Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dre makes another appearance.

Dre made another appearance during Eminem's/ and Jay-Z's show, this time in New Yorkat the Yankees stadium.
More updates will follow, watch this space.

9:11 PM Shaheem Reid: Heard Dre is in the building! Wooooo!!
9:50 PM SR: The reception for Dr. Dre was immaculate. They were going crazy for Doc.

Dre got to use Jay-Z's nifty mid-stage-elevator thing to come out, and as he went from “Still D.R.E.” to “Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang” (with Em doing the Snoop verse) the response was appropriately bonkers. Also, he promised Detox will “not let you down.”


  1. if i'm right, then Dre really started promoting 'Detox'.. that's great, not only because we again have a chance to see Dre live, but also because it means, that 'Detox' will really be soon released and it's not that Dre again is just bullshiting... i'm really looking forward to the day it is released.. the first thing i'll do this day, will be going on Amazon's website and ordering at least two copies of that album ;)

  2. Yeah thats what he is doing. What better way to promote and spread the message. He himself is sayin thT detox is comin and it be dissappointing.

    Fuck all the doubters.