Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dre & Game behind the scenes book - ‘The Making of Game’s The R.E.D. Album’

Game is dropping the mic and picking the proverbial pen to document the making of his ‘R.E.D. Album.’

“With my book, ‘The Making of Game’s The R.E.D. Album,’ I wanted to give my fans a behind-the-scenes look of how my new album came to be,” Game says. Music journalist Soren Baker — who has previously worked as an editor at The Source magazine — worked alongside the ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ rapper to craft the project.

“These are my stories in my own words,” Game says. “This book is the only place where you’ll learn all the stories behind the music – how I got the beats, what inspired my lyrics and how the album was put together.”

The book will feature memories and anecdotes from Game as well as his collaboration with the likes of Rick Ross and Pharrell Williams. The book will also touch on Game’s work with Dr. Dre, why Dre let Game use their track, ‘Drug Test,’ instead of putting it on ‘Detox’ and the true story behind their controversial, violence-tinged track, ‘Red Nation.’

The book is currently available as a digital copy on, but will be out in print and on audio soon.


  1. thank god dre let game use drug test on r.e.d cuz its enough with getting high and drunk and partying all night and i expect better beats on detox..thats the problem with the 2 singles till now; kush has a tight beat but with played out weed lyrics, and i need a doctor has nice lyrics and an epic video but a weak beat..i wish that better things come out soon

  2. I'm with you. I want to hear deeper and more real shit from Dre on Detox. Dre has so much more to say than just stupid things about weed and guns. Die hard had pretty good lyrics. Besides the gangsta lyrics are played out.

  3. Topless and Shit popped off songs were awesome, those two had good lyrcis and nice beats. Hopefully we'll hear those someday finished!

  4. We'll never get Shit Popped Off (my favorite leak too) because Amerie took the beat but I was hoping we'll still get Topless thrown in there since we did get two versions.

    I don't know what happened with Dre saying gangsta shit was played out but I agree with everyone else. Get some lyrics speaking some real shit, no grown man almost 50-years-old should be rapping about joints.

  5. Or maybe he doesn't have deeper things to say...

    Maybe people need to stop worshiping Dre(don't you think so uzee?) like he has some ultimate truth. After all, he's just a man who made some records, and those records became famous.

    If you don't want to be disappointed by Detox, perhaps you should consider the fact that Dre not learning much from life since 1999 is a conceivable case.

    And before you call me a hater, U must know that I start listenning to Dre in high school and I still like his old record.
    Just a music fan sharing his point of view.


  6. Dre doesn't write his lyrics so it's a null point to suggest he doesn't have deeper things to say, the problem is he's relying on guys like Slim da Mobster to pen his joints who only wants to be about this shallow gang culture shit. He took credit for writing Kush, didn't he?

    Dre being Dre, it's obvious to me his last album should lyrically be about something deeper than weed and musically much more epic and cinematic because that's what he does best. Then again I don't know if we'll get that even if we deserve it. But it all starts with getting guys who know how to write lyrics, choose lyrics, and have the right ears for which Dre should do musically because he's really like a blank cell that becomes his environment in the studio, so the deeper issue is who he chooses to work with and who he's listening to. Get Slim out of there and fuck all that "I wrote 70% of Detox" shit, I want that scrapped, because it's a joke he hypes up this Detox title but we get Kush, Mr. P, and Drug Test as throwaways or whatever which are about nothing but drugs and club partying. Dre should be over that and not particularly care about selling records with uptempo records, people are going to buy Detox en masse on hype alone, the least he can do is take advantage of that and put out an album with real shit with epic beats to evolve away from this cliche gangsta radio mush. Hopefully that's why he's getting the OG's like DOC and Soopafly in the studio to steer this album back on track to what it should be for both Dre and the fans.

    He can make that epic record if he wants and I can only assume Detox will be great because Dre is making sure it is. Otherwise he would've put it out a long time ago, he's not short on beats or help to do it, but this is a man who takes his time like no other, with an ear for sounds most of us can't even comprehend, crafting and tweaking it like it's the Sistine Chapel so it's all one "perfect" cohesive body of work and the seminal hip-hop album it can easily be. We expect the best because Dre expects the best so I'm not worried so much about disappointment as much as I'm worried about which direction he CHOOSES to go - that's the key thing.

  7. R.e.d. Album sounds like east coast beats from 10 years ago, I think kanye&jz, made,a better album,