Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Silence before the noise?

Firstly, the comments/discussions on this blog are about Dr Dre/Detox.  Any other comments outside this topic (including sports) have/will be deleted.  there are plenty of other communities where you can discuss other topics.  

Yes, the dre/detox discussions have died down, that's because we have maybe discussed most things about detox thoroughly (thanks to the great, meaningful, lengthy comments/discussions), specifically the previous 2 releases from Dre.  I understand fans maybe dont want to discuss the same topics again and again, go round in circles.

Any meaningful topics about Dre are welcome.

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  1. here we go next dre single

  2. The long-awaited Detox, trIck
    ‘Cause maybe I don’t wanna sTop, maybe I don’t wanna quit
    Maybe I like hoeS, maybe I don’t want a wife, maybe I’m psycho
    Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m strapped right now, just maybe
    Maybe it’s a relapse, maybe I’m high right now, where the weed at?
    Maybe this is ER, maybe I’m a real doc and this is CPR
    Maybe we need to breathe some life in this shit
    Maybe we are the life of this shit
    Maybe I’m a fiend, back for another hit
    Or maybe I’m just crazy (Crazy)
    What they say? (What they say?)
    Sak pase (Sak pase)
    La pude (La pude)

    Dre, I think I need my sponsor

    I’m just outta contro-o-ol
    Maybe I got hoes, every little city I go, like Paco
    We tryna grow, but I just can’t seen her
    I’m havin’ trouble cleanin’ up, I’m like FEMA
    All these little haters got me back with the nina
    Got me bringin’ guns to work, Gilbert Arenas
    Unh, I don’t know if it’s the Goose talkin’
    But you know they say the liquor get your truth talkin’
    Maybe I should be somewhere in the group talkin’
    I’m addicted to coupes and takin’ roofs off ‘em
    I’m addicted to watches, Heckler and Koches
    Them bow-legged girls from the projects
    It’s Bed-Stuy in this bitch (Bed-Stuy!)
    Dre, what’s up? (detox is never gonna come)
    I’m in this party, I’m up to no good
    And I should be duckin’ these clubs, Tiger Woods

    I smoke (I smoke)
    I drink (I drink)
    I’m supposed to stop, but I can’t
    Nigga, don’t ask why (Ask why)
    I get high (I get high)
    I’m just livin’ my mo’fuckin’ life
    So what? I’m drunk (I’m drunk)
    And I’m a weedhead (Weedhead)
    And I’ma treat every day like the weekend
    Headfirst off the deep end
    Yeah, you know what’s happenin’
    I’m just relapsin’

  3. Aye uzee. U should create a post where we can comment about what our ideal detox album would sound like. As well as collabs, technical aspects, sound, subject matter, song lay out, or post epic ideas tht nObody else is really doin which could b implemented (example... Make a song with an unheard Eazy E/biggie/Pac verse... This 1 is a stretch but u get the idea or 50 n game takin shots @ each other like a battle rap, dre sets em in their place and they squash their beef). I know people have touched on this but who knows who reads this. Maybe if some legit expectations are layed out... People can put their energy/passion for dre's music to productive use. Up to u... From what I see u won't make a post about this which is fine... But u have nothing else worth saying at the moment. Give a chance for the fans to clear the air and specify what they picture as extraordinary and worth purchasing. DEFINE the boundaries between what is antisapointment/Game changing.

  4. ^ Thats actually a pretty good idea.

  5. thats a good idea, i will make this kind of post soon. Maybe tomorrow.

  6. yeah a perfect song would drdre and dj yella producing ice cube,drdre and mc ren rapping annd unrealesed eazy e verse that would be a perfect ending to the album

  7. uzee do u think detox coming april?

    deep down i know u dont think it will come this year/ever

  8. i dont know when it will come out. but like others have said, waiting a little longer is nothing, as we have been waiting since 2around 2004, when i first herd about it.

  9. Dr. dre feat. jay z and beyonce????

  10. Uzee.... if you had any connection/understanding of the west coast scene, you would have already posted by now that one of the WC greats has passed away!


    But, you from Canada.

  11. You really have to wonder if Dre is going to put any of Nate's voice on Detox like I always hoped, you know, it would be meaningful to a lot of us fans to hear his voice one last time on Dre's last record, especially now that he's passed away. Since he's been working on it since '03, he would've had years to get some of Nate's vocals on anything, and if not, that's fucking shameful. It wouldn't be a true Dre or West Coast album without him.

    Nate is an irreplaceable legend, R.I.P.!

  12. DrDRe would be a fool to not have nate dogg on his album

  13. Yeh, doub it. Dre shoved him off over the years. That one record he did for him on Nates 'Music & Me' was horrible. Production was terrible.

    Nate wasn't happy with Dre. Nate dogg was an important part of Dethrow Records rise. And Dre put him on the backburner just like the rest.

    If he's on their, it's now due to the tragic circumstances.