Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Detox Cycle: Dre & Snoop back together again

Dr. Dre is all alone. All of the great mythologically delayed records have been released. Guns N' Roses' "Chinese Democracy," Chef Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2," the Who's "Lifehouse," all for sale on the open market in some form.

No tears need be shed for Andre Young, who is selling headphones and soda and cars in steroidal numbers. Occasionally, he drops a single that receives radio play but that no one really seems to like. And he toils on to make "Detox." Endlessly, so we're told. Even though the first rule of "Detox" is that you don't talk about "Detox." However, when you ask anyone off the record who has heard the project, they will assure you of its excellence with a weird Benedictine reverence.

What Dre really needs is someone following him around to make the hip-hop "Lost in La Mancha." Unfortunately, that will never happen. So we mainly get a series of awkward interviews done by someone shoving a camera into Dre's face at an opportune moment. According to the news from the latest interview, Snoop and Dre are back working in the studio together.

If you'll recall past "Detox" drama, earlier this summer Dre and Snoop had a falling-out that led to Snoop criticizing Dre's work habits. But the new video finds the pair hanging out and giving the cosign to Watts rapper Jay Rock. Dre offers high praise for Jay Rock's new record, "Follow Me Home," with a series of unprintable phrases, while Snoop chimes in: "You've been stamped. Now you've been approved. Now go do what you do." 

As for Dre doing what Dre does, expect more delays. On the Detox Cycle, we are back to where we began. Unless we aren't and at this very moment Dre is putting the finishing polish on the album's capstone track. But I doubt it.


  1. Fuck that la times asshole he don't know the deal. He's no better then any fan speculating.

  2. ^I agree... What the fuck does he know?

  3. I still bet the LA times writer is right anyway.

    If Dre was even close to being finished we would have something to go by; all we've gotten since the last couple anticipated dates came and went has been NOTHING which any half-awake moron can figure means Detox is nowhere near being finished. The last time we heard about the Whoo Kid mixtape was the fact it's supposed to exist someday and that's it. Before we would have leaks, new songs, new information, new word from people connected to Detox, and even music videos. If we have absolutely zero, it most likely means Dre scrapped Detox again after changing his mind about what he had and has started back from zero. Anticipating Detox was never that bad when actual news would come here and there and you can count on something leaking to keep the word going among the fans. We're working with nothing and I highly doubt Dre is tweaking any finishing touches on anything but the chair his ass sits on in the studio. Thus the LA Times writer probably has it right.