Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Detox Cycle: Longtime Dre affiliate Soopafly returns

In this week in "Detox," we bring you the latest developments from the opaque and dank world of Dr. Dre, the West Coast's most indelible sonic icon, weightlifting enthusiast and O.C.D. perfectionist. According to Hip Hop DX, Priest "Soopafly" Brooks, the renowned ex-Death Row keyboardist, has returned to work on the mythologically delayed album from Andre Young.

The news suggests a back-to-basics approach to the construction of the album. After all, reading the rumor-laden Wikipedia page for the album is about as entertainingly byzantine as a Pynchon novel. Here's an abbreviated list of the artists on the record, at one time or another: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Warren G, Mary J Blige, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Raekwon, Ice Cube, Lady Gaga, Just Blaze, R. Kelly Common, Wayne Newton, Lil B, and Big L's ghost.

The last three are not actually true, but they well may be for all we know about "Detox." The first rule of "Detox" isn't don't talk about "Detox," it's tell the world that it's a masterpiece and it's almost finished. That way, journalists write blog posts speculating about the content of the record and thus continue to foster its mythological status and public interest in whatever Dre's doing. (Wait a minute...)

July brought forth the news that Snoop Dogg and the D.O.C. were back in the mix, and now the return of Soopafly (the man who played keyboards on "Natural Born Killaz," Tha Dogg Pound's "Doggfood" and several hundred other records of the post-Death Row years) would seemingly imply that they're throwing their hands in the air and waving them as if they care -- and are very confused about the record's direction. Not so, according to Soopafly, who told DX that "Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, and [me] are making sure it got that finishing touch on it."

Later, Soopafly added that "[Detox] sounds good. I haven't even personally worked on anything yet. Dre's a perfectionist, so he takes his time. But, I listened to a lot of stuff [and] it sounds good. That’s all I’ma say.

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  1. Here is the thing? Is detox going to sound good in 10 years still just like he did with2001.

  2. Soopafly is cool.Hopefully Scott Storch and Soopafly can contribute good beats to Dre. Scott Storch's Shutterbug beat from last year was fresh as fuck. I loved that record!

  3. I don't know man, I'm excited Dre is doing what he should've done in the first place and finishing his last record with the original guys, but all the beats that leak or get put out are coming from DJ Khalil. Storch is at his very best when he's co-producing shit with Dre but Dre isn't making beats like he used to. With 2001 he did everything with Mel-Man but these days he's been buying beats for himself rather than making them, or he's just using Aftermath in-house producers to do what he wants. Everyone you can think of has gotten checks from Dre for contributing beats but I really hope, since Dre isn't actually making beats anymore, that there is some more variety than what we're getting. Khalil is doing consistently dope shit but it would be even better if Detox can get some touches from other guys like Nottz or Storch. "Drug Test" is good (not great) but it seems since that was a mostly finished Detox throwaway that's what we're gonna probably end up getting for the most part.

    The only hope for this Detox joint I can rely on is that Dre is finally listening to DOC and will end up picking the records than Dre relying on pop producers like Alex da Kid for radio hits. You know DOC didn't approve of that shit. I just wish we had more to go by, personally Kush was the tightest song they've put out related to Detox even if Akon sucks (would've preferred Kobe) and the fact Dre wasted a heavy, dramatic, dope ass beat on rapping about weed. INAD is what it is, Die Hard was merely the usual Khalil shit, and Drug Test is about the same. The old leaks like Topless, Shit Popped Off, and Who's Yo Daddy Bitch?! were from the Detox versions that Dre scrapped so don't expect any of those kinds of joints to pop up sadly. I wish Dre kept the supposedly Shit Popped Off version of the album Dre scrapped with that hard WC style groove and keep praying Detox doesn't just end up being DJ Khalil's beats with Dre rapping about drugs and gangsta shit. At this point I got more out of that Ludacris OG's Theme beat than Drug Test or Die Hard.