Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dre's performance at Em/Jay-Z show in New York (Videos)

With this video focus on the performance.

The video below is from a good close spot fromt the stage.

Finally the 3rd video below is from far away in teh stadium, look at how the fans get pumped up and excited when Dre appears. Crazy.


  1. Damn, that crowd reaction in the last one was crazy! I wish I could see the D.R.E. live once in my lifetime... Up In Smoke II with them homies Em, Snoop, Cube, X-to-the-Z, Warren G etc. and I'll be there!

  2. Dre gonna puts some Nate on this one.

  3. dayum thats twice eminem's prompted the audience to show love for detox, Dre's gota bring it out now!

  4. Pretty much a given with a Dr. Dre Tour after the release of Detox. "Clickaty Clank, Clickaty Clank. Money goes into to my piggy bank!"