting for him) and his other homies jumped in a white Maserati and peeled away into the Los Angeles night.

    This experience left me with a few huge takeaways about Dr. Dre. First of all, the guy was really nice, really cool, and was just talking to us like we were homeboys. I appreciated that. But the biggest takeaway is this: DR. DRE IS DOING FINE. He's not half as stressed out about Detox as the members of this blog are. He's happy with life. I'm sure at this point he looks at Detox like a hobby. He was EXCITED and PUMPED when we saw him -- far from depressed or frustrated about the progress of Detox. Bottom line is that he is a dude who just made $300 million, knows there is more to come, is happy with his life, and just wants to do what he wants to do. That's crucial for us to remember as we all sit on this site and obsess about Detox. Dr. Dre doesn't need Detox to come out as much as we need to hear it.

    Overall, an incredible night.


  9. thats an awesome story! ur lucky to run into ur idol like that. i wish i cud run into dre one day. i jus visited la few weeks ago, and i love that place. everything in la is so chill and awesome, love the atmosphere over there.

  10. dude if dr dre was in elevator with me, ill faint lmao...but i keep a set of beats with me all the time...i can maybe play one song for him, idk if uzee will let me post it on his website or not, dr dre influenced me on making my beats sound clean and perfect

  11. hey uzee do u know who made/runs slim da mobster's blog? and why is it in french? thx.

  12. think its a guy named jordane