Monday, 24 January 2011

Should 'I Need A Doctor' Be The First Detox Single? Fans Respond (MTV)

By Chris Yuscavage

Dr. Dre's long-awaited, much-rumored, oft-delayed third album, Detox, may not be dropping on April 20 like some expected after a video clip of the Good Doctor and Just Blaze dropped last week, but one thing is for sure: The album is on the way.

And we actually believe it this time because it appears that Detox has its' first official single — a song called "I Need A Doctor," featuring Eminem and singer Skylar Grey, that will drop on February 1 according to pre-order availability on The song's producer Alex Da Kid also did an interview recently where he confirmed "I Need A Doctor" as Detox's first single and official artwork for the single has been making the rounds on the Web.

But is the song — which first leaked to the Internet as an unfinished track back in November and left some rap fans unsatisfied due in part to the fact that it sounded more like a leftover for Eminem than something that should appear on Detox — the right choice for an official comeback single for Dr. Dre? A quick survey of the Internet shows the jury may still be out.

"Hopefully they switched it up from the one that leaked," Boxden member FrostyNug24 wrote shortly after news of the single dropped. "The song had no replay value at all. After one listen, I was tired of it."

FrostyNug24's fellow Boxden member MistaKlean agrees but thinks hip-hop fans could be pleasantly surprised when they hear the final version of the song.

"I bet they changed it up big time," he wrote. "The leaked song sounded like it was a song for Eminem for Recovery. They probably redid the song and kept the same concept ... I highly doubt Dre would release a single for his album where he has one 30-second verse and Em spits most on the song."

On the other hand, some fans are just glad to see that it sounds like Dre's label Interscope is finally giving "I Need A Doctor" a proper push in the first place.

"I thought this was one of the deepest and most emotional hip-hop songs in years and was hoping there would be a final version of it," Gordon B. wrote on 2DopeBoyz. "This is great news, can't wait."

But the prevailing sentiment seems to be that folks shouldn't try and judge Dre's first official single in more than ten years before it's officially released. After all, didn't we just learn a lesson from another artist who leaked songs directly to the Internet in the months leading up to his album?

"Hasn't Kanye taught anybody anything?" Vincent Salamatino asked in the comments section of a story about the song on HipHopDX. "Never take a leaked record and rate it, because everything will be cleaned up by the time the album comes out. The levels will be adjusted, the vocals will be crisper and other subtleties will be added. We are talking about Dre here."

Good point. Now let's just hope that the Doctor delivers.

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