Saturday, 17 April 2010

No show of Dre at Coachella

Yea he didnt appear at the Coachella festival. I thought so anyway.

My justification of why:

  • It was never confirmed that Dre was going to appear at all.
  • Makes sense to unleash the track through itunes/CD/radio etc and not as a live performance.
  • Dre needs to really promote the track before its released.This way success will be in numbers too.Dont matter who you are, you still gotta promote so at least the ears are facing his way.
  • If he did appear then still not enough eyes was gonna be on him.  You there is still alot of people who have no idea that Detox exists or that Dre is still in music>sersiously.
  • You cant expect Dre to suddenly do a huge performance suddenly, especial as he hasn't performed after a looong time.

He said "in about two weeks", not exactly 2 weeks or an exact date. But it could be soon.

Whatevers happened, stick with - your number one source. 

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    1. 2 Weeds Yes !! ; )

      WE can Pre order Detox, and Recovery on Amazone. Good things

      Maybe we can heard somthing official the next "weed", ..... wait and see