Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Just blaze mentions Detox

Skip to around 5 minutes to hear what he says about Detox.


  1. i knew it >:0 wtf dre,
    i want to hear your music, i mean YOURS not Alex Da Kid, Scott Storch, DJ Khalil, and Just Blaze...your basically doing nothing lol

  2. What the fuck year is it anyway!? 203? 2006? 209? 2011? Same shit different year....Detox is coming but no album...Fuck this label....and Fuck Dr Gay...

  3. Dre has pretty much admitted before that he is really more or less the conductor than a producer. He has dudes like Storch or Mel-Man actually produce and write the tracks, but Dre is the guy at the end who tweaks whatever is given to him and perfects it the way he wants it to be so that the end product is a joint Dre can say is his. It's kind of bullshit but did anyone still believe Dre wrote any of his lyrics either? Shit, go find that Ludacris reference track "OG's Theme" for Detox - Dre still has to hire other rappers to write whole songs about himself.

    Lyrically or musically, Dre has complete control over what he puts his name on, but he's also notorious for putting his name on shit he didn't do, or shit that he barely had a hand in that other people did 99% of the work. Even Tupac dissed Dre for it back in the Death Row days, complaining that he takes forever to do anything, and then takes work other people did and calls it his own and takes the credit. It isn't a secret. The entire "2001" album was completely co-produced with Mel-Man, and at the same time Dre had a whole band of musicians with guys like Elizondo who often created the beats, bass riffs, hooks, or whatever from scratch that Dre picked up on, isolated, tweaked, developed into a whole song, and called his own.

    Dre doesn't go out of his way to correct people who give him credit for being this great producer who makes all these beats by himself (which most people assume), but the truth is Dre usually (if not always) doesn't do shit by himself at all. His talent, as he has put it, is knowing exactly what he wants to hear, and knowing what sounds good in his style, so that the finished track you hear is a signature Dre beat because he had his hand in controlling every aspect of it. That's why people who've followed Detox noticed half the entire rap industry has ghostwritten or produced for Detox and try to make sense of the fact this is supposed to be an album by a guy who is known as hip-hop's true super-producer and original gangster rapper. You won't find one song on Detox that was done just by Dre but you have to put it in a different perspective because at the same time, everything you will hear on Detox is the way it is solely because Dre made sure it came out the way it is, and in that way it's a Dre album. Dre also should get credit for being one of the best mixers too, you can hear the perfection in his beats, down to the smallest thing, if you know what a Dre beat is supposed to sound like.

  4. Personally, I don't give a fuck if Dre actually produces his own beats, or if he has others produce for him and he just mixes it, or if he just tweaks it this way or that way, or if his lyrics are ghostwritten by other rappers, or whatever...

    All I know is this:

    If Dre's name is on a song, there is a good chance that the song is going to be a banger with a great beat...

    That's all I really care about.

    However he does it, keep doing works and that's been proven over and over and over again...


  5. True but his track record of late has ben sketchy....I need a doctor and kush are subpar...sorry but let's call a spade a this point I havent heard anything making me want this album....

    Hope that changes...


    A concerned fan

  6. Some of those leaked tracks were pretty hot though (except for "Under Pressure") even if most of them were way unfinished and totally unmixed and unmastered, and that's the only thing that has me thinking Detox is going to be worth the wait. If those leaked tracks were throwaways or just examples of the kinds of shit he's been recording this entire time for Detox, then you would have to believe the tracks that do make the final cut are going to be in another galaxy.

    But you're right Mr. Concerned Fan, if all I was going on was "Kush" and "INAD" then I'd be promptly caring a lot less about Detox and having extremely low expectations. Dre has hundreds of beats and god knows how many tracks he's made for Detox over the years, you can hope most of them on the actual album are going to be hot shit. But you also have to remember Dre must have scrapped one or two versions of the entire Detox album and started over for it to take this long...

  7. Are you actually saying that you don't like the kush record?

    my man...go smoke some shit and listen to that record. i can't stop listening to it....

    it's a classic beat!

    INAD is the pop song that most albums have on it to help draw the mainstream fans. they do this every time and every time people start to complain until they hear the rest of the album.

    even under pressure, had it been completed and mastered and mixed and had a hook to's not bad at all....

    topless...i don't need to say anything about this track...i don't know anyone that doesn't like it..and it wasn't even finished!

    so bad on eminem's recovery was slated for detox and check that beat out...another classic..

    people just's Dre...DETOX will be great...