Thursday, 3 March 2011

DJ Khalil Tells All: Story Behind 'Kush' record

DJ Khalil: “I had this vocal of Kobe saying, ’Hold up, wait a minute.’ I had that line and I saved it for like a year because I knew it could be a dope club record for whoever. I remember I was in the studio and I was playing the vocals, and Dre was like, 'Yo, who is that?' I was like, ’That's Kobe.’ And he was like, 'Yo, that's a hit already.' So I just started making the beat around it. We recorded another hook before they put Akon on it, and another singer named Blackthoven did the bridge. So we had a bunch of parts to it and I sent it over to Dre. I still have the text in my phone where Dre was like, 'Yo, this ’Kush’ beat is incredible!' He was really excited about it because he knew it was just a good party record. I'm not really known for [party records], but that was my attempt for Dre. He just wanted a buzz single. So I worked on that for a minute. We tried so many hooks on that. That record went through so many stages.

“We actually sped it up because it was much slower [originally]. But Dre was like, 'We gotta speed the joint up.' I remember Dre invited me to the studio and he was like, 'Yo, I want you to come listen to the record.' So I listened to it and he gave me a copy of it. There was just so many things he added to it, I was like, ’Wow, it doesn't even sound like the record anymore.’ [Laughs.] I was so married to the original one. Dre and I never argue, but I was like, ’I don't know man about the new hi-hats. I don't know man. Maybe you should give me a shot at mixing it.’ He gave me a shot at mixing it, but we ended up going with his mix because he knows how to mix for radio. I don't really know how to do that, so I learned a really important lesson: Dr. Dre knows what he's doing. [Laughs.]

”I've been at Aftermath for so long, when Dre first signed me he was already talking about Detox. I was like, ’Detox? What is that?’ And he was like, 'That's my next album.' There's a lot of stuff they've recorded to. I've worked on a few and I don't even know how many [will make the album] because I'm out of the loop. I kinda pop up, give Dre music, and then vanish back into my cave again. That's why I try not to speak on the album, it's not my place. I don't know what he's gonna end up using [on the album], so I don't really wanna speak on that. I don't wanna give some information that might upset anybody, especially Dre. I'm from the West Coast and I'm one of Dre’s biggest fans. I own everything Dre's ever done, even his swap meet mixtapes. I have all that stuff. So to actually have his blessing on Detox and to be working with him on his album is insane to me.”

"I learned a really important lesson: Dr. Dre knows what he's doing."

Looks like Dre did have some involvement with this track afterall.

Source and full article, in which he discusses other previous records a produced for, including Eminem, Kayne West, Game, Nas and more.


  1. Hopefully negative folks will learn more about Aftermath producer DJ Khalil.

  2. this is such bullshit, all these people talking about detox and they dont know if there on it or not, uzee stop posting this bullshit, its the same old stuff, untill we get release dates

  3. just because similar news appear does not mean i will stop posting it.

    It may not be useful to you, but it could useful to others.

    And the point of this article isnt the 2nd half, its the first half where we get an insight into the process of 'kush'.

  4. (Laughing) Useful to others....people need to get a life...including me! I'm tired of following this bullshit...its like an endless cycle of bullshit...jeezus what year is it anyway? It all sounds the same to me...

  5. uzee i quote u when i say
    fuck me dre in the ass

  6. If you, pussy haters, don't give fuck about detox than why you're still visiting site...? Go cry somewhere else

  7. ^^exactly,

    why haters even spending time here if the dont care. Pretty lame and sad if u ask me.

    Like uzee said, some of u aint even getting this article or focussnign on the key parts. I think it's pretty interesting how Khalil and Dre worked on it.

    Props Uzee for this monster blog.

  8. uzee why the fuck do u defend everything dre and interscope do, think for yourself, dont just accept all the bullshit

    i need a doctor is the biggest pile of shite i have ever heard

  9. im not a hater, i want to hear the album too, but im sick of all this bullshit about detox from random producers/lil kim etc

    and i have been a dre fan since world class wreckin crew, im sorry but INAD is the worst thing DRE has ever done, its terrible

  10. ^^ Agree that INAD is wack musically but I guess the intentions was to reel in Em's young fanbase to sell more. Shrewd business move but Detox will suffer.

  11. To all haters, no one is forcing you to visit this site. Talk ish when you hear the album.

    To Uzee, when Detox releases i.e. leaks first, will this blog become a Detox forum cos it will be no longer a secret.

    P.S. More Detox talk.

  12. This site is losing it's edge......Sad but true...

    detox is going to fail if it dosen't see the light of day soon....

  13. uzee listen to this
    tell me what you think

  14. How can DJ Khalil say he had a line of "Hold Up wait a minute" and hung onto it for a year when Nate Dogg done did that shit 10yrs ago??????

    What bulshit. That article is bulshit. Another sucka producer used. He's a DJ for shit's sake!

  15. People need to chill. If your gonna rip every post then why continue to to get on this site. People need to just be patient. The album is seeing the light of day. Enjoy the anticipation while it lasts. We are all on the same boat. I have been patiently waiting years for this album to drop. I admit HIP HOP sucks these days. I want to have something new to listen to. Ya it sucks that this album has been delayed for so long but I'm sure there is a reason. Did you ever consider the shit Andre Young has had to go through this past year. And to compare this to the Chinese Democracy. Having no Slash is like having no Dre in N.W.A. I think it is a joke to think that some people think that Dre won't be producing any songs on the album. He has enough songs to release ten albums that would outsell any of the shit that's been out there the past 5 years. To me Dre is more of a musician/composer than rapper. His last 3 albums had a bunch of contributions and ended up great. Detox will be hear soon I still have hope. This site is not losing it's edge. Uzee's not defending anyone. Can you read the bold print of this website. Keep up the good work Uzee

  16. You can tell really quick that Khalil is an appretence of Dre. His work should be commended. Kush is an amazing song. I can almost not tell the difference between him and Dre . Very similar sound . Mel Man was pretty similar. Without Blaze, Khalil, Storch, Denaun there would be no Detox. These are some of the very few good producers out there.

  17. ^^thank you!

    Thats the whole point of posting articles about the in-house producers. So people who dont know can get their heads and ears round these talented producers, and the work they have done.

    IYes i am thinking of the next move after detox release, would like discussion forum, but within this blog.

  18. btw readin this article, looks like Dre did have some involvement with this track afterall.

  19. Nobody said Dre had zero involvement with "Kush", even the vinyl jacket plainly credits Dre with mixing it. What fans generally feel sort of surprised and disappointed at is the fact Dre doesn't seem to actually produce songs himself, or has other producers put the songs together from scratch so he can swoop in and make it what he wants to be, then calls it his own. Everyone should at least know Dre is one of the best mixers out there anyway, but it's not often you come across a hot track "produced by Dr. Dre" that someone else didn't have a hand in making in the first place.

    DJ Khalil is a pretty dope producer, he also did that "Topless" reference track for Detox that leaked a long time ago, and he definitely has a Dre style going on. But as someone just said, without guys like Mel-Man, Storch, Blaze, Khalil, Elizondo or whomever, there would be no Detox because Dre never actually does shit just by himself. That's what bugs people when they first realize that, Uzee, and why they complain. But I made a long post about it yesterday, Dre's talent seems to be taking shit that he thinks is good, and perfecting it as much as possible so it comes out hot, and that's nothing to hate on either. People just need to stop expecting Dre does anything by himself, even if he's happy to put his name on it, but you can count on Dre making sure it's on another level if his hand is in it.

  20. thats great man, glad another person is spreading the woord about these in-house producers.

    Since 2004 i knew after 'The Documentary' that Dre will have help from these producers. I still expect this for the finished product.

  21. Personally, I don't give a fuck if Dre actually produces his own beats, or if he has others produce for him and he just mixes it, or if he just tweaks it this way or that way, or if his lyrics are ghostwritten by other rappers, or whatever...

    All I know is this:

    If Dre's name is on a song, there is a good chance that the song is going to be a banger with a great beat...

    That's all I really care about.

    However he does it, keep doing works and that's been proven over and over and over again...


  22. I hope Dr Dre makes Detox into a concept album where each songs fades in and out like a movie.and complement each song

    The other day i was listening to
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns,
    even the songs weren't great. each song had there own sound and complemented the other
    after i was done listening to the album, i
    felt i watched a mini movie,
    Detox should defiantly take this approach

  23. Ralphy I have been saying this for many years that a cinematic theme/sound is right up Dre's area. With the above examples and older tracks whith this cinematic feel.

    other 'cinematic' 'movie style' examples:

    Murder Ink
    Bad Guys always die
    When it rains it pours
    Phone tap
    Minority Report
    Legend Of the Fall-offs

    It still could be possible that a cinematic concept is bein worked on:

    Fans can look forward to a cinematic experience says Rico Love ... matic.html

    Another interview from some other producers, :
    Quote from interview "...when “Detox” drops, get in research mode because this dude is doing musical movies. It’s beyond a song now. He’s the Steven Spielberg of music." ... -talk.html

    If you look back in time, Dre sorta knows what he is doing, as he signed up to New Line Cinema to focus on scoring. And also his other project after Detox, The Planets.

  24. uzee will you have a look at my link up there will ya ,let me know what you think