Sunday, 11 September 2011

Detox promotion to maybe start in November?

A tweeter had asked the D.O.C. if Detox "be released this year or in the first quarter of 2012?" and "when the real promotion for Detox will start?"

His response was "hard to say but one or the other and hold on it's gonna be a cool ride." and that he's guessing the promotion "would be November."

Like i said before, dont get too excited but dont lose hope either : )!/WESTCOASTDOC/status/112271015425482753!/WESTCOASTDOC/status/112541077143162880


  1. He could start promotion in November and drop the thing on December 15. 19th anniversary of The Chronic. And yes, its been 19 years. Keep it going Dre.

  2. As long as he's in there making sure this album has his final touch and guidance we can wait it out a little bit more. A few more months after 7-8 fucking years can't possibly matter at this point so it may as well be as perfect as Dre wants it to be.

    I'm not even tripping on the album itself anymore because they're for sure on it and it'll come when it comes, but it would be nice if there was some sort of promotion picking up and we get at least some snippets or even a new single. Keep in mind I completely doubt anything will happen in 2011. But what pisses me off is when we get something going with Detox as in more information, even vague release dates, and then we go through another 6+ months of absolutely zero information or a word uttered about it like this entire year. That whole 4/20 date "I'm comin' I'm comin'" bullshit was never explained.

    There's no real excuse for Dre not leveling with fans and being real about it, we know he scraps and starts over, we know he shifts his circle on who's writing and guiding this project, we know most people will overreact like idiots as if Dre owes them anything, and we know he's not doing anything more interesting than sitting down tweaking sounds half of us can't even hear in the studio, but at the same time there are real fans putting in a lot of patience and anticipation who would appreciate something of an acknowledgement. Dre has a really bad habit of hyping up shit and disappearing without a trace of anything he's talking about like he's pretending it never happened and it rubs people the wrong way. I don't know what he has against his fans (as in ignoring them) but also seeks to craft the perfect album to appease them as if to say "aha fuck you, say something now" - shit doesn't make sense. After all this time, knowing we'll never ever hear the hundreds of probably dope ass joints that won't make the album, he should give us some throwaways to chew on or something - anything! Shit I'll take whatever he throws out but it comes off like he's making this album to prove something to himself than thinking about the fans. Anyway I don't want to sound like I'm hating on him, I just wish some of us who have waited a long, long time with all the frustrating ups and downs and don't become all bitter about it on the internet can feel some appreciation and get something out of this long ass wait.

  3. Well, then there's the legal aspects as well. If you have 1000 recordings, you have to make deals with the people on the ones that are getting put out. I think the whole thing is going to have a collector's feel to it. There'll be a box set of Chronic, Chronic 2001 and Chronic 2011 out someday. Like we always do about this time. In this day and age, the album cannot stand alone. There needs to be a sort of "west coast" thing going on where there's a massive movement in the music with many artists and companies putting out new sounding music. It probably won't be "west coast" but rather hip-hop/gangsta vs. the rest of the music world type thing. It's about the streets, it's about helping out people by chronicling the realities and even offering solutions. Dre puts out shit that's real. Every album he PRODUCES may not be real, but if it's a Dre album it's going to be real as shit. And you know, there's the election coming up in 2012, there's lots of shit at stake for the streets right now, not to mention all the other standard music biz stuff to deal with, and the general fall in music revenues for the labels to deal with. So, the album is probably done, but the scheme around the album is what needs to be ready before the album drops. Dre is good and Jimmy is good and they aren't fucking around with this. He sold Beats to HTC for 300+ million. If you don't think he had some ideas he had to trash because of money that he can bring back now (like a big tour) you crazy.

  4. If you look at the post count for the blog, you can see that there's been a consistent increase in posts over the past year. There was a peak in Nov/Dec of 2010 when Detox and INAD dropped. Looking back at 2009, November was also the hottest. Xmas is a good time to drop an album. Chronic dropped Dec. 15 as the top poster pointed out. 2001 dropped Nov. 16. So, if we are going to see a Nov. or Dec. date, we should start to see a lot more buzz from them any time now.

  5. I'm feeling the same way! Dre should keep in touch with his fans, so they know what's going on. Nowadays we have got Facebook/twitter and other social platforms where fans could at least get a nice little info from Dre himself.
    I am following this blog for a very long time now. I can't hardly wait till Detox comes out here in Germany. I will go buy it 3 times: 1 for the car, 1 for listening at home, and 1 I won't even open. I will put it on a nice little shelf in my apartment so everyone who comes over will be able to see it! :D Put it out Dre!

  6. i dont know why you guys believe the album is coming out december or january 2012, i mean dre him self said 18 monhs ago that under pressure in 2weeks album the end of the year, and it didnt happen, why would you believe anyone behind a tweet!,as dre says it will come out when he wants it to,the weird thing detox headphones worth 500$ are available to buy but no detox,its like selling a fucking stereo for a car thats not out yet or better a charger for a fucking phone we dont know if it will ever comeout , one thing is sure im not buying the charger eather way !

  7. Nobody should buy Beats/Detox headphones anyway because all of those are way overpriced for what you get. At the same time, Detox is a good brand on hype alone, so I imagine when and if it ever does get put out, the Beats brand will make someone an infinite shitload of money. I wouldn't be surprised if those Detox-branded Beats already sell well. $300 million for his stake on top of the profits he accumulated just for putting his name on and plugging expensive headphones proves the brand is extremely lucrative and will only be much more lucrative when Detox drops. Believe it.

    It's hard to have faith Detox will be out by the 4th quarter even if the last albums were put out by then. Dre moves at such an unbelievably slow pace working on this album (imagine how long he takes to mix everything) it makes little sense it'll all just magically pick up and get put out this fast. I just don't believe that. It's easier to believe when the release is anywhere on the horizon that actual news and promotion will slowly but surely build. Interscope has put A LOT of resources and patience into Dre's album and their shareholders are expecting huge returns from it and milk it for all it's worth. With that said, I would have to logically assume when Dre gives Jimmy even the slightest hint Detox is finalized and almost done with an estimated/safe release deadline that Interscope is going to waste zero time hyping that shit up like nothing else.

    There's no buzz, news, rumors, snippets, anything and we're already approaching the end of September. I wouldn't be surprised to see Detox billboards and advertisements around where I live in the SF Bay Area (I live in Oakland), and that all isn't going to just appear out of thin air between now and December. At least I wouldn't bet on it. Detox is done when it's done, it follows no dynamics of other albums by other artists because Dre is micromanaging something piece by piece relying on a list of talent and picking out the right everything to get a "perfect" album. Jimmy is also executive producing Detox with Dre so you know he has to make back what he expects for their investors and that comes with a lot of promotion.

  8. This seems logical. Slim the mobster has started his promotion with his mixtape War music and it will probably be released during October. After that Dre will start his promotion. Hopefully we will hear Dawaun Parker's the Decision ep too this year! If all these three releases comes this year or in the start of next year it will be a awesome time for westcoast and aftermath!!

    I just hope Eminem doesn't fuck this up with a new album like when relapse and recovery came which postponed Dre's work.

  9. there is some throw backs in mixtapes like detox is comin & detox chronicalz 1 to 5 which u can get from but the shit things is a lot of the same songs r on these albums