Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Another version of I Need a Doctor leaked

Skylar Grey's fan site has the following statement:

The official version of Dr. Dre‘s new Detox single “I Need A Doctor” (feat. Skylar Grey & Eminem) has just leaked onto the internet. It’s obviously a more refined and properly mastered version of the track, and you can stream it below. The official single is set to be released on February 1st.

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  1. What the hell, Ive searched everywhere and havent seen anything "new"

  2. click the link at the bottom of the post.

  3. Awesome thx for the link..had searched everywhere but there. lol People have faith in Dre he will deliver. This single is just a small message to all the haters that he's back.

  4. Great song...whether you like it or not, get ready...this will be played on the radio non stop very soon!

  5. Yeahhhh.
    Nice blog btw..
    Go on it like every 2 weeks lol

  6. This track is about as mainstream as you can get. But the Dre hardcore fans will not be happy. Come on Dre, 45 secs rapping and Em gets 2 verses to a beat you didn't produce! Kush > INAD but that's not saying much since Kush wasn't all that.


  8. Okay folks, lets call a spade a spade: This song is very unimpressive. As a life long Dr. Dre fan, and a person who has intimately followed the progress (or "non-progress" for that matter) of Detox over the years -- it is nearly impossible to be excited about this track.

    Let's start by stating the basics. This track is supposed to be the opening salvo from the greatest producer of all-time's final album, yet is is NOT EVEN PRODUCED by him. To make matters worse, it is a complete abandonment of his trademark sound, sounding more like a leftover from Recovery than a new frontier of hip hop music. That in itself is the antithesis of everything Dr. Dre has ever stood for, yet it is happening before our eyes.

    To make matters worse, Dre barely even raps on the track. We all know that Dre has never been a true MC, but the fact is that when he spits ghostwritten lyrics he has the ryhthm and swagger to make it sound great. Plus, we don't hear his voice on wax often at all. Marinate on that for a second and you'll agree that it is PROPOSTEROUS that the first single (in 12 years, for that matter) is a song that features 30 seconds of rapping, and NO producing by him. Put more fundementally, if Dre is not going to produce the track, and isn't even going to rap on it, then why the hell release an album??? For a lifelong fan of Dre's this is truly disturbing.

    Let's be clear, I'm not trying to bash the Good Doctor. The fact is this: Even if Detox flops, Dre has given the world so much brilliant work over the years that we can't be mad at him. And you can't re-write his accomplishments out of history either. But what is disconcerting is that those accomplishments now seem to be paralyzing him creatively. He 's playing it safe, and seems to be afraid to put out a single that is not blatantly commercially viable because of what it will look like if he drops something that doesn't sell. Hence, he takes the most popular artist of the moment (Eminem), and makes a song that sounds like a straight regurguitation of Eminem's latest CD. He even goes as far as having the same producer as Em's lastest hit produce the song, even though no one is as nice behind the boards as Dre himself. I'm sorry, but for the lack of better terminology that's just WACK.

    I believe in Dre, he's my favorite musician of all-time, and I'm not going to turn my back on him. I'm going to not judge Detox until I hear the whole thing -- primarily because I refuse to believe Dre could spend this much time working on something that isn't BANGING. My hope at this point is that Dre is compromising his choice of singles strictly based on the fact that he is trying to re-introduce himself to members of the public who might not know him, or his legendary portfolio of music. Similiar to how Eminem for years dropped parody/bubblegum first singles to draw the public in to his album, then the album was completely different. If that's what is going on here (which I pray that it is) it might work -- because the young kids who love Eminem will pay attention, then the old fans will love the album if it is the traditional Dre heat. Only time will tell, but personally I would prefer if Dre never releases Detox if it isn't going to be something that is undeniably off the hook.


  9. I feel like there's definitely more to this track than what's on the leak. It could be an elaborate game, the actual I Need a Doctor single could be an entirely different song. At any rate, Dre's probably going to drop a box, not just one disc, as his final opus. And you know it'll be a concept, but every song will be a single. This is the single for Eminem fans. Kush was his Snoop song. There's going to be something for everyone with a very strong underlying concept.

  10. Man, I was just listening to this Dove Shack song, and man, those were the days.

  11. First off, I agree with everything that BWash just said. I am a 35 yr old professional now with a career and a family. I have never forgotten my roots and appreciate what Hip Hop was.....Dr Dre led the way to some pretty memorable times with me and the boys growing up....He never put out music that was mediocre and always lived up to expectations....

    However, I am starting to see a trend within the last year of releases that really bother me. DR. Dre has not had a banger in the last two years! Think about this for a second, how would you rate any of the singles or leaks that you have heard in comparison to the material that was on the two chronic albums?? The answer is that you wouldn't...they dont compare. And to insult the Dr Dre fans by putting out two mainstream poppy singles that are at best below average!? It makes me sick to think that so many of his loyal followers have stuck with him and been addicted to sites just like this waiting to get their hands on the release date that Detox finally comes out. And this is what we get in return?

    I had a very good conversation with someone close to Eminem's camp recently, and basically in jist the conversation pertained to the good doctors anticipated release...He made me think with one question. "Did you ever think you'd see the day that Dr Dre would struggle with his own music enough to make him indecisive on whether or not his beats were hot any more?" That made me really think, mabye Dr Dre is overthinking himself, that or he just doesn't have it (Which I find hard to believe. But it does kind of go hand in hand when you think about it...

    Here's something for you to marinate on:

    Dr Dre has promised his record 7 times in the last 2 years...7 times!!?? That's absurd....The sickest thing about it is is that every time he makes a promise it's coming, we hear nothing from him afterward up to the next promise. Think about it.....The last promise was made that the record would be out in February....Where is it!!!!!!!!??????? Oh now April, then July, then October, then whenever......ENOUGH!!! It's time to deliver the goods and if it sucks it sucks but put it out already....because from what your fans have heard lately, anymore time working on it certainly isn't going to help you.


  12. I want to thank Bwash, JMac and all other fans who have posted their meaningful comments to this blog.

    I appreciate it because it makes me realise how important and big fans treat this blog, and thats why you taking time out to post lengthy comments/discussions.

  13. If you appreciate true fans posting on this site, then why do you mediate this site so much Uzee??? A forum is a forum. Not a personal choice of conversation.

  14. i mediate it because sometimes spammers get through. Thats the only reason.

    I once put the moderation off, and instantly spammers came back.

    It attracts because the site is near the top of google.

    Ima put moderation off again and hopefully it should be ok. Hope u understand.

  15. ive been coming to this website every week and checking for detox
    i had my hopes really high, i thought he was going to change the game. instead this just makes me forget about detox and look forward to the new eminem album or 50 cent

  16. Bwash is 100% right. It's real sad that Dre is probably gonna sell-out on his last album. I was really hoping he would end his career with one more sick bangin original hip hop album. But he doesn't have the inspiration anymore, or he's afraid original hip hop won't sell alot or something.

    Drefan since 91

  17. This is the sort of track that sells records and saturates the radio. Nothing more. It's not a particularly good track, shit isn't even produced by Dre who is barely on it, but it sells the whole package. Dre couldn't call Detox a success, even if it was the most critically-acclaimed hip-hop album of all time, if it didn't sell. The bigger picture is Dre is old news, hip-hop fans know who he is, but he's barely relevant anymore (if at all) within the present mainstream. So if it takes getting someone like Alex da Kid to craft a pop song that climbs its way on the radio and sucks in the legions of Eminem fans at the expense of Detox not being "100% hardcore", so be it - did you guys expect anything else? Money measures success in that industry and Dre knows how to get there and he will do it even if you guys hate it.

    This is one track being put out and for all we know, it's the first single just for the sake of being the single. I'm not going to trip until I hear the entire Detox record, and it would have to be some sort of acrobatic miracle if Dre put it out and it sucks after all these years of waiting. I just refuse to believe that shit. The only good thing about this single is that it gives us some sort of sign it's actually going to be put out - to be honest, I'm still skeptical we'll ever see Detox. February? Then April? Then what? Give me a break and just fucking put it out and shut up about it.

  18. Alex da Kid tweeted about this track months ago, "thanks to Dre for believing in my version".

    I want to hear Dr. Dre's version. Gotta be better than this crap.