Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tito Lopez 'voice of the underdog' showing Dre his skills


  1. Stat Quo And Sly is also in the video, pretty cool beat

  2. props to whoever gave the link

  3. I wonder now if we'll EVER see Detox if Dre just seems to be scouting the entire planet for potential talent to use for the album. I can appreciate being patient if it means we'll get a much more perfected album (god knows I have waited a long ass time mostly patient until earlier this year) but Dre has no focus on what he wants Detox to be and much more focused on making it "perfect" by mixing and producing everyone's contributions until the end of time. Going by that way is a virtual guarantee it'll never be released because nothing will ever be perfect or even even worth the wait. He wants to make it worth it for us and he's been working but it's about that time he gets over it and just puts it out. He's not short on material.

    At some point you have to conceptualize and know what you actually want. An anal perfectionist that doesn't know what he wants and relies on others equals an album that will never be truly "finished" in that they will be eternally "working on it". Because Dre has depended on everyone else for submissions and contributions for the past 8 years so he can build on them (which is really his talent), with Detox having been scrapped enough times and knowing that Dre probably has 3-5 classic albums' worth of material already, isn't there a point he sits down and decides "this is what Detox should be" and finishes it? Otherwise he'll never really be finished and I think that's the syndrome Detox is suffering from.

    This guy Tito in the video is dope and the beat is sick but I think it's been more than enough time for Dre to develop a concept and produce the material to manifest it. He's obsessed with tweaking everything until it's deified in this musical way as if perfection will just slowly come with enough time and work. It didn't take MJ ten years to make and release Thriller and it's a pretty short album too, but it's a classic because it had impeccable production, songwriting, and talent - all things Dre has or has access to. Point is you have to know what you want first and then do what it takes to bring it to life. Detox never comes close to being finished even if it's been completed a handful of times because Dre doesn't know what he wants yet demands perfection. How can you perfect an idea you don't have or understand yet?

  4. ^That might be his dilemma, or it might be something else. I personally am getting hope from the idea that dre might be waiting for the right time to release the album at this point. As alot of contributers have pointed out dre has had a tendency to release albums in the fourth quarter of the year. As it is obvious dre will not be releasing the album in the summer as we previously have hoped, that seems like the most likely sinerio. I picture dre releasing a single in september or or october to get some mainstream steam again and then releasing the album in october or early november. If this doesn't happen, then we can expect the album to either be released either in 2012 or never. For now we just have to wait. It is agonizing but i still have some faith that this album will be released. For now we just have to wait and see. hang in there people.

  5. holy shit....the beat is sick!!!!!!!!!! Dre is back! (Hopefully...)

  6. the beat is fuckin fire!!!!

    Anyone got a download link?

  7. Checking this forum out after hearing on the grapevine,

    Second post is right on the money.
    Enough searching. Just finish a god damn song!

    I've been producing hip-hop for the last 15 yrs and I've been in the loop of trying to perfect an LP completely. And you know what, it doesnt happen. Even after my beats are released. There's always something I find about it that I think..."Damn...if only I tweaked this or that". Fuck. Why did let that goto master?".

    Perfection is not possible mentally.
    What's one's version of perfection. May not be yours. That's the Game.

    Don't matter if it was a hit or not.

  8. I agree with the post above. Dre's done or almost done the album and is waiting for the perfect time to release. I dont believe he's looking for any new artists for detox. At the end of the day, he's a producer though. He's always going to be scouting new talent for whatever projects. This video has no mention of detox so we're jumping to conclusions. And this i think has been the problem surrounding detox for so many years. People make assumptions when they lack information and Detox is music's best kept secret. We've heard leaked tracks, rumors and speculations about detox for years now and only recently have we got any kind of official news about it. But I know dre knows what he's doing. People forget he's Dr.Dre, he's the best hip hop producer in the world, a smart business man and a millionaire many times over. People are becoming impatient and theres always going to be haters but no one can deny the man makes amazing music. Either way, it looks like dre's got a bunch of new talent and some material coming out soon which is good news

  9. I don't think Dre has it ready and is waiting for the perfect time because the past has proven that wrong. Dre has been done and scrapped a handful of times already and that's a plain fact. Dre supposedly finished Detox with Bishop, he finished with Slim da Mobster (when Slim said "Detox is done" and Dre confirmed he was a step away from mixing), and before that he was giving away his Detox beats to 50 Cent and Game when they were coming up. It's also no secret the entire hip-hop industry has put in their contributions toward Detox for almost a decade and there's no reason to believe that hasn't stopped. This guy has endless material we'll never hear and guys like Snoop have all said the delay is because Dre simply hasn't reached the point where he's satisfied with it to stop working on it. He's still working on it too, I promise you. Part of me, after waiting and following this shit fairly closely for a while, feels like this isn't going to be done anytime soon either (if ever).

    There hasn't been any real news about Detox in a long while. The only real "official" shit you can count are the songs he's officially put out and the last one was a snippet of "Die Hard" during a boxing match. Everything else Dre himself has claimed about Detox has either never happened or never came up again. Dre is working on it. But I stand by my point, I feel like Dre has no real focus on Detox conceptually but rather he's focused on creating "perfection" - which doesn't exist as the other poster wisely elaborated. Detox has evolved and morphed throughout the years and knowing Dre's production style, I guarantee it has everything to do with who is around him and who he's working with, which we know has had its ups and downs with a lot of different guys like the two I named above. Dre doesn't know what Detox is yet because it's obviously a cohesive body of work, and if it's not 100% completed, then none of it is. People saying Dre is done and finished and waiting to release it just doesn't make sense to me because I've paid attention and logic dictates the opposite is going on here.

    Dre is a master producer and I respect him all the way but he's balked and fumbled Detox plainly because he isn't the kind of producer that builds up a record by scratch. He builds off others' work and like an alchemist he can turn coal into gold. With that said, with the leaks we've heard over the years, there's an obvious big difference in sound and concept. Dre has worked closely with different artists and Aftermath protoges who have ghostwritten and directed Detox to their style. Dre should be less obsessed with perfection and pleasing everyone and start getting his shit together by realizing the sort of impact he wants Detox to have, and that starts with trusting his own senses and FOCUSING on the concept he wants to take to the next level. He isn't infallible. He isn't perfect. But he is the best and it's long fucking due he decides what he wants before he expects perfection to just grow organically from aimless producing and directionless tweaking.


  11. the beat sounds just like check me out by lloyd banks.

  12. The majority of detox fans are impatient

    Detox is gonna be the end of the chronic trilogy in terms of greatness and professionalism. Give the Doc a break because he isn't a Real Dr (no one is gonna die if he takes forever to operate).

    At the end of the day he hasn't gotta do shit, but the truth is he is doing something... hes doing what he does best and that's because hes the best at it.

    The beauty of it is he wont be phased by selfish people that cant wait for the album cus they have to be somewhere.

    Anyone who doesn't think "Kush" and "I need a dr" and "Die hard" should be on the final Album is entitled to their own opinion but personally that shit is dope and had they of been on the previous chronic albums they would have been dope then too.

    He can do whatever he wants and That makes him the coolest producer There is.

  13. He can do whatever he wants but he doesn't even know what he wants when it comes to his own material, precisely because it's other people that are producing and writing it in the first place. I can't think of any Detox leak or single that someone else didn't produce.

    He's a dope producer but Dre is also flawed because nothing justifies this long for an album or waiting an eternity for one record. This whole "he's a perfectionist" rhetoric is bullshit. There's a difference between perfectionism and indecisive tweaking. It doesn't take 10 years to make a hip-hop album when the only official material we get at the end is a weed smoking song and another song he's barely on and didn't make. He's always been helped by guys behind the curtain like D.O.C. or Mike Elizondo to focus on that signature sound and produce those classic records. If you want to deny it, go ahead, but it's true. Dre relies on others to spin his gold from straw and without the right people at the right time giving him what he needs is probably the biggest reason Detox just never seems to get finished even though it's been "done" a handful of times over.

  14. "At the end of the day he hasn't gotta do shit, but the truth is he is doing something..."

    That's what Dre thinks alright. And that is shittin' on the people who bought his record.
    The consumers are the people who made hium the income he has! How can you say you dont have to do shit when the whole reason you become an artist is to give some people what you have. If they respect you in buying your music then you should give a shit about them. Without them doing that you wouldn't be wearing your gold chains and driving your white custom built Bently.

    Lost respect for Dre along time ago.
    He is just black man signed to a white label (interscope).
    Exactley the opposite of what Deathrow Records stood for, and every other independant black label.

  15. Everyone should check out Kendrick Lamars song hiiipower. I think this is the direction detox is going.
    Good quote I read that pretty much sums up how to save hop hop:

    Good rap needs to be political. Good rap needs to talk about society. Good rap needs to matter.

  16. Kendrick is doing it right but I fear he'll sign up with Aftermath and rely on Dre to put him out only to languish like everyone else before him.