Monday, 11 July 2011

Kendrick Lamar touches on Detox again

While  the main focus was on his Section80 album, he had also been asked about Detox.  

Are you tired about people asking about the Dr. Dre shout-out yet?

No, I’m not tired of it. It’s an accomplishment, I’m blessed for a West Coast legend that I always looked up to acknowledge my work. But what I don’t want people to misunderstand is that you’re hearing Kendrick Lamar’s name because Dr. Dre said it. This is something I’ve been building from the ground up since I was sixteen. I’ve been putting out music, and in order for him to even say my name he had to hear the music first, the same [way] everybody else did.

Do you have any Detox secrets you can reveal?

Aw, no, I can’t reveal no Detox secrets! He gon’ be mad at me. Just know the shit is classic. It’s fucking incredible.

Really? Because the singles haven’t inspired much hope.

Right yeah, I see the people saying that but they won’t be disappointed once they hear the album.

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  1. thanks to A, again

  2. Is A the new version of S? lol...What's with all of the Alphabet squad members.....

  3. honestly why cant they eep their mouth shut until there is actually something to talk about

    incredible! of course, says who?

  4. The more I see interviews where people defend Detox by hyping it up as "incredible" or whatever, the more I'm now starting to think they need to say that. A lot of famous rappers or producers affiliated with Dre here and there have spoken up about Detox being this banging work of art since forever but we never actually get any evidence of this unless you think Kush is as good as it gets (I enjoy Kush, it's dope, but I expect better than a middle-aged man still rapping about weed). The interviewers who bring it up are asking and saying the right shit though - if Detox is so next-level then why are the singles so uninspiring and make it hard to believe this? It's hard to swallow that Dre is fine tuning the Sistine Chapel of hip-hop albums yet we're only getting mediocrity ~just because~ for no reason.

    To me this interview is the final proof of my suspicions, Kendrick's last answer is this bewildered "oh, yeah, right, well uh yeah I also hear/know the singles aren't that great but believe me the album is super amazing anyway (just not what you heard)". Yeah alright man, that makes sense. Simple answer is these people can't say anything but praise for Dre or what he does because he's a gatekeeper (you don't diss a man like Dre that can end your career with his mood by willing it or put you on top with a simple shout-out) and Dre isn't going to take being criticized in public. Common sense, can't blame them, who in their right mind would say ANYTHING bad about Detox if you rely on Dre to push you up?

    If Detox drops someday soon, which I still doubt is within our galaxy, don't get me wrong, I'll be spinning that shit nonstop. But there is a threshold after waiting 7-8 years like I have that you figure you're tired of hype, even if it makes you feel like it's worth it, but you need something to go on. I'm an atheist, not big on faith shit, and for all these years and years of talk it's getting old. Some leaks were dope years ago but we don't even get good leaks anymore, we get "Mr. Prescription" which was embarrassing to listen to. That's Detox though, can't take it seriously anymore, if it drops then it drops, and we'll move the fuck on. We'll enjoy it but we'll also realize it wasn't worth even half the wait. Thanks for letting me ramble.

  5. the good thing of this interview was when he got asked about lack of inspiration from the recent singles/tracks.

  6. For real, I think it's about time people who get interviews with Snoop, Kendrick, Slim, or whomever is in Dre's circle need to start being real about it and bringing these things up. We know none of them can say anything about Detox other than "oh yeah it's amazing shit" but I wish they would tell us why it's amazing; give us details on finished records you know of, tell us what musical direction Dre is going in, who's still involved or in the studio with Dre, these are things that are interesting. Snoop was real when he talked about Dre in that radio interview not long ago and I wish people weren't so scared and just spoke up. These guys probably know a lot about Detox behind the scenes if they're there but Dre has them on a leash.

    Even Slim is disappearing and his mixtape is nowhere in sight. Now I'm wondering if he's even as involved with Detox as he was before.

  7. bredrin again chill i take kendrick lemar word over anybody any day his section 80 album is a classic i want him all over detox just like how hitman was all over2001. snoop said that because hewas just jealous of not been around dre, but slim tweeted thatdoc was in the studio with dre so i guess he is selecting the tracks , stop acting like a girl chill.

  8. And for the poster above who said Slim is disappearing....he did just get out of jail you know. Sure that has SOMETHING to do with it. And if you go to his blog (Uzee has link on right hand side of page) it shows a poster of Slim promoting his miztape LISTENING party july 22nd at some place in Cali. So its obviously somewhere in sight

    - J

  9. The new kendrick lamar album is a masterpiece, hopefully he is a big part of detox, he is better than slim the mobster

  10. oh yeah as for dre working with current producers its not a bad idea because if one thinks analytically dre needs to atleast know what the current generation likes plus he is big enough to have his own producers although for detox i mostly want dre beats lol. do you remember uzee when dre g funk era ruled for 6 years lol every producer was sampling his style