Thursday, 20 January 2011

'I need a doctor' CD cover

The Amazon link below is the product page.  Earlier today it sated a 25th January release, but now it's changed to 1st February.


  1. 2 singles... detox is comming!

  2. Looks like its Detox! YES!

  3. noooo i still refuse to accept this track will be on Detox, it has such an Eminem song sound.

  4. this track will be on detox yea? :/

    kush was "ok" but i need a doctor is such an awful song. fuckedup beat.

    still hopin the rest of detox will be awesome and i hope that this leaked track from "the game" where he raps about his sister will be on detox! thats also prod. by dre.

  5. You've got to be kidding! WTF! If these leaked singles are on the final cut of Detox, then I ain't buying the LP. Str-8 up. I'll downloaded it and put it with the rest of the shit I'll never listen to more than twice! WTF is Andre Young thinking???

  6. The song will sound alot better when released. When are people going to realise that Dr.Dre never puts out any bullshit, if this song is a part of his plan then so be it. Detox is gonna be the biggest album of the year, no wait, of the last 10 years, and plus you know Dre is keeping the serious heat for when the album drops. Shady/Aftermath is back, nothing else matters right now, not even waynes carter 4. We just need RZA and DJ Premier to produce some classic albums again and then hip-hop will truly be alive!

  7. Before Dr.Dre released The Chronic everyone was saying that dre was done, he aint nothing without Eazy-E, Ice Cube and the rest of the N.W.A and he cant make it on his own. He then proceeded to drop one of, if not the, greatest hip-hop albums in history and started the most famous and biggest selling rap label ever.

    Before Dr.Dre released 2001 everyone was saying dre was done, he aint nothing without Death Row records and Suge Knight, he cant make it on his own, why is he signing white rappers, aftermath label is a flop. He then proceeded to drop one of, if not the, greatest hip-hop albums in history, make Aftermath the number one rap label and helped Eminem become the legend that he is today as well as making classics for 50 Cent and The Game.

    Here we go again! Everyone saying dre is done, he is too old to rap, he's beats are wack, he doesn't write his own lyrics or make his own beats, Detox is gonna flop, he is too interested in headphones to care about music and all the other bullshit and stupid comments that people are saying and leaving on this site.

    Everyone will be surprised and are not gonna believe what they are hearing when Detox drops and everyone will once again be regretting what they said about The Doctor.
    The Chronic and 2001 are hip-hop classics.
    Detox will be Dr.Dre's masterpiece.

  8. uzee! u have to check this out, mate! detox aint coming out in april.. its coming out in february... february 15! and it will cost $49.98 (damn a lot, but i will buy it anyway!) check out this amazon link for all the information

  9. I agree ^^^ except dr dre is fucking old and his songs suck

  10. Masterpiece? I think not. Look at the history of Hip-Hop in terms of idea's left to make a record feel like a new approach or something new. Now taking the Mainstream Artist/LP's that changed the course of Hip Hop......

    1984 Sugerhill Gang (no swearing on records)
    1986 Ice -T (Creator of the Crime Rhyme/Gangsta Shit)
    1988 Public Enemy (Politics)
    1990 N.W.A (just str-8 gang violence on record
    1992 Dr. Dre (smoking weed all day on record)
    1994 Snoop Dogg (tha G-Funk sound)
    2000 Eminem (raps about poofters, killing ya mum, taking pills etc)
    2001 50 Cent (Drugs, being shot 5 times, Bling and champagne)
    2005 AUTO FUCKIN TUNE!!! An effect used by producers who have no clue on how how to programme it!
    2001 - 2011 Everyone. All this shit combined. Same stories by the same artists over and over again. BUT now we have to listen to it inside weak ass pop music because no one wants to pay for music anymore.

    Now, back to Detox.
    "Cush" - Not even produced by Dre.
    "I need a doctor" is an Eminem cut that never made it on Relapse.

    If this what detox is going to be made of, then I'm sorry but this album will fail in SALES. True fans are alot smarter than this. Forget the film clips splashed on T.V or billboards everywhere. That shit can be bought. Probably the only good thing that will come from Detox is a TOUR. so they can all rap the same songs they have been for the last 20 years.
    NAS said 2 years ago. Hip Hop is Dead.

  11. ^^ tracks on '2001; weren't produced by Dre, and some tracks Dre didnt feature, like xplosive. So nothing different there.

  12. ^^ some tracks on '2001' weren't produced by Dre, and some tracks Dre didnt feature, like xplosive. So no different there.

  13. ^^ some tracks being one track - the message lol

  14. Exactly. one track wasn't produced by dre. the rest were produced by dre on 2001

  15. ^^ and Mel Man.

  16. And Mel Man. Yeah, but at least Dre still had inspiration to co-produce back then. Now he doesn't even have the inspiration to co-produce. He should not drop Detox if he's gonna ask other producers to produce for him. A Dre album not produced by Dre? I'm not gonna buy it.

    Drefan since 91

  17. How about wait for the entire album to actually come out before judging whether or not you will buy it or not...jesus christ -___-

  18. To all the "know it alls" who spout negative shit, IF you don't like it don't buy it, plain and simple. I know it's gonna be worth buyin'. If the Doctor's doin' it different this time, bet there's a good reason . . . an artist keeps evolving . . . I have no doubt it's gonna be EPIC!

  19. ^^yup u said friend : )