Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dre hires top ghostwriter to complete Detox

It looks like Dr Dre is trying to finish his upcoming "Detox" album as he promised fans recently he soon would. Multiple sites are reporting that Dre hired ghostwriter slash collaborator Rico Love to help with the project. During a recent interview, Rico Love taked about "Detox" and his reaction after he was hired to hep with it.
"Yeah, I'm working on a few records with him on Detox," Rico revealed. "We got in last week in LA and we're gonna be doing some more in the near future but I will tell you this. He played me some stuff that I was bugging over, I was like, 'This album is ready to go right now! You don't even need me here!'" Everybody [who has heard the album] is saying the same thing because it's all true. Dre has some music that you would be like, 'Why don't you just put this out?' But like [I've] said, we can't get into the brains of these guys. They believe their music should have a certain standard beyond what other artists are thinking." 

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  1. well hopefully the album reaches that standard soon cuz im dying to hear dre again after listening to fake hip hop infested radio stations. anyways props to you Uzee, you doin and big favor for the dre community (myself included among the indebted mass.) keep up your hard work