Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ex aftermath producer Focus talks about Dre, Detox and Aftermath

This is only part of the interview, where he talks about Dre.  Full interview link below.

DX: Did you and Dre part on good terms?

Focus...: Yeah we were together for seven, almost eight, years and we were working on the same projects. We were working on Detox. After so many years people were asking how it was sounding as no one else had heard it. I felt like I was talking about a myth that wasn’t in existence. Some people had heard the leaked tracks and they were now hearing Dre talk about it so now it is probably coming to fruition.

But I was there in the early stages and it started to get frustrating to sit there, going day in and day out, working on a project that was not seeing the light of day. So it was easier for me to go off on my own and make my own music as I had neglected so many things; my family, myself, other genres of music and I was just sitting there, focused on making things for Dre and it just got frustrating. Before I did anything where it wouldn’t have been cool between Dre and myself, I just told him I appreciated everything he had done, but it was time to go and do something for myself.

DX: Do you feel that’s what the expectations were or are of you?

Focus...: Yeah, as when you look at a lot of the fans who follow me, and I call them family, a lot of my family are avid listeners and they always make the comparison that Dr. Dre is better than Focus... or Focus... is better than Dr. Dre or that Dr. Dre needs Focus... and it is something I am never going to get away from. I will never be able to get people to avoid putting my name and Dre’s in the same sentence and that gets frustrating.

DX: But with that being said, does being branded with Dre and having been under the Aftermath umbrella for so long, does that have something to do with what you are feeling now?

Focus...: I feel that working with Dr. Dre, I had the joy and pleasure of working with on of my main mentors. I got to build relationships that I wouldn't have been able to build and it definitely opened doors for me that wouldn't have been easily opened on my own. So I do appreciate everything Dre and Aftermath did for me. I’d never say anything other than that. Bit it is very hard when all you what to make is music and I could have probably done the same thing if I was telling everyone that my father was Bernard Edwards from Chic. I tried my best to do it on my own so I could survive on my own.

A lot of people don't liken their careers to their lives and they don't liken that a successful career comes from a successful personal life. I get all my inspiration from my family. I know when all is said and done that if I was to never sell another track, my family is still going to love me and accept me for who I am, so I am still somebody.

DX: Do you see yourself with a credit on Detox?

Focus...: No. One thing I thought and took it to the bank was when Dre said to me, "You know Foc, this album can’t come out without one from you on there," and I was like "This is Dre saying this," and I thought if I was to send him something he will find something we can build on and work on it. I invited him to Atlanta to sit with me in the studio and he was all for it, but it never came to fruition. I lost heart after that and I don’t want to just sit here sending him beats. Maybe there is an ounce of ego in there, who knows but I did say to him, “I am the most separated from your project than anyone, I need to know where you are trying to get to.”

DX: No hard feelings?

Focus...: None whatsoever. If it weren’t for Dre and Aftermath my career wouldn't be what it is. I would love to work with him again.

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