Thursday, 5 May 2011

D.V. Alias Khryst talks contribution to Detox

DX: Speaking of great platforms, I understand you got it in recently with the legendary Dr. Dre? Are we gonna hear D.V. on that Detox?  

D.V. Alias Khryst: Alonzo [Jackson] had came into town - who is an individual who works very closely with Dre. He had came to Quad [Recording Studios]. And, a friend of mine by the name of Chris Styles, from Dangerous LLC, had then introduced me to Alonzo [while] laying a chorus for the Detox project. In the studio with me was Rhymefest and Smoothe Da Hustler. … Smoothe is a profound writer. He wrote for Chuck D. and Public Enemy and Foxy Brown and a few other people. So I was like, “You know what? Rhymefest, [you and Smoothe] should write the verse for Dre and I’ll sing the chorus.” The [song] was called “Things Change.” And the beat was incredible! I can definitely say the chorus is incredible. If Dre doesn’t use this chorus … I don’t know, man. … Alonzo was impressed by the performance. So, we’ll see what happens. I did that for Detox like … I wanna say 2009. Like, when [Dre] first was sending Alonzo to New York to get people to start [contributing to Detox]. 


  1. no one cares lol, i know i dont care about this story

  2. another ho hum story about another ho hum artist claiming to have contributed to the ho hum "detox album" (yes, i will be using quotes around the words "detox album" because it does not exist in my opinion)

  3. a song in 2009 haha ,dre did detox 2 times over since then

  4. i hate to say this but when dre dies we will get a lot of detox albums just like with 2pac

  5. Die Hard is going 2 be in Detox album, but not a official single,

    Its more like how Eminem
    used Cinderella Man for ESPN
    and Wont Back Down for Call Of Duty: Black Ops

  6. Dv goes fed. Smoothe the hustler got classics but yall wouldnt know nuttin bout it.

  7. This has got EVEN MORE CONFUSING

    According to the Dr Dre Facebook official fanpage Die hard is part of Detox.Full message below:

    World premiere of Dr. Dre's song "Die Hard" ft. Eminem from the album DETOX, on the finale of Showtime’s Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley.
    10pm Fri. 5/6 (EST & PST) Showtime
    2pm Sat. 5/7 (EST) CBS

  8. hey, uzee... how do u know that the guy who now wrote as "S" isn't faking and wasn't just bullshiting about "Die Hard" being for Eminem's album? u can't check his identity in any way, can u? so maybe u should just delete everybody who tries to give some "information" or "news" without actually giving any prove?

  9. a new post has been created for the Die Hard track : )