Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Dr Dre leak snippet

A Dr Dre feat Bishop Lamont & Kobe track snippet named 'Touchdown' has apprently leaked online, the one minute snippet is produced by DJ Khalil & Chin Injeti.


  1. Piękne, Genialne i Zajebiste!!!!!!!!!

  2. The man originated G-Funk...listen to it nowadays and it still sounds awesome, meaning it's a timeless 'sound'.

    If I invented my own 'sound,' I'd make sure to maintain it through every new era...I don't understand why he would go and re-invent over something that was already so polished and refined, I mean even check out some of the more generic songs produced by Daz Dillinger; even they sounded great (because they were based on G-Funk).

    If Dre wanted to succeed both commercially, and critically, while satisfying the hype, he should just improve on the G-Funk sound, possibly by introducing it to 2010 rather than leaving it behind in 1999. He did do that in the 2001 album, because the sound was still G-Funk, but more synthesized and grand in scale....

    What I'm picturing is possibly G-Funk with elements of techno, but nothing superficial (house music), I mean more a long the lines of 'Gorillaz' use of synthesizers...hopefully you guys understand what I'm talking about (if not, listen to the new Gorillaz album and imagine it with the slow tempo of G-Funk)