Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eminem Explains Dre's EP Absence

With no production credits from the good doctor on the upcoming Bad Meets Evil EP, rap fans have been wondering whether Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" forgot about Dre. Not exactly. During Wednesday's (May 18) "RapFix Live," Slim Shady explained Dre's absence on their upcoming joint project, titled Hell: The Sequel.

"I think Dre is, like, really cracking down on getting Detox finished, so I think he's more so focused on that," Em says of the producer who discovered him. Still, it wasn't like Eminem or Royce reached out to the Doc either. "I really didn't say anything to Dre till kinda like the last minute. We didn't really say anything to anybody about what was going on because we weren't sure what was going to happen with it," Slim explained to Sway. "It wasn't like I said, 'Yo, Dre, can we get a beat for this project that we're workin' on?' Because it wasn't really necessarily a project yet."

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  1. hey uzee u missed the part of the interview where em talks about the lukewarm reviews so far about the realeased/leaked single, and how em has heard some finished tracks and its crazy!
    im anxious to hear those, but sounds like the inad/kush are detox singles. cuz it seems like em has nothin negative to say about those tracks, which concerns me. i dont think they live up to the hype, they are good but not epic worthy for detox in my opinion. detox singles are missing that x-factor that makes u jus say hollyyy shitt! so far i havent experienced that yet. the closest i wud say wud be die hard or "this is detox" with t.i. rapping, and of course topless!

  2. would love ur opinions on inad and kush, look up at the navigation bar - now there are seperate page tabs for both tracks.

  3. dre has been "locking down" for about 2 years now. still, i know he'll deliver

  4. This post is irrelevant.....This site needs to get its shit together.

  5. how si it irelevent?

    It's linked to detox and dr dre. Like i said before, look up at the sub-title ot his blog - its about dre AND detox, not just detox.

    U dont like the article thats fine.

  6. No offense to you uzee you do a nice job but the story really isnt relevant to dtox....its based on em' s cd.....talking about how dre didnt touch it ( which in my opinion is a good thing hopefully meaning hes trying to finish up his old shit....)

    On a side note what happened to all of the frequent contributors? Did people bail on this site because of the inconsistentcy of news or what? Cosmic, S, Bwash, The Red Wiggle, J Mac, Real......I sstill cant believe Detox is taking this long.....any chance it wont be out this year??

  7. ^^ ppl arent clearly reading the subtitle of this blog, which placed at the top of this page.

    It states:''news & rumours of Dr Dre and his highly anticipated album''

    Notice that it has the word 'and', meaning this blog is about detox AND any other news of Dre.

    This is Dre news, as Eminem is discussing about Dre.

    Right? :)

  8. "what happened to all of the frequent contributors?" Like myself. Well, for one, Uzee moderates them off. Just like he will this one.

  9. ^Are u fucking kidding me!!! I am tired of this fucking bullshit!....I will never follow Dre or this site again....what a fucking joke...and as much as i want to believe in dre, i cant anymore....fuck this.

  10. ^^ No offence to 'S' but no one is credible unless they have a solid source, which we can see.

    It's not rocket science that delays are expected again.

    And to Red wiggles's response - comments which are imature and just straight without any solid justification are removed.

    As their is now new comin in yet, i would like discussions to take place about the previous tracks, specifically Kush and INAD, the new page tabs for each of these tracks are located at the top navigation bar.

  11. wow, i haven't logged onto this site in about 3 months and haven't missed anything of real importance to this fuckin album? that's a real shame...dre should be embarrassed...

    it's a joke...good to know the old, washed up doctor is working so hard...(yeah right)...

    i agree with the guy who says that there is no detox...

    all u idiots still waiting for this thing have to be retarded.