Friday, 23 September 2011

Kendrick Lamar - "Detox" Is Getting Mixed

K. Dot swears the album is in the mixing phase and recalls his first session with the West Coast veteran.

Kendrick Lamar has previously spoken on working with Dr. Dre for his elusive Detox, but promises that the near mythical album is on the way. During an interview with Shade 45’s Sway Calloway, K. Dot said that the LP is getting mixed and that he’s unsure of how many songs he wrote will make the final cut.

“Detox is getting mixed. That’s all I can say. It’s getting mixed. I could say anything about Detox, nobody would ever believe me,” he said. “I got a few. I don’t know what’ll stick, as of yet. The creative process is so crazy as far as going in there and narrowing down all these songs. Thousands of songs.”

He also spoke on Dre’s work ethic, explaining that he expects nothing but the best from himself and his collaborators. “Perfection. Dre is the ultimate perfectionist. He’s not scared. He hears sounds that the average human being can’t even equate with the human ear. I’ve been in sessions with him. It’s perfection,” he stated, recalling his first session with Dre. “You know what’s crazy, on some real shit? I thought I’d be nervous as hell. But I walked in that studio and I was ready, 100 percent ready. He greeted me like a regular cat and made me feel comfortable.”

Watch the interview below, as well as a freestyle he performed on the show.

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  1. i cant believe no one has commented on this yet. I check google news about 4 times a day for dre news and i think this is the biggest news in a while. if hes mixing it that means he is trying to make more songs and finish that shit .

  2. If it really is getting mixed then I'd say it willmbe a Christmas release

    However not getting my hopes up

  3. ^^ i think because like Big R said - we dont want to get our hopes up.

  4. if hes mixing it its already done! christmas release is also smart

  5. We've heard this before. At least if you've followed this since last year. So, I have my doubts but I have my hopes too, but it's Detox: doubts win. Just as they have the last handful of times people get jumpy about its release.

    Plus when it comes to Dre, the way he works and the standards he has, mixing wouldn't logically come to mind as something that he does quickly. Shit this guy takes months on a single joint he didn't even make in the first place tweaking so many sounds that dogs can't even hear the decibels. Then he throws them out and works on something else; this man isn't in a rush to do anything, it's like he's used a magic power to derive all his muscle mass from making you guys anticipate this shit before he lets you down.

    Kendrick is also saying something everyone next to Dre has said before at some point. Snoop said Detox was done in '08 and Slim said it was done in '09. You have to remember Kendrick knows shit about Detox except for whatever he came in to work on in the studio and that's it. Even he admits he has no clue what if anything he did will make the cut, and that's the way it is for everyone. Only Dre knows whether anything is in the same galaxy as "almost finished" so take Kendrick's words with a grain of salt.

    BUT! Let's say Kendrick is right whether he knows or he's just a good guesser. If the songs are chosen, the vocals are done, everything is final, and Dre is honestly up to the mixing then it's really the final stretch. The only thing that can push the album back even more is if Dre changes his mind and wants to alter shit and remember this: Detox is a jenga tower about to fall. If one piece doesn't fit, the whole thing isn't going to stand on its own and that's been the game for years for whatever reason. So let's hope if it is in mixing that this is it because Dre has DOC and those OG's assurance rather than just his own second-guessing and maybe we'll finally see this shit fourth quarter and get some promotion pushed out already! Throw us a legitimate, real Detox single and maybe, just maybe, I'll believe it's coming.

  6. This is the first Detox news I've believed in 2 years.

  7. If its in its mixing stage then it outta be out before the end of the year Damn I remember back in early December I think was when I heard the I need a Doctor leak. Its almost going on a year without any Dre material (don't forget the 1:30m of Die Hard) That was a tight track I hope we get the full track. I am a really big Dre fan But what disappoints me is the way he's been handling things with his fans. We haven't heard a word from him ever since the XXl interview and when he said he was only 1 or 2 tracks away then he will start the mixing process That was back in December 2010 I think also . I would just like to hear about the album's status. I don't care how long it takes I think as a true fan and customer , I've bought the headphones and all his albums some of them 2x copies, He could give us some updates instead of everyone else speaking on it. Also I don't understand why 50s new album would feature tracks produced by Dre and there isn't any on the Red album .. Interesting Maybe 50 can make a comeback but I am looking more forward to Dre's album than his and also another Eminem album Can I get some feedback from anyone on this Also Iwas watching a documentary on Deathrow Records the other night and it was showing clips from the making of the original Chronic . It mentioned that alot of the artists were in the studio at the time none stop sometimes all night till dawn trying to get that thing done . Alot of the artists did not have money{they were hungry} so there was alot of motivation to get the album done} Maybe there is just not that hunger anymore to get this thing done right. I think that's what made the first Chronic so good. Lets hope Dre get's that hunger back.

  8. damn ive seen alot of hate on dre and detox on many websites, its like after he did the chronic, people said he fell off, or else he wouldnt release Forgot About Dre, and these days many people actually look that they forgot about dre. For those who cant wait anymore and are statring to assume and guess and talk alot of bullshit, relax, detox will come out whenever it comes out, and besides, u think dre or any other famous person gives a shit about his fans? haha.. i mean the guy has millions and has done classics so he has nothing to proove. being a perfectionist like dre will make things take a very long time. u think dre just plays a beat, gets in the booth and sing some shit? dre is working with other producers, has lots of ghostwriters, and hes working with lots of artists, theres probably 1 song with like 20 verses sang by various artists he has to choose from, and as i said, hes a perfectionsit..and things have always been changing; working on the album and having it ready then stopping to work with other artists, then the one with bishop lamont which got shelved because lamont left the label, and probably the one which was supposed to out by february this year but he started doubting again till he got reunited with the real OG's and now we can say hes on the right track...dont forget the guy has a family to take care of and he lost a son in 2008, the headphones, lawsuits, hitting the gym with probably steroids haha, and ofcourse, working on other projects with other artists... everything is different now, he isnt just hanging around in compton and hitting the studio because he has nothing else to do like it was in the chronic days, shit changed..i mean i was really looking forward for many projects that got cancelled like bishop lamont's album, and before that hittman's album, rakim, nwa reunion, and busta rhymes' second album (on aftermath)along many other projects that got shelved, cancelled, and maybe still in the making..just check aftermath's history, they had like 15 artists who got signed and spent years, then left without realsing at least 1 i just hope that hes actually on the right track and that the album is really getting mixed, with og's like snoop and doc and others that he worked with before, along with the youth power of kendrick and probably slim da mobsta, with ofcourse eminem, game, 50 cent, and the rest of the aftermath staff, things can really turn out to be great, just..dont hate.....

  9. Feedback? Fuck an Eminem album or anything else for that matter and just get Detox done and throw that shit out already. It isn't the Bible or the Qu'ran inspired by the hand of God or any of that bullshit it's just going to be another album in the end. Pick the tracks, finalize the recording, and just mix it down, turn it in, call it a day. The times when we can forgive the wait and sit around a campfire hyping this up over and over clapping our hands with stupid smiles is long gone and everyone is so tired of this already. Dre needs to just pick the joints he can stand by which he has enough of already; nobody with more than a handful of brain cells can possibly believe this dude doesn't already have 10 albums worth of classic material hot enough to melt the WTC down more than the airplanes. He's sat on his ass for almost a decade and for real, this is mainstream hip-hop music, this isn't James Joyce's last masterpiece of literature.

    Whatever 50 has on his record are Detox throwaways which he's been riding on ever since his first album. Game had no Dre tracks on RED because Game and Jimmy set the FINAL deadline for August (presumably) before Carter IV and Dre didn't get around to finish mixing "Dead People" or whatever else we were expecting. End of story. If anything it's whatever, either Dre is really that lazy or he's busy working on his joints and I prefer to believe the latter if I believe my eyes and see DOC in the studio. Every Dre album is a team effort and of course Chronic is a classic because they had hungry, talented dudes contributing whatever they could under Dre's direction. Dre is still hungry to perfect Detox because in another way, he has to surpass expectations, he has to bang out his legacy, and he has to prove that he's spent the last decade mastering his craft to the limit focused on that shit. Otherwise this guy could've easily charge $500,000+ per beat the last ten years just to put his name on it and be comfortable not giving a shit. He made Chronic and 2001. But as much as I bitch about Dre on this blog, I respect this man because I know he's doing Detox because he's hungry to bring the WC back and take it to the level we've not yet been and that's a good thing. The only thing is whether or not it's up to his standards and if he's really mixing it then we lucked out. Perfectionists like Dre aren't going to do whole albums at their age with their reputation, their name, and their money unless it surpasses their last work at every level imaginable for the sake of the art. He owes us nothing but he's gonna give us the best and it's worth the wait knowing DOC and the old crew is in that studio co-signing what they hear and they were brought back by Dre to make sure he's got it right.

    If it's coming by the end of the year I'll be very fucking surprised. October is next week and Interscope has nothing to say about it, no promotion, no news, ho hints, no snippets, no nothing. It's done when it's done - there's no such thing as "almost done" with Detox. Forgive my rambling.