Monday, 31 January 2011

Raje - 'Therapy' produced by Mark Batson & Dr Dre

It's by an artists named Raje - 'Therapy', rumoured to be produced by Mark Batson and Dr Dre.

The following message on

It was way back in May when we last received new music from Raje' who was working on his album Ready To Die Too. Featuring songs such as Chances, Young Millionaire, Success & So Fly (Featuring Lil Wayne), Raje' developed a reputation for delivering quality music with substance.

That trend continues today with a big record that im sure will have people talking. The title Ready To Die Too has been dropped and as of this moment it is untitled, we do however have a new song available today, its a Dubcnn exclusive! Its called "Therapy" and is produced by Dr. Dre. This is an amazing song, listen to Raje' dig deep into his personal life and share it with listeners, it is indeeed "Therapy".

A voting poll has also been created for this track. Look right side of the page and vote!


  1. link doesn't work

  2. uzee... check out dre's website... i need a doctor is already available there

  3. yes i know it is up the inad track is up on

    Kinda weird as why would they provide an audio stream of it on the official website. They practically just giving it away for some reason. Maybe something up their sleeve?


    Here is the link.

  5. broken link fixed in post.

  6. now thats a song.
    best song since the chronic 2001
    topic - beats - flow -

    just hit the repeat button

    right Uzee ??