Wednesday, 13 July 2011

50Cent - Interscope has to bank on its marquee artists before Detox

The G-Unit general, who appeared alongside Tony Yayo and Shawty Lo, explained that Interscope has to bank on its marquee artists - which will prove to be worth it when Dr. Dre drops Detox.

“Look, unless you feel like going to make a new artist, you already shot the Em gun twice. And then you’ve got Dre, Dre’s project’s going to come. He’s got some heat. The Detox record, it will prove to be satisfying when they actually get to it. The things they put out wouldn’t be my choices off of it, but the things that I heard in the studio made me excited,” he continued. “Dre got material in there that reflects Chronic. If you like that record at all... To me, the ‘I Need a Doctor’ was an Em record and not a Dr. Dre joint. It’s cool.”


  1. well this is some good news.. nice.

  2. to tony yayo there is a big difference between a loyalty and a dick, you my friend yayo. your the biggest 50 cend dick rider ever.

    50 cent and Game atleast should squash the beef.
    50 cent and Game were the best duo



  4. ^^ lol old article which i had already covered a day before back in February. thanks anyway.

  5. They took bucks pool lmao