Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dre's protege Slim Da Mobsta's 1st radio interview (Video)

Slim Da Mobsta 1st official radio interview, he talks his life, it's change, his loyalty to dr. dre, how he met the "dr", his view on tupac, who's really on aftermath, of course detox, new wes- ol west, views on gang lifestyle, he talks lil wayne, drake, wacko flacko



  1. *sigh*...

    another aftermath tax write off. SMH

    This is by far the most boring interview I ever watched. This guy has NO personality or charisma whatsoever. Just another ex-convict turned rapper happy to be apart of something.

    Little does he know Dr.Dre will never put out any of his product. He will sit and rot on the label just like the other 1,000 artists he shelved and screwed over.

    Dr.Dre "Detox" dropping neverary 32nd 2098

  2. yeah well if you think detox wont ever drop then i dont expect you to come back to visit this blog.

    Nice knowin ya.

  3. half these cats wouldnt get exposure at all if it werent for dre, and despite a few which havent made it big, those who did blew up like a muhfucka, look at snoop, em, 50 n Game to an extent! And it isnt up to Dre personally, its the cats behind the scenes, the bizness execs who b pullin the strings and probs the same ones which are holdin detox back! Still D.R.E....n Uzee, u the man, been followin ur blog for ages man, check it weekly n u always got the breakin news! props to ya playa!

  4. yeah u got a point there about bussnies execs, i dont know much about that aspect.

    Appreciate ur positive words of this blog. If it makes it easier you can follow me through twitter:

    Sheesh i should create another page where dre fans can post their positive comments about me. I get em consistently every week. Thanks to all.


    Just keep spreading the world of Dre's latest happenings, including Detox. I know still that half the people i see face-to-face dot have a clue of what dre is doin these days.


  5. i cant hear anything he is saying is he high? this half famous people with no album out kill my nerves with there fucking attitude

  6. Usman who honestly think detox is really dropping?

    Thats like waiting by your chimney every night expecting santa to slide out from it.

    Stop dreaming. Dre put his foot in his mouth when he mentioned detox, knowing damn well he had no intentions on putting it out. Now he has to live up to his own word. You can tell by his interviews and remarks he has no interest in doing another album. Its not like he has to. The man is rich and comfortable, and as long as eminem and 5-0 keep racking in sales and revenue for him, he wont ever drop detox. Just being realistic.

    And the only reason why myself or anyone comes to your blog is to see what the latest excuse and incomplete "leak" the good doctor has farted out...

    You should be happy anyone is still commenting or checking here for something that will never materialize.

  7. Everyone has their reasons to visit here.

  8. hey usman
    u should post kraftwerk videos
    into your blog
    cuz dr dre said in a interview he
    is listening to alot of kraftwerk
    helping him out with detox...
    maybe and idea or sneak peak
    of wat detox my sound like

  9. FUCK DR DRE and DETOX most of the recent leaks sound like shit 2 me!!!!!!!!!!
    plus the person above me said kraftwork
    i didnt knew who they are until i saw there
    gay music its techno!!!! wtf
    bring back the G FUNK sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. U need to broaden ur horizons mate, techno and hip hop together is a hit. I love the LA based Flying Lotus, go check him.

  11. rofl about the guy hating on techno. go to about 2:20 in this video and just listen

    yep, afrika bambaataa's planet rock doesn't even exist without kraftwerk.