Friday, 3 September 2010

Dr Dre makes an appearance in Detroit concert

Dre made an appearance in the Jay-z/Eminem concert, you heard it here first!

11:50 PM SR: Surreal moment of the year. Dr. Dre is onstage performing right now with Eminem. Dre did "Still D.R.E" and now they are doing "G-Thang." Em is rapping Snoop's part

11:51 PM Sway: Oh sh**! Dre is doing "Still Dre!" OMG! Being originally from the WEST I'm n heaven!! Dre looks like he sleeps in the gym! People are staring in disbelief and so am I

11:52 PM Sway: "Next Episode!" Damn! Em got the whole crowd chanting DETOX!!!

11:54 PM SR: "Got dammit Detroit. Do I love you or what?" Eminem says. "Look what I brought out for you." Em then tells he wants Dre to feel all the love. Detox chants follow."Deeee-tox. Deeee-tox," crowd yells. Dre just says "I'm Comin!" They go into "Crack a Bottle."

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1 comment:

  1. HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DETOX IS COMING BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its good to see Dre on stage again.

    Hopefully this isnt a false alarm...