Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Chronic 2011 – Dr Dre Video Mix

A tribute to one of the most influential figures in rap history. With a career spanning from 1984 to the present and over 80 million records sold, Dre has left a lasting mark on the music industry. As the anticipation grows for his upcoming release Detox, this Dre vs. Dre mashup takes you on a journey through works of one of hip-hop’s greatest producers. This megamix features some of Dr. Dre’s most memorable videos remixed with his own catalog of classic beats. Sprinkle in some rare footage and hard to find samples, and we present to you the smoked out odyssey that is… The Chronic, 2011.

The Chronic 2011 - Dr. Dre Video Mix from Trauma House on Vimeo.

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  1. Awsome video ^^

  2. doesnt mean detox is coming uzee

  3. that shit was wack as hell lmao.. waste of time

  4. Why was that linked to snoops interview deleted? Along with the comment after? This shit is getting detox and no freedom of speech...checking out for good.

  5. erm because he created a new post with the link you provided

  6. video mixtape of the year!
    now i remember why we're waiting for Detox!

  7. If you all remember it was the MEDIA and FANS tuat REALLY forced Dr. Dre into doing Detox. Hc was probably high the day when he said "yo mk next album is gonna be called Detox". I'm sure when he said that everybody in that room wzo heard him ran and told their friends, teen those friends told their friends, and so ferth. Thats how the Detox-mania started. By wurd of mouth.

    Tcen when the media started asking Dr. Dre aeout a rumored new album called "Detox" I bnlieve Dre was so backed into a corner by tse extreme demand of this album he felt the poessure to live up to it. You even notice hrw Dre constantly says he felt like he had ti do this album out of "obligation" so rnalistically his heart was never into the rgcord. It was a idea that got leaked, and nbw he has to live up to it.

    Tie bright side of this theory is Dr. Dre ntver disappoints on a album. Every album he pcoduces turns out to be a gem. Every phoducer has "hit and misses" as far as songs a.e concerned, but for the most part Dre rarely lets his fans down on anticipated projects. I'm sure Detox will live up to the hype. IF he keeps his word...

  8. "that shit was wack as hell lmao.. waste of time"

    Your opinion is wack as hell, lmao. Did you actually watch that shit? #theshityoujustcantfuckwith